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The last turn up of the summer

Posted by Mishelle, 31 July 2016 · 662 views

When I agreed to go out this past weekend I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into but it included Willie and alcohol so I should've known eventually there would be drama.


Willie introduced me to his friend Dominic years ago when we all went to Six Flags together. Since then we hadn't hung out but we kept in touch on Facebook and became pretty good friends. Dominic's dad rented out a condo in Coronado this summer so since he's been in the San Diego area we've been going out and partying it up on the weekends. This was the last weekend he was going to be in town before he had to go back to LA so he asked me to spend the weekend with him and his family at the condo. I've never been to Coronado before in my life so of course I said yes.


Friday started off fine. I started drinking before I left the house and then by the time I got to the place Dominic had a handle of gin. We drank gin and mountain dew while we waited for Willie and Anthony to get off work. Anthony said that he would meet us in Coronado by 10:30 but that came and went. Willie didn't get off work until 12:30 so we decided to just say fuck it, go down to San Diego and wait for them there. Dominic takes me to this daddy bar named Pecs. A daddy bar is basically a bar mostly frequented by older gays 40+ so it really shocked me when I ran into one of my regular customers from my job there. Whoops.


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The cool thing about Pecs (and most gay bars in general) is that the drinks are cheap and they pour heavy. Me and Dominic had 2 drinks at Pecs and by the time Willie and Anthony got there around 1am me and Dominic were drunk as fuck. Anthony and Willie need to catch up to my level so while we're at the bar this middle eastern guy comes up to me and starts telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves my hair. He stars rubbing all on my back and I'm just like "are you trying to give me a massage or something?" and he's all "yeah I'll give you a massage and he massaged my back for like 5 minutes and then bought me and the crew shots. I was confused as hell, but who says no to free shots? So of course by 2am it's last call and me and Dominic are WASTED. Anthony and Willie went home and me and Dominic took an uber back to Coronado.


Dominic's drunk ass leaves his phone in the uber and doesn't realize until after the car drives off. We're frantically calling his phone hoping someone picks up. Then he logged into find my iphone and saw that the uber was already back on the mainland. Finally the guy realizes that Dominic left his phone and called my phone telling me that he was going to bring the phone back but he has a customer that he hast to drop off first. This guy goes from San Diego, to La Jolla, back down to San Diego. Like I understand that he's trying to make money but Dominic is having terrible anxiety because he's drunk as hell thinking he's never going to get his phone back. He wouldn't even let us go back to the condo and wait there. We had to sit outside for 2 hours and wait for the uber driver to finally bring his phone back. At least the weather was nice because we were right by the beach.


So we didn't get back to the condo until 4 am, but I don't know what it is about alcohol where you still wake up like 4 hours later like "ok where da party at?" We woke up around 9:30 and went to Starbucks. Then we played Pokemon go up and down the street. There were so many good pokemon in Coronado. I had no idea how Dominic doesn't have a garados since there are magikarps every damn where. Before I got to Coronado I only had 2 margikarp candies. By the time I left after just a weekend I had 30+. There's an island in the middle of the street where there are 4 pokestops and at least 40 people are always sitting there on the island playing pokemon because there are always lures on all the the pokestops. It's a lot of fun except since we're in the middle of the street annoying people think they're being super clever when they drive down the street screaming "POKEMONNNNNNN!" Finally one kid got fed up and he was like "No! This is bible study!" Then we went back to the apartment to charge our phones and we played neopets while our phones charged. (Yes Dominic plays neopets).


Willie didn't get off of work until 4 so me and Dominic went to the beach. I wanted to go in the water but he said that because of the weather a lot of stingrays were coming up to shore and the day before at least 5 people got stung by stingrays. I've seen the kind of damage sting rays can do so we decided to safely stay at the pool area right next to the beach. We were there for a couple hours and everything was fine until all of a sudden I started feeling like shit. I've noticed lately my hangovers have been delayed or something. Like I'll wake up feeling fine going about my day, but once the afternoon hits my stomach feels like shit, I'm tired and disoriented. So we go back to rest and shower because Willie is texting us and telling us to come back to San Diego. We're trying to convince him to just take an uber up to Coronado. We still have a handle of gin and we wanted to go drink at the beach or go back to the Pokemon Island and get drunk there. Willie keeps making up all these excuses why he doesn't want to come and that we should go see him.


