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Help A Bitch Out Pt 2 (A Tale of Woe)

Posted by Mishelle, 27 February 2015 · 392 views

Guys I'm at my wits end here.

My aunt has a son his name is Marc. He's 22 years old and he's spent his entire life living with his dad and his grandma. His dad never moved out of his mom's house really or was ever self sufficient. He went back and forth between living with his mom and living with my aunt when they were together. Their relationship was really toxic and abusive because he was a misogynist fuckboy. He almost set my aunt on fire once. After they broke up for good my aunt didn't have a place to live because they were all living in the house with his mother so he got custody of my cousin and my aunt had to pay child support. That's when my aunt moved in with my mom and me. Years later to today my aunt and I have an apartment together and my cousin and his dad are still living with grandma, neither of them have jobs or go to school or anything. I don't think his dad has had a job the entire time I've known him he basically lives off food stamps and government money for epilepsy. He claims he cant work because of the epilepsy even though we all know he's full of shit.

So grandma had a stroke, and now grandma can't work anymore. Since she couldn't work and no one living with her has a fucking job she was no longer able to pay the payments on her house. Because of that her house was foreclosed on. My aunts basically just told me that my cousin was moving in here. I agreed to let him move in because he's family I don't want him out on the streets with his dad and his shady ass druggie friends. But I was also under the impression that when my cousin got here he would actually act like a fucking adult and get a job. It's really not hard to get a job here. Lots of businesses are hiring, I have friends who have two jobs. He tries to blame the fact that he doesn't have a job because he doesn't have a car but that's total bs. Willie has two jobs and he doesn't have a car and this negro can't find one? The proof that he's not even looking is the fact that he hasn't even had an interview!

I feel like it's not my place to get on him about this because his mom is supposed to be doing this not me. I wasn't the one who invited him to live here, she did. And he's staying in her room so I know that has to be annoying to her. I just don't understand how he wouldn't want to do better for himself. If I was 22 years old having to sleep in the same bed as my mom every day I would be pressed as hell. I would want better for myself.

And what really grinds my gears is the fact that this little fucker has the nerve to try to act like some kind of mini MRA in training. He's constantly posting on Facebook about how women are sluts and whores. How women want to rule over men. And all of this macho bullshit. I call him out every time on it because you're not going to lay up in my fucking house, eat my fucking food, use my fucking internet to get online talking about how women aint shit. You can have an opinion when you pay some fucking bills around here. Women have been supporting him and his fuckboy dad all their lives and yet they have the nerve to speak out against women?! I don't fucking get it, and I'm not going to allow it under my roof. I told him if he keeps posting that shit on Facebook I will cut the entire fucking internet off because I pay the bill and I can do that.

I want to talk to my aunt about the fact that when I have my off days and she's at work he doesn't do anything but watch tv, go on the internet and run up our water bill taking 30 min showers. (WHAT DO YOU NEED A 30 MIN SHOWER FOR WHEN YOU DON'T DO SHIT? HOW SWAY? HOW?) but I don't even know how to bring it up. I don't even know how I can because he's literally in this house 24/7 and there's no way I can talk to her and get some damn privacy. Jesus.

What do I do? Because I can't anymore.

You in danger girl.

Posted by Mishelle, 07 February 2015 · 418 views

So remember the story of Laura and Brandon? I've talked about them a lot because they're just consistently a fucking mess. Long story short (but still kinda long) Laura and Brandon have been dating on and off for 2 years. And I mean on and off like a goddamn light switch. It's a constant back and forth of fighting, breaking up and then getting back together and being in love. They broke up for the first time a year ago then Brandon went off and had sex with PeriodGirl. Laura found out about PeriodGirl, all the bloody details.
Then Brandon found out that she cheated on him with her child's father who she was living with throughout their relationship but swore she wasn't fucking. They broke up and got back together 80 more times and then they finally got back together and stayed together a couple months ago. She finally moved out of her baby's father's house because he was on heroin and couldn't clean up his act. They still fight constantly but they stopped breaking up.
So anyway back to my original story. Brandon refuses to wear condoms, ever. He always complains that it's because he can't feel anything. I personally think it's because he has a small penis (I haven't seen it, that's just what literally everyone who has tells me) and he probably isn't buying the right size. But anyway he doesn't wear condoms. He's had multiple pregnancy scares, he caught an STD from one girl. Hasn't stopped him. And Laura isn't on birth control. He's a granola eating, all natural whole foods type trick. She's overboard. She's vegetarian but trying to become vegan. She doesn't take birth control. Never has because she "didn't want to put foreign substances in her body." I politely informed her that birth control isn't foreign, it's just an extra dosage of hormones that are already found in your body. She had no idea what the fuck I was talking about.

