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Posted by Mishelle, 15 January 2016 · 568 views

I'm a strong proponent of cussing people out when they've wronged you. This is why my friends always come to me when they want to drag their boyfriends because my specialty is in dragging. I didn't go to school for it, it just comes to me naturally. I just don't feel there's a point in politely explaining how they've treated you like shit for 3 years when you can just snatch their scalps and leave them a crying bloody mess on the floor. Women are always being taught to let guys down easy, or to bring problems to them in a nice way, even if he's made it very clear he doesn't give a fuck about you. Fuck that! if a guy wants to treat you like shit it's your human right to drag them! In fact, it's your duty as a fellow woman.


Aurora won't do it. She'll tell me I'm right. She'll curse out loud to herself, and curse him out TO ME but she will constantly try to fucking spare the feelings of this 2 pump asshole WHO CLEARLY NEEDS SOMEONE TO KNOCK HIS SLIM SHADY LOOKING ASS DOWN A PEG OR TWO. It drives me fucking crazy. I have no idea what his real name is because he's so irrelevant. He's either 2 pump, trash box or slim shady to me.


It's been 3 years of her being his side piece and that finally came to an end today (hopefully). I'm happy we're finally done and we can close this chapter of our lives (again, hopefully), but the way it ended was just fucking pathetic. It didn't even happen to me and I'm upset.


The beginning of the end started when I finally hauled off and cussed her out for continuing to let herself be walked over by this piece of trash for 3 years. She told me about how they tried to hook up and he immediately went soft because he was feeling guilty about cheating on his girlfriend.




You've been cheating on her for 3 years and NOW you feel bad? But since I'm a terrible friend, I didn't even give her the sympathy she was looking for. I basically told her that at this point it's her own damn fault for continuing to fuck with him. He's never going to leave his girlfriend, he'll always be a fuckboy, he's not even that cute, he doesn't have any money, and don't ever bring him up to me again. I mean if you're going to be a side chick at least get side chick benefits.


"I want diamond earrings or the girlfriend finds out about us TONIGHT. And if you try me with some cubic zircon bullshit I'll send her all your dick pics."


But that's why I don't dabble in side chick business. It's a slippery slope to becoming a blackmailer.


But anyway, back to the story. I told her to not bring up Bargainbin Eminem to me ever again unless she decides to leave him for good or he dies. Did she listen to me? No. It got to the point where I started blatantly ignoring her. She'd text me about him going limp, again. I ignored her. She tried to bring it up while we're riding somewhere, I put my headphones in. I know I'm your only friend, but I'm still not the one to come to for sympathy. Then last night she sent me this screenshot:


Posted Image


I texted back, "That's disgusting." Then I went to bed.


Apparently after I went to bed shit went down. Then said shit continued to go down while she's at my house trying to hang out with me. I wish I had all the screenshots, but I don't, so I'll try to paraphrase everything as best as I can.


She texts him this long essay about how she doesn't know what he wants, and she's tired of him playing with her. It's been three years and he needs to figure out if he wants to be with her or not.


(Psst. He wants sex. But anyway....)


He doesn't respond to her the entire day. He waits until we're hanging out to text her with:


"I don't know what you expect me to do. I don't have a lot of free time, and I can't help it that I'm a very sexual person. i'm a man who has needs. Just tell me how to satisfy my needs without disrespecting you or making you mad at me."


(Fuckboy To English Translation: What do I gotta do to get you to shut up and let me have sex with you?)


It was so disrespectful I got mad!


Me: *flailing* HE HAS SOME GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING NERVE. How about his left hand? His right hand? His fucking GIRLFRIEND???! Who the fuck does he think he is?! Does this limp dick bitch really think he's the only person who doesn't have time? Tell him you don't have time for his soft dick, tell him you don't have time for his fuckboy feelings, tell him you don't have time for him period! DRAG HIM AURORA, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE, FINISH HIM!
Her: I can't I'm just too nice.


Finally I convince her to send him a little shade tree. She basically says "Umm, you and I both know the answer to that question. The girlfriend you have? The one you went soft on me for because you felt so guilty? And speaking of me, what about my feelings? What about my needs?"


He didn't respond, and that's when she broke. Because she's a little bitch.


"And the worst part is I still want to be friends with you. Even though you still treat me like shit I still want to hang out with you and I like having conversations with you."


Me: Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck him and his friendship because clearly it's conditional. He's wasting your time. He's already wasted 3 years of you life. You can still drag him.
Her: I can't, I'm too nice
Her: No I'm just going to handle this.


Him: I treat you like shit?
Her: Yes you do
Him: I don't remember you ever saying no
Her: Just because I don't have any respect for myself doesn't mean you can take advantage of me.
Me to myself: Well at least she's aware......


Finally I just let it go because I know she was just going to continue to frustrate the hell out of me. I ignored her while she sighed, hmphed and cursed to herself. I didn't ask what was going on or what he was saying. I stopped giving a shit. If you're not going to give him the verbal ass beating he deserves I'm just going to let you suffer while he continues to gaslight you. I just offered her some water because I figured her mouth must be dry from sighing so much. I know I'm a terrible friend. But it's been 3 years of this shit, fuck both of them at this point.


Finally she gets so upset she leaves damn near in tears because he texted her, "Forget it. I'm over it, I don't want you anymore anyway."




My cousin probably thinks I'm crazy for screaming about limp dicks and trashbags, but whatever.


I don't think she told him. I hope eventually someone will tell him. Sometimes I get all in my feelings about being single, but then I hear about shit like this, and I get out of them quickly. I may be single, but at least I don't have to deal with bullshit. If someone does try to put me through bullshit I go straight for the jugular.


I used to be over the top with it. My first ex-boyfriend left me for another girl as soon as he got restationed. I dragged him, I dragged her, I turned all our friends against him and I spread his nudes around out of spite which was A REALLY HORRIBLE THING TO DO. I was 19 and I did apologize to him. He accepted my apology since he's pretty proud of his dick anyway. We're still friends. My second ex boyfriend I sold all of the video games I bought him and I got his car towed. I never apologized but he also never apologized for cheating on me so I guess we're even. He's still trying to be my friend but honestly I don't feel that we have anything to talk about. I've cussed out Cody more times than I can count and even now when he texts me I just ask him why he won't go away.


(I'm starting to wonder if I attract masochists.....)


I feel like compared to the shit I've done in my past, a simple cuss out is nothing. It'll make you feel better, and it'll keep them from contacting you which will make it easier to get over them (if they're not masochists like my exes are). It's a win - win situation tbh.



Jesus that sounds like they just want drama tbh

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