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10 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

Posted by Karla, 21 July 2014 · 703 views

Hay guys. I thought I’d take this journal entry to list some things you may not have known about me (that wasn't in my 50 things entry). They're mainly personal facts, but I'm telling you guys anyway because I give no fucks anymore. XD

1.) I have Hirsutism. If you don’t know what it is, Hirsutism is when a person, mainly a woman, grows hair in places that aren't intended for them to have hair. In my case, I seem to be growing hair on my face, neck, and chest. I’ve tried several methods of trying to remove the hair (or make it less visible), like waxing, laser hair removal, hair removal creams, and threading, but they do not work. Threading seems to be the only thing that works, plus it is not very expensive, so I've been continuing that lately in hopes that I don’t look like a man. D:

2.) I have severe anger issues. You may not have detected this behavior often in my posts on the forums, but I get angry and stay angry for a very long time. I usually can curb this by doing some of my hobbies, like drawing, playing games, writing private stories, writing journal entries, or simply getting some fresh air outside, but I cannot forget the things that make me angry easily. My hobbies in this case are like drugs. They help ease my anger, but it doesn’t make it go away. Some of the things I do when I get angry is yell at someone without thinking of what I’m saying, punch my stuffed animals, and crying/screaming into a pillow like a little girl. XD It’s a miracle I actually haven’t physically hurt someone yet!!

You probably don’t get the impression that I’m a very angry person because I tend to keep angry words off of public forums, usually out of fear of getting warned, suspended, banned, or just people getting bad impressions of me. I often resort to writing private blog posts just so I can get a little of my anger out.

3.) I forget things easily. Unlike the last thing I listed, there are things that I can easily forget. When it comes to my emotions, I cannot forget. However, when it comes to schoolwork, work, birthdays, etc., I tend to forget it almost instantly. This results in people getting angry at me for not remembering things. It’s not like I forget things on purpose, it just happens. :( I have to write things down constantly so I don’t forget, and it gets quite annoying. Despite this, I was able to get good grades in school and do a decent job at work, but it was hard work.

4.) I have perfect pitch. When I started taking piano lessons at age 6, my piano teacher deemed that I had perfect pitch, because I can easily identify notes, and I can easily tell if a note or two is out of tune. Now, you would think this is a good thing when it comes to music, but IMO, it’s pretty bad when it comes to listening to it. You can easily pick out notes that are out of tune in a song, and you can’t help but feel like it’s one of the worst things you’ve ever heard. XD When you are playing music, you can use this to your advantage to try and get your notes in tune, but that’s really the only good thing about it. :p

5.) I HATE vegetables. You know when you’re a kid, and you’ve always been told to eat your veggies? Well, I’ve been forced to eat my veggies as a kid, because I freaking hated them. I hated them then, and I still hate them now. I hate them because whenever I eat them, I literally feel the need to gag, and I often had to swallow them down with a fruity drink or water. The only vegetables I can tolerate are lettuce in salads and corn. Every other vegetable literally makes me sick. Despite telling my parents this, they still feel the need to serve me veggies, while they let my brother opt out of eating them.

6.) I am VERY slothful. I mean… PAINFULLY slothful. If Hell exists, then I would go there just for this sin alone. This journal entry is literally being written while I’m supposed to be doing work! This is mainly due to me having a low attention span and a lack of motivation, so I find it hard to focus and get things done, and I feel the need to do something else that’s not work/school related. The only way I can actually get things done is if I can somehow get my brain wired up so I can focus, like drinking 5-hour energy (It keeps me energized and helps me focus). My mother discourages me from drinking this and doesn't let me drink it, despite it really being the only way I can stay focused on my work so I can get it done.
(BTW, I hate working in general, lmao.)