See the problem is Laura is Catholic, and stupid. Mostly stupid. She already has a child. A 4 year old that she had when she was 19. How did she get pregnant with him? BY HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX. And now she's HAVING MORE UNPROTECTED SEX. She's had a baby AND caught an STD. Does that resonate with her? No. I've had multiple conversations with this girl to educate her about the world around her. She claimed she wasn't going to vaccinate her 4 year old because of the toxins in the vaccines. I wanted to hit her but I informed her that he should get vaccinated and that vaccines don't cause diseases and autism. We've argued about the birth control issue more than once and all she had to say was "I'm just not going to do it ok!" That was when I let go and let god and I let the girl live her life because as the end of the day it's really none of my business.

Guess who sends me the "I'm pregnant what do I do to get an abortion" text...

You guessed it. I didn't immediately say I told you so even though that's what I wanted to do. I just answered her question and directed her to Planned Parenthood. She's freaking out and I'm seriously rolling my eyes because I can't believe she didn't see this coming. You can't have unprotected sex consistently and then be surprised when you end up pregnant. I've never had a pregnancy scare (because I fucking use birth control) so I wasn't really sure how to calm her down or make her feel better. All I could really say was "Really sis? You can't say you didn't see this coming. I'm a bad person to go to when situations like this happen. I'm too much of a bitch to handle them with tact. But I think overall I handled it pretty well. She started asking me all these questions about abortions. Like does she take the pill at home or in the clinic? Does it hurt, will she be hungover? And honestly I don't know the answers to her questions. I can barely even get laid let alone have a pregnancy scare. So I told her that this is a really serious situation and in these kind of situations she needs to talk to professionals who know what they're talking about and can answer all her questions. I can't do that, and everything I know I learned from Planned Parenthood, so she should go to Planned Parenthood. I don't have the answers. I'm not Sway.

First day on the job, already want to cut a bitch.

Posted by Mishelle, 26 January 2015 · 414 views

JFC why are old people so afraid of change? It's absolutely ridiculous how some people get when it comes to changing things even if it's for the better.

When I did my walk-through last week with Kathryn she told me that the Java City display case was a hot ass fucking mess. Not those exact words but strongly implied it. And it was a mess. It had like 3 random candy bars, some random baked goods. Chips racks that were cluttering up register space and it just looked messy. Most people didn't even look twice at is because there was no kind of order and no one has time to scan through a giant mess to see if they find something they like.

My main job goal for right now is to increase product variety at each location but to also display the products in a cute, clean professional manner. The plan-o-grams at every location are either missing or out of date so I have to re-do every single plan-o-gram or people will just stock whatever the hell they feel like however the hell they feel like doing it. Which usually results in a hot ass fucking mess.

I planned to stock each and every location myself, take a picture to create a plan-o-gram to show them exactly how their displays should look and exactly what products they should be stocking. They don't have to do any work, I'm doing all the work. All these bitches have to do is let me do my fucking job and follow the damn picture.

Teri is the manager of Java City and I do value her input because she has worked there for years. However, she doesn't know shit about marketing. So I told her I wanted to take the chip racks off the counter because not only are they clutter but it's a hazard. If that thing falls down it could hurt somebody. She lights into me about how much she sells chips and how she needs the chips. You can only fit maybe 10 bags of chips at a time in the chip rack, tops. So if you're selling so many chips why do you have so few stocked? And she has an entire row in the display case where It's just a random basket with a Mounds bar, a pack of Junior Mints, a stick of Starbursts, and two protein bars.