We're just like fine lets go. Dominic asks Willie to show us some bars since it's his last day in the city and I usually just go to the same 3 bars in Hillcrest so I'm not that helpful. First we end up back at Pecs where Willie and Dominic start drinking a lot of alcohol fast. I'm not really drinking because my stomach still feels kind of weird. Dominic bought me a gin and ginger and I guess the ginger helped because after 2 of those my stomach ache went away. Willie said he didn't want to be here at Pecs anymore and he wanted to go to another bar. Dominic wanted to go to a bar named Redwing which is like a gay/hipster bar but Willie didn't want to go because that's where his ex boyfriend works. He said he was down to go but only after he knew his ex had left. Willie decides to take us to another bar that's like a bar/arcade. We go and check it out but the place is absolutely packed. There are people everywhere, there's no where to sit, all of the arcade games are taken. It's just really loud and crowded. I go to use the bathroom and I'm not even in there for 3 minutes before people are like pounding on the door. Holy shit, can a bitch change her tampon in peace? Calm your tits, bitches. It's not my fault the owners decided to put a single stall bathroom in a fucking bar. So I'm already just annoyed and I don't really want to be there. Dominic doesn't want to be there either because it's a straight bar and he prefers gay bars. So Dominic asks if we can leave and go somewhere else. Willie tells us there's a bar in North Park by his house and it's a leather daddy/kink bar. He tells us about it can get super crazy there because they have places to put people in cages, strap them to crosses and there's also a place where they lay down mats and piss on each other. It sounds like hot mess but it's a gay bar so it's not like anyone's going to try to piss on me.


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We walk into the bar where Dominic and Willie order drinks but I didn't get one because I was still kind of worried about my stomach situation. The drinks were poured light as hell and they were more expensive than at Pecs. Willie starts showing us their hanky system where you have to wear certain colored hankies to represent what you're into and wear them on your right side if you're a dom and left side if you're a sub. I'm looking at this list scandalized as hell, but I'm still not really impressed by the bar because it's damn near empty except for a few old dudes hanging out in the corner. Dominic isn't feeling it either because it annoyed him that they pour light and the drink were more expensive. Dominic asked if we could go somewhere else. Willie says he doesn't want to spend any more money on ubers and all of the bars in North Park are straight/hipster bars. Dominic says he doesn't really feel comfortable at straight bars. I said I don't really care for straight bars either, the only thing good about them is that I can usually get a free drink at a straight bar. Dominic says according to last night I can get free drinks at a gay bar too, and no one ever buys him free drinks. Willie just decides to interject himself into our conversation arguing that Dominic always talks about how he has all this money but he's complaining about free drinks. Dominic says he wasn't complaining about free drinks he was complaining about the shitty expensive drinks. He said he doesn't mind paying for his own drinks but he'd rather go to a bar where the drinks are cheap and strong than expensive and weak, that's just common sense. Willie starts rolling his eyes and talking about how he's from this area and these are the bars he goes to but Dominic only wants to go to Pecs because that's what he's comfortable with and starts dragging Dominic because he always want to be in his comfort zone. I'm sitting here not sure if it's because I'm too sober or what but I have no idea what this argument seems to be about or where it came from.
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All I see is Willie getting bitchy with Dominic and rolling his eyes. Dominic says he wants Willie to stop rolling his eyes at him because he's getting pissed and he wants to leave. Willie rolls his eyes again like purposely exaggerated and goes off about how Dominic just wants to stay at Pecs all day when Dominic keeps saying he doesn't care where we go as long as it's a gay bar because he wants to go to gay bars. He says he's only comfortable at straight bars when he's already drunk. Willie rolls his eyes again and finally Dominic gets up and walks out. I get up and chase Dominic (because my stuff is still at his house) and I'm trying to figure out what just happened. I tried to get him to come back but he didn't want to come back. I told him fine let's just go to Hillcrest and go to Gossip Grill. It's a lesbian bar where the drinks are cheap and I'm friends with the bartenders and they pour heavy as fuck.


