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Now I remember why I hate my mother...

Posted by Karla, 28 July 2017 · 1,755 views

Since my previous entry, which I talked about my mother getting angry at me for the stupidest reasons, she had stopped talking to me because I decided that she shouldn't be driving me to rehearsal due to her sleeping at the wheel. And because I seem to be so much like her, I decided to stop talking to her too, for over two months, because I knew that talking to her civilly is next to impossible. She had the nerve to ask me what she did wrong and why I wasn't talking to her, but she clearly knew why, and never admitted it. Since then, we both agreed that if something was bothering us, we would talk about it, and not ignore each other. (<---remember this sentence)




Now apparently she stopped talking to my father, for reasons I can only speculate. Whenever she wants to tell him something, she uses me and my brother to get her message across instead of talking to him directly. I told her today that "I'm not her little messenger, and if she wants to talk to Dad, she should do the grown up thing and actually talk to him. I hate being used." So what does she do?


...She gets angry at me for not doing what she should've been doing. And now she stopped talking to me again.


Now, you're probably thinking: "Karla, why are you getting worked up about this? This is no big deal!"


But that's the thing. THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL.
But my mother likes to make things a bigger deal than they should be. Whenever she does or says something to somebody that is clearly her fault, she always turns it around to make herself look like the victim. To add insult to injury, she likes to stop talking to people whenever she feels like they're wrong, and after a while, she wonders why they aren't talking to her. I'm so sick and tired of it!! I even told her that I'm sick and tired of her doing this, but she keeps doing it anyway!


Well, fuck it. I might just consider not talking to her again, because there's absolutely no point talking to her. NO. POINT. There's no point in talking to a person if they're just going to keep being a total jerk to you. I'm gonna give her a week, and if she keeps ignoring me, then I'm going to ignore her for a hell of a lot longer than two months.


Sure, it's not the right thing to do, but it's right to me, because there's no point in spending your time with someone who's just going to be a cancer in your life. I suppose Dad had the right idea...

I feel your pain! My dad and I go through periods of ignoring each other and then talking again, the same pattern as you and your mom! But our reasons for ignoring each other are religious based! I am not religious and he is. So, when he stops ignoring me, he pretends he is ok with my relationship and how it is an out of wedlock/having sex/living together situation. Then after a few months, he starts yelling at me and getting all "Holier than thou" on me and we begin fighting to the point of almost violence and we stop speaking for years at a time. I totally understand your frustration! It may not be the right thing to do, but I still feel as if you are justified in doing so! 

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Is it rude for me to say I think your mother might be suffering from NPD?


She seems to fit the criteria.

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Is it rude for me to say I think your mother might be suffering from NPD?


She seems to fit the criteria.


She might be, but then again, she is getting more and more senile...

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