Bitch....what the fuck is this? No seriously, what are you doing here? We have so much space in this case and she's not even using it and yet she's claiming that she sells a lot of this stuff. I find it hard to believe you sell a lot of stuff if you stock so little of it. Unless she's going back and forth grabbing 5 random candy bars every 10 minutes. But I did value her input and I did try to meet in the middle with what Teri wanted and what Kathyrn wanted. And yet as soon as I kept trying to fix the pastry case Teri wouldn't let me take anything out of it. I'm trying to explain to her that I'm not just going to take the shit out and leave it bare. I'm taking certain things out so I can fit in more products in a more cohesive visually pleasing way. I'm trying to make the pastry case not look like a dollar store bargain bin clusterfuck. I made it seem like I was just going to go with what she had there but really I was just waiting until she clocked out for the day. As soon as she did I re-did that entire fucking pastry case and it looked immaculate. The night crew at Java City loved it. I asked them which products they sell the most of and I made a point to stock a variety of those products rather than just a mish mosh of random shit grabbed from storage. I took the candy out because it was pointless and Junior Mints are gross. I stocked a ton of chips in that entire area so I could take the chip baskets down where they wouldn't fall on someone's head. When I was trying to work with Teri it took me an hour and a half. After she left it took me all of 30 mins to do what i needed to do.

I planned to get at least 2-3 locations done that day but because Teri was giving me so much static now I have 3 more locations that I need to re-do plan-o-grams for. I'm hoping that this is the most difficult one and everyone else will be more receptive because I will not hesitate to cut an old broad and send her ass into early retirement. I'm not gonna sit here and argue with people about my job that I've studied for years for. And it's not like I just walk up to them and tell them that I know what's best, and everything I do is the right way. I do take their opinion into consideration. I do ask them what are the trends at their location and I try to work with these trends but also integrate my marketing perspective. But some of these people are just so adverse to change because they've been doing it a certain way for so many years. To them the very thought of changing something for the better is taken as a threat to their way of life. It's absolutely ridiculous. Once I finished the pastry case it looked better, it looked full, and way more people were stopping to look at it. I was also able to stock more product and offer an even wider variety than what was originally in there which will result in more sales. Teri aint trying to hear that tho.

I was really nice to her because she's old but idk how much more of this I can take and it's just my first day. I'm just going to dig deep, find my inner Olivia Pope and shut down any old raggedy bitch who wants to get in the way of me changing this place for the better.

I have a big girl job

Posted by Mishelle, 23 January 2015 · 315 views

Since my old boss left we have realized how fucking dismal our cafeteria is being ran. Last month we made $7,000 under our projected profit, which is actually an improvement. We have had no real marketing done in this place because our old boss was like 80 yrs old and had no idea how it worked. So now that she's gone and our new boss Tim took over he thought it would be a good idea to put me in charge of the marketing for the place. Tim is a smart guy. I think it's because he's Canadian.

So the Marketing overlord (manager) Kathryn came down from UC Irvine came and trained me for a couple hours today and she gave me a ton of insight on this job and how to do it. She also gave me a lot of ideas to improve the place. The Facebook and Twitter is centralized but I'm now in charge of running the company Instagram (that I haven't created yet) but my only issue is going to be promoting the damn thing. Most of the follower counts on these types of accounts are freaking dismal.

BUT I HAVE AN IDEA. And I want feedback on it from you guys. Hopefully my boss will let me do it if it's a good one.I've been seeing these cookies all over Pinterest.

Posted Image

I want to create a contest where if you like us on our social media sites you get a free cookie. I'm not sure if they'll approve the budget to buy these cookies specifically. But if not then we have our own icing and our own cookies, I'm sure we can make a bastardized version.

So yeah we'll see how that goes. Other than that we've all been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get this place in some kind of order since Diane left it a disaster.

We have two offices at work. The front office and the back office. The back office is like a dungeon. It's the size of a walk in closet and there are no windows. The bigger office has two small windows but it's still pretty small. The bigger office used to be really cluttiered but I was able to clean it out over the course of a semester. However, the back dungeon was untouchable because my old boss wouldn't let me in there. I found out why, it's because she's a fucking hoarder. A legitimate hoarder. Except when she left the job she left all the shit she hoarded just sitting in the office instead of taking it with her (bitch).