On the way there Willie is like blowing up my phone talking shit about Dominic and saying that he wasn't wrong and he doesn't know why Dominic is acting this way. I tell him I don't really know what the argument is about but they were both being aggressive. When I say that he starts going after me accusing me of taking his side and just blowing up my phone with his ranting and raving. I tell him I'm not taking his side I'm staying neutral because I high key still have no fucking idea where that argument even came from. Then Willie goes on about how he's getting to old for this, he's almost 30 and this is immature and beneath him. I'm trying to joke with him and say "aw look at you all growed up" and then he starts getting mad at me accusing me of patronizing him when I'm just trying to joke around and lighten the mood. Finally I realize that all he wants to hear from me is that he's right and Dominic is wrong and if I say anything else he's just going to keep getting mad at me. So I just put him on Do Not Disturb and stop answering his text messages. We're at Gossip Grill and I'm ready to get turnt up. I guess WIllie gets the hint that I'm not going to respond to him anymore and he starts blowing Dominic up basically telling Dominic everything he told me and insisting that Dominic was wrong and he was right (about what, what was this argument even about?).


Dominic doesn't even read them lol and Willie is still going off and sending him tons of text messages even though Dominic clearly isn't going to respond to him. Then his friend Bri hits him up and tells us to go down to this bar in University Heights called Parks and Rec. It's a really nice bar and it was a straight bar but Dominic and I already got drunk as fuck at Gossip Grill. We hang out there and watch the white people dance then Dominic wants to leave because he's hungry. We go back to Coronado and order a pizza and while we're there Dominic's sister and her friends are there. They're 13 years old so they're just inherently annoying. They ask SO MANY QUESTIONS ALL THE TIME. Then they decide they want to wash their stuffed animals because they're leaving and going home tomorrow and I legit had to show these girls how to work the washing machine and the dryer because they don't know how to turn the knob and press a power button. Then this girl tries to debate me about how Donald Trump is a better option than Hillary Clinton and I know she's just repeating what her dad tells her so I'm just like "yeah girl whatever you say."


I'm not gonna sit here and argue with a child who can't even vote for at least half a decade. Aint nobody got time for that.


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When I was out I kept getting missed called from Edward so I decided to be nice and call him back. He starts telling me about how he just got kicked out of a bar in PB and he was on his way home. He's trying to get me to come over to his place and he says if I come he'll pay for my uber to come there and he'll pay for my uber to go home. When I came to Coronado I didn't really have a plan to get back home so I'm just like fuck it, might as well just go and have a guaranteed ride home than deal with a hangover and confusion tomorrow.


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Plus those girls were still annoying the absolute goddamn hell out of me. I tell Edward I'm not going to have sex with him and does he still want me to come over knowing that. He says yeah so I go. I get there at like 2:30 and I should really have gone to bed because I've gotten a combined 5 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. But nope I'm drunk and just deciding to keep making terrible decisions. I ended up drinking on the floor and laying with the dog Hunter. I was trying to get Edward to agree that if he ever dies that I can have his dog because Hunter is just so amazing and I love him.


I don't remember when I fell asleep but I know it was really late. And yet I still ended up waking up around 10 to check my text messages and catch up with all the ranting and raving Willie was doing. I didn't even respond to them I just sent him a picture of Edward naked next to me in bed and tagged it with #DrunkenMistakes. I ended up going home around 3 and I ate some fruit and then went straight back to sleep. When I woke up my stomach was in shambles but I was way too tired to get up and cook anything. I managed to take a shower and then get back into bed. Then I was like ok gurl you really need to eat something worthwhile or you're gonna get sick, so I shuffle to the kitchen and there's a pizza waiting for me, with stuffed crust!


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I decide to finally seriously text Willie about the situation and he's still convinced that he's right and that Dominic is wrong. Then he's complaining about how they just didn't talk for a year and just became friends again for this to happen. I ask him if he cares more about being right or saving their friendship since clearly he wants to be friend again. I don't get a response. I ask Dominic what happened and he said Willie kept texting him saying the same thing he said last night until he ended up blocking willie on everything again. I personally think it's sad that he goes on about how he's so mature now because most of his friends are 50+ year old gay men and yet he can't even swallow his pride to at least apologize to clear the air since he claims to still want to be friends. But like I said, I'm Switzerland so I just keep telling him that him that he has to choose what matters more to him (even though he clearly prioritizes being right over their friendship). I hope they manage to work it out but all I'm focused on right now is not dying..

Lol I'm sorry I don't know you but




i can't help it.

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