I've been trying to clean out the dungeon since Tim hates it and never works in there. He always works in the big office and uses the computer that I used to use. So I volunteered as tribute to clean the back office out. I've been finding shit in her office from 2002. I was 12! Why is this still in the office?! I found like 25 rolls of duct tape. Why does one office need so much fucking duct tape? I also found a gigantic stuffed polar bear.


Posted Image


Anyway we need to get this bear the fuck out of my face so I'm thinking about raffling it off on Valentines Day but I'm still not sure on the specifics yet.

So yeah that happened

Posted by Mishelle, 10 January 2015 · 945 views

Remember how I said I was going I was going to fuck everything up with Cody? Well everything got fucked up, but the bright side is he fucked it up not me. He stalks me on social media and will blow up my iMessage when I post something he doesn't agree with. Well today I was smoking weed all day and decided to make a joke about George Zimmerman because he's been arrested for domestic violence for the 3rd time. I was feeling really chill and he just decided to start messaging me with this bullshit and killing my vibe. I thought it was really annoying that the only time he seems to want to text me is to start stupid fights with me about what I post on Facebook so I had to get rid of him

Posted Image

And these are the results of that one post.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

And that's when I blocked his number because I'm petty and I knew if he kept texting me I'd keep texting back.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Mishelle, 01 January 2015 · 431 views

So as you guys already know my friends and I are ratchet so of course we had to go from 0 to 100 on New Years Eve. I spent it with Willie, Brandon, Laura, Laura's brother Andrew, Willie's room mate Nicole and Nicole's bitch ass boyfriend David.

The original plan was to get a hotel and throw a hotel party but everyone was so busy arguing about money that by the time New Years Eve came around everything was either booked or $300 a night. So we went with Plan B we were going to pregame at Willie's house and then go party at The Spot which is where Nicole's brother works. The problem is we got way too drunk at Willie's house, we shouldn't have even left. Right before we were about to leave David peer pressured me into taking 2 shots in a row. He tried to pressure me into taking a third but I asked if he was going to take 3 shots too and he said no. Well if you're not going to do it, I'm not going to do it. So I gave my shot to Andrew then we headed out. We broke numerous laws, we had to put Nicole and David in the trunk. And Laura drives like a maniac which made me carsick. Being drunk AND carsick is the fucking worst. I wanted to throw up but I couldn't.

So as soon as we got to The Spot me, Willie and Nicole wanted to go to the bathroom. We were all heading to the girls bathroom and the bartender freaked out at Willie "You can't go into that bathroom! It's the girls bathroom!" and all this bullshit. Nicole and I clearly didn't care and there was no one else in the bathroom but whatever. I went to the bathroom and tried to throw up, I couldn't. So I went back to the bar next to Laura and put my purse down. Then everything just hit me at once like a ton of bricks. I was really really drunk. I went back to the bathroom to try to throw up again, failed again. And this is where I started to black out so this story is gonna get really weird.

So I left the bathroom and went back to the bar. I went and saw Willie and Nicole arguing with the bouncer. He's screaming at the bouncer that he's transgender so he should be able to use the girls' bathroom. I pass them up because I'm too drunk for this, I find an empty table at the very back of the bar and I passed out right there. I was woken up by a female voice and a male voice they're asking if I'm ok. I cannot speak at all. I can form words in my head but they're not leaving my mouth. All I can do is nod my head yes and shake my head no. So I shake my head no, I am clearly not fucking ok. I have no idea where my friends are, I have no idea where I am.

So they take me outside. They're speaking but all I can hear is "womp womp womp" but then I heard "Do you want us to call the cops?" I sobered up a little bit then. I shook my head no. Then like an angel sent down from the heavens Aurora pulls up. I hear her say "What's going on here?!" I get up while they're still talking to me and I go climb into the back of Auroras car and I lay down in it. Then I got up because FINALLY I could puke so I opened the door so I could puke in the parking lot. The bouncer comes and tells me that I can't come back to The Spot anymore. After puking I regained the ability to speak so I told him I don't give a fuck I've had closets bigger than this shitty bar. Then I closed Auroras door and passed the fuck out. I didn't regain consciousness again until I got home. I remember trying very hard to put the code in to get into my house but I kept fucking it up until my cousin opened the door. Then I went straight to bed and didn't wake up until 5 am. I have no idea when I left the bar or when I got home. Willie texted me and told me him and Nicole got banned too for fighting with the bouncer so I guess we rang in the new year by getting banned.

Whelp. I've been banned from better places.

Fuck Christmas

Posted by Mishelle, 27 December 2014 · 412 views

Bah humbug. Like I know that it's the season to be jolly and merry and all that shit but it's really the season to be fucking crowded. Christmas in LA is a fucking nightmare. There's traffic everywhere because everyone is out fucking shopping. Every freeway within a mile of a mall gets backed up to hell. It's fucking ridiculous. I had to get a red blazer for a Christmas party, all I needed was that one thing and it was fucking hell.

Other than that I had a nice Christmas. I went to my moms house and we had dinner. My brother was an ungrateful little shitstain as per usual. My mom and her bf are currently looking for a new apartment so they're paying month to month rent. $2000 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment, you gotta be shitting me.

So this holiday they couldn't afford presents which is fine by me since I didn't ask for anything I told my mom all I wanted for Christmas was to turn up so her bf bought me a bottle of Patron. My brother however, wrote a one page list of everything he wanted front AND back. Needless to say he didnt get everything on his list. However, my moms bf did buy him a brand new desktop computer since he crashed his desktop and his laptop. He was pissed that that's all he got. He was frowning and talking about how this holiday is stupid. I told him we can have a new holiday where I give his shit away to people who will appreciate it. this boy has a desktop, an Xbox, a Nintendo DS, and he uses my moms iPad 24/7 as if it's his and he thinks it's some kind of grave injustice that my mom couldn't get him everything he wanted. they couldn't afford the cable bill until my moms bf got paid so we didn't have cable or Internet for a few days. My brother acted like it was the end of the world. I told that little nigga to turn on PBS and learn something, he'll live without cartoons for a few days. He's 14 years old, he's too old to be acting like a child. I told my mom she has to start disciplining him because she's spoiled him for so long he thinks he deserves everything he wants, and when he does t get it he automatically hates you for it. I told him when he's 18 no one is obligated to give him shit so he better get his fucking act together.

My mom asked him if he wanted her to get him something for Tony for Christmas since he bought him a computer my brother says

"Oh I'll get him something alright, I'll get him something to turn the cable back on"

He's fucking ruthless. It's crazy.

I don't particularly care for my moms boyfriend either. He's a drama queen and a shit stirrer, but God damn if someone gives you something be fucking thankful.

But enough about my idiot brother. I hung out with my grandpa yesterday and it was awesome. We're just a like so we spent a lot of time hanging out and ranting about politics and social justice. He's going to be having life saving surgery soon. He has to have a lung transplant so he wants to spend time with his family in case anything happens. We went to see my dad but my dad just sat on the couch playing candy crush while my grandpa and I talked. So we left and went to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was awesome. I don't know what's going to happen but I do hope he's ok. I'm graduating in May so he doesn't know If he'll be able to make it to my graduation because recovery takes 3 months and he doesn't have an exact schedule for surgery but i told him if he can't make it I'll make my dad live stream the graduation for him to see.

Oh and one more thing I have to gush about. I was introduced to a woman named Sharon. She studies at USC. She's a former Black Panther who was mentored by Angela Davis. She talked to me on the phone and gave me advice about how to become a better activist. She agreed to meet me in person the next time I come to LA to visit. I'm very excited about it.

Cold As Ice

Posted by Mishelle, 19 December 2014 · 430 views

Today I went to LA with Willie, Brandon and Laura (yes Willie and I are friends again) and on the way back we got stuck in traffic. Laura was super tired so we started talking just to keep her awake and we got on the topic of love. She was talking about relationships and break ups and she asked me who I was talking to. I've been talking to a few guys but Im a terrible person so it never ends well.I was talking to this guy named Jeffrey, we met and exchanged numbers and he asked me out on a date. I told him I would. Hours before we were supposed to hang out he cancelled on me. I stopped returning his texts after that. Yes I know that's petty, but that's all it takes for me to lose interest in a guy. It could be anything, it could be completely stupid but once I stop giving a shit I can't help but forget you exist. Then I went on a date with this guy named Chris. We went to the movies and it was the most boring date I'd ever been on. We got out of the movie and walked around for a bit and he talked about the book he was reading for 30 minutes and then wanted to read the book to me even though I told him I'd already read it. I made up a stupid excuse to go home. I told him I just wanted to be friends but I knew he had no intention of just being my friend, we haven't talked since then. I was also talking to a guy named Matt but he had a problem. When we were face to face he was very sweet and polite. He was a likeable guy. But texting he was awful. He would only text me about sex, he would ask me if I was horny, if I wanted pictures and shit like that. I told him it made me uncomfortable it was too soon for that. He would apologize but then slowly but surely start trying to steer the conversation back to sex. That's when I realized Matthew did not respect me or my boundaries so Matthew had to go. I got rid of him. Also Gay Chris from work still bugs me to go on dates with him, but we all know I don't fuck with him.

Then theres Cody and I know I'm going to ruin this. I don't know how or when but I know it's going to happen. Cody moved back to Alabama in February when he got out of the marines. Before that he lived in Oceanside and we were hanging out on and off for 9 months. Not really hanging out more like fucking. Like we hung out and stuff but either before or after included fucking. We texted a couple times after he moved but then we just stopped. It was expected, distance really fucks up a relationship and it wasn't a relationship it was just fucking. Then out of nowhere he started texting me constantly saying he missed me and he missed talking to me. Then after we were talking for a while he said he wanted to fly back out here to see me.

Laura thinks it's super romantic that he wants to fly back and that means he must have feelings or something. I don't think its romantic, I think it's dumb and a waste of money to fly all the way to California to fuck someone. This is my problem, why can't I look at the bright side of anything? Why can't I just accept a sweet guesture? It's been a long time since I last got laid I should he thankful. But I'm not thankful I could take it or leave it tbh. I told Cody he can come if he wants to but he's not staying at my fucking house. I have two cats and he's allergic to cats, and i don't want him to like expect me to cook and shit because he's there. Ain't nobody got time for that. The tickets are booked so I guess we'll see how this goes.

Wiill I ever love another man as much as I love Beyoncé?
Probably not.

Happy 90th birthday George!

Posted by Mishelle, 29 November 2014 · 384 views

I'm going to start this off by saying that I am a proud grinch. I hate the holidays and I hate this season where we all are forced to come together as a family. Every year we all come together to catch up with each other and I'm reminded that I have people in my family that I'd really rather not associate with. The main one being my mothers boyfriend. I've come to the conclusion that we are just fundamentally different people and there's honestly no reason why we should even talk.

I don't know if I've talked extensively about him in past blogs but he's consistently on some fuckshit so I'm sure I've ranted about him once or twice before. He's an insufferable misogynist. He constanty complains to me about my mom. He tells me that she's a shitty wife and a shitty mother. But they're not even married! They're both still married to other people and they don't have any kids together. They just have kids from their previous marriages. And it's not like he really does anything to help her. They split the bills down the middle but he still expects her to do all of the cooking and the cleaning because she's a woman. Like when my mom cooks she brings him his food which I think is a really nice thing to do. However I've never seen him bring her food. I've seen it where she'll ask him to make her food and he won't do it. He'll just get food for himself and then sit down and eat it in front of her. And if she doesn't cook he won't eat. He literally won't eat I'm not making this shit up this dude is a total jackass.

He tells me that he has this friend who can buy them whatever they want and he has all this money. I don't believe one sliver of that bs. My mom tells me that he's always asking her for money and taking her money. Finally I just got sick of the bullshit and backed out of the situation. They complain about each other every year but then they don't change anything. They're getting another apartment together. When I was in LA they were looking at apartments together and talking about leases so obviously things aren't that bad. And I'm not getting paid to be Dr. Phil.

I went back to LA over the weekend because we threw my greatgrandpa a 90th birthday party. We got the entire family together and we had dinner. Then we went to Hollywood and we went to the beach. My little cousin came all the way from vegas and she'd never seen the beach so we had to take her to Santa Monica to see the beach for the first time. I was really happy to be having fun and getting close with my family but my mom's boyfriend made it his mission to bug me every day. He's like an emotional vampire. He always wants to talk to me about how my mom stresses him out, how my brother is doing terrible in school because he has autism and he can't focus in a class filled with 60 kids.

When I was in high school we had 40 kids tops in a class and that was too many. The fact that they expect him to function in a class with 60 kids is insane. That's like the size of a college classroom and he has autism and adhd, that's not going to happen. So they're moving my brother into another class where the class sizes are smaller and he can get more attention. My mom's boyfriend is trying to make that out like that's my mom's fault because she's a shitty mom. It's not her fault it's the fact that my brother has fucking autism and doesn't like being around other people. And then he tried to spread a rumor to me about my aunt. He told me that my aunt had cancer. My aunt doesn't have cancer. She finally got health insurance through Obamacare so she went to the doctor and found out she had HPV, which can cause cancer but she didn't have cancer. He tried to tell me that my aunt got it from sleeping unprotected with a bunch of different men. I live with her, I know this isn't true. She doesn't sleep with a bunch of different men she goes to work and she's at home. She frequently corresponds through the mail with her prisonbae, that's about it.

At this point it hit me that my mom's boyfriend is a full time shit stirrer and I don't particularly care to be around shit stirrers. So I make the point to avoid him for the rest of my time in LA. When I get back to San Diego he proceeded to call me nonstop. He'd call me and when I didnt pick up he'll call me again, then text me, then facebook me. He texted me twice on thanksgiving asking me to send him a picture. I thought that was really weird so I just ignored it, I was too busy stuffing my face to be bothered...

One plus side of the holiday season is that everyone cooks amazing food. I spent thanksgiving with my cousin Draya and our friend from college Kayla. I brought oven roasted asparagus and weed brownies. All of the food was amazing and we drank a bunch of liquor and got fucked up. It was the best thankgiving ever. So the last thing I wanted to do was interact with a shit stirrer who was most likely going to stir up some shit and ruin my day.

Before I came back home he would do this thing where he would constantly call me and just ask me what I'm doing. I would tell him I'm not doing anything because I'm a boring person. More often than not I'm doing homework, playing neopets or taking flawless selfies. He doesn't want to hear about that and I don't wanna talk about it. He kept calling me tho. He would call me like every other day it got so excessive and annoying. It got to the point where I stopped picking up. Once I got back to San Diego the calling started up again and I honestly don't have the time for that. I have finals, I have papers that are due. I'm also busy planning a new years eve party. Planning this fucking party has been stressing me out a lot lately because my friends are stoners and they like to do things at a stoner's pace. Either way the point is I don't want to have unneccesary conversations and I don't know why he won't take the hint that I don't like him.

I feel like it's time I start practicing what I preach. When my friends complain to me about their shitty relationships I usually tell them to stop dealing with shitty behavior. Don't deal with a girlfriend who cheats on you, a boyfriend you don't trust, or a bitch who kills your vibe. I've adopted this philosophy into my own life and this has helped me. It's made me a more easygoing person. I'm more focused and I've been on a nice level lately. But I know this is all going to go to shit when Christmas comes around and once again I am forced to be in the presence of people I'd rather not be around. But I guess that is the true meaning of the holidays.

But once that's all over I just want to be left the fuck alone while I get my life together and invest in my future. Since I've turned 24 I've decided I need to start acting more like an adult, as much as I really don't want to. I'm going to be graduating college and entering the wonderful world of business soon. I'm not even sure if I still want to do what I originally went to college to do. Honestly I don't care all that much, I just wanna get paid.


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I wanna talk about how annoying my Halloween was.

It started with aurora constantly asking what we were doing for Halloween because she wanted to do something. I didn't know yet cuz I don't make plans I just go with the flow of things and knowing me I'll end up finding something. Then her coworker Liv said that she wanted to throw a Halloween party so for weeks that was the plan. She asked me to invite Ed and Brandon. I did.

Then the day before the party Brandon flakes out. Then Ed said he got called in to work which is fine shit happens. Then Liv says that the people going to her party decided they wanted to go to Gaslamp which is the party spot of San Diego. Aurora texts me at 9 am flipping out

"All I wanted to do tonight is drink with people and that's not happening cuz everyone is flaking out womp womp woe is me"

I tell her to chill out. I'm gonna be there that's a guaranteed party. Liv said she's still down to have people at her house but the only people who agreed to show up were me, aurora and liv. Lerissa said she would come but she changed her mind and wanted to stay home with her cat. The whole way to liv's house aurora is bitching about how Lerissa says she wants to do all these things and never follows through with them. I don't really know Lerissa so I'm just like ok that sucks but it's Halloween stop bitching about her and let's find out what we wanna do.

Aurora keeps asking what to do. I don't know cuz these last few years I've had Halloween plans this is the first year I didn't make plans cuz I thought Liv was having a party! Liv says her friend Isis is having a party at this nearby club. Aurora then decides she doesn't wanna go to the club she just wants to go home. She doesn't want to drink around people which is what she was saying she wanted to do all fucking morning. And furthermore, she complains to me about how she hasn't been to a bar since she turned 21 and now that we have the chance to do that and she doesn't want to. So I told her that I think it's annoying that she complains that she's never been to a bar and we have the chance to do that and she doesnt want to do it. But she did offer to let us use her car. Then she offered to drop us off at the bar and pick us up later. We say that's cool cuz then we can both drink.

We get to the bar. Turns out Isis can't come because her husband doesn't want to go out and he won't let her take the car. So we're stuck at this bar and its full of old people. They're playing 80s music. It's just a fucking disaster. So I call aurora and tell her Isis isn't coming but if she's still down to let us use her car we'll take I and I'll fill the tank with gas before we get it back to her, OR she can come with us and party with us in Oceanside. These were the two options I gave this bitch.

She said she'd think about it.

So she picks us up and drives us to Oceanside on her own volition. I thought we were going to Firewater which charges a cover so I told aurora I needed to get to an ATM and I'd pay her cover. I tried to use the find an ATM map on my phone but Siri kept trying to send us to Narnia and we went in circles like 3 times before I realized this machine didn't know what it was doing. Liv said fuck it lets go to Cabo Grill cuz there's no cover and drinks are 2 for 1. So aurora drops us off at Cabo and she mad that we went in a circle and she tells us she's gonna cool off then come back later.

We waited 45 mins for this bitch to come to Cabo and she didn't. And the club is underground so any time I needed to text or call I had to walk upstairs to do it. I called her 4 times before she picks up and tells me she not coming she's just gonna stay on the beach and smoke weed. I tell her fine but downstairs there's no reception so if she calls or texts I won't get it til I go upstairs.

So I party the fuck out with Liv. Which is hilarious to me cuz for months Aurora and Lerissa have been complaint that Liv is a party pooper. Liv is no fun. She pouts all the time. They talked shit on this girl for MONTHS to me and we ended up having the time of our lives. She complains that she doesn't have friends, I give her the opportunity to meet friends and she doesnt show up. She complains she wanted to drink with people, I give her the fucking opportunity and she doesn't show up. She complains that Lerissa wants to do things and doesn't follow through with them, the does the same thing the very day that she spent all day bitching about it. Then she texts us saying that if we're not out by 12 am she's leaving when I TOLD HER 3 TIMES THAT WE DONT GET RECEPTION IN THE
CLUB. The only reason we went outside was because Liv got really hot from dancing and wanted some fresh air and I got the texts and the voicemail that aurora wanted to leave at 12. So when she picked us up yelling at me that hung up on her before she got to the destination even tho I told her it was across the street from where she dropped us off at. Less than a block from the beach. So I start yelling that I told this ho I don't get reception in the club she should've told us before hand she wanted us out by 12 when she lied to us and said she was coming to the club and decided to ditch us. She didn't have anything to say cuz she knew I was right.

So of course I tell her all the shit that she did today that bugged me on the way home cuz honestly I don't say shit about people Im not willing to say to their faces. I also told her neither her nor Lerissa can talk shit about Liv being a party pooper in my presence because I will bring this up. All she does is say "oh we can talk about this when you're not drunk and combative."

I tell her I'm not drunk or combative but sure I'll wait til tomorrow to tell her about herself if she feels me being completely sober will make it more legitimate then so be it. Then I told her I still owe her a full tank of gas so when she's on E hit a bitch up and I'll take care of it.

To be continued...

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