7.) I have been single all my life. I have never dated anyone for as long as I’ve lived. I had a blind date when I went to prom, and there was a time I should say I’ve gone out on a date, but that person was already dating one of my friends. So those two times don’t count. ;___;

The boys in my grade school were very unfriendly towards me. They were always tormenting me during and in between classes, called me a lesbian even though I am clearly straight, and felt then need to get me in trouble with teachers… so I was extremely turned off by them. I thought I would have better luck finding a date in college, but this was not so. A huge majority of the guys at my college were gay, and the ones that were straight already had girlfriends. Even after school, my luck in finding Mr. Right is dwindling, and my folks aren’t helping me much. I can’t go out and meet people unless I am “supervised.” You don’t know who the hell you’re talking to when talking to guys online (That’s my rule). I can’t talk on the phone without my folks being suspicious. I am discouraged from talking to strangers when I’m out. Despite these rules my folks set for me, they’re still expecting me to get married and have babies. Ironic, right?

(BTW, I also suspect that I have no luck with guys because they guys in my area, regardless of their race, don’t like dating African-American women.)

8.) I am secretly jealous of my brother. The main reasons I am secretly jealous of him is that he has the things I want/need, and that I often live in his shadow. He has a job, and I do not. He gets to go out on his own, but I cannot. He gets to do what he wants, but I can hardly do the same. He has very few worries, but I have many. If I had what he had, I would probably be a better, well-rounded person, but alas, I do not, and I kinda hate him for it. Also, whenever people or friends talk to me, the only things I hear from them are: “How’s your brother?” “Is your brother doing alright?” “Does your brother still do sports?” I tell them that he’s good and is doing alright, then they just sort of leave. They hardly ask how I’m doing, nor do they really want to know me or how I am. They just ask me how my brother is doing.

Despite all this, I actually love my brother, but he annoys me with his awesomeness sometimes. XD

9.) I probably have Attention Deficit Disorder. Even though I have and have had signs of ADD, I haven’t actually been diagnosed with it. I kept telling my mother and father that I might have ADD, but they keep telling me that I’m just fine and I’m not using my head enough. I keep trying to “use my head,” but it’s not easy. Not for me anyways.

The signs I know I have and have had since I was a child are: Inability to focus (zoning out, easily getting distracted, struggling to complete tasks and inability to pay attention), Forgetfulness (Look at the 3rd fact on my list) Acting on impulse (interrupting others and having little self-control, but I can get over this easily now.)

Whether or not I actually have ADD, I am still able to get by doing the things I need to do. It’s not easy though, and I’m sure people who actually have ADD/ADHD might agree with me.

10.) I have an addiction to musicals. I started getting into them when I was in college. The vocal majors wouldn’t stop talking about what their favorite musicals were. I listened to one of the majors’ playlists which was full of musicals, classic and modern, and I started falling in love with them. I loved musicals so much that I started buying OBCRs, I even did my homework to musical songs. Whether it was an actual stage performance or a film adaption, I would see the musicals, because I’m obsessed with them. The last musical I saw was “If/Then,” the musical I really want to see is “The Book of Mormon,” and my current favorite musical is “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” “Avenue Q” being a close second. BTW, did I mention I’m addicted to musicals?

I read your whole blog, but i couldn't get my mind to move past 4. You have WHAT?!?!? laiuhdfbljahdgfbujhgsbdljcvhabldfkjhn!!!!!!!!1 RAH! SUPER DUPER jealous of you! lol. I am convinced that people with perfect pitch just walk through music degrees up to and including their PHD in music lol (jks). That is sooooo cool! All conductors everywhere love you, aural exams are a cinch lol. .... I can (barely) understand where it could get irritating though)


^^ sry, but i had to get it out of my system :)


Thanks for sharing these, they are interesting and personal. Respect! :)

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I read your whole blog, but i couldn't get my mind to move past 4. You have WHAT?!?!? laiuhdfbljahdgfbujhgsbdljcvhabldfkjhn!!!!!!!!1 RAH! SUPER DUPER jealous of you! lol. I am convinced that people with perfect pitch just walk through music degrees up to and including their PHD in music lol (jks). That is sooooo cool! All conductors everywhere love you, aural exams are a cinch lol. .... I can (barely) understand where it could get irritating though)


^^ sry, but i had to get it out of my system :)


Thanks for sharing these, they are interesting and personal. Respect! :)


Perfect Pitch just personally annoys me sometimes whenever I listen to music, but I do agree it's a very nice thing to have. :) (I was placed in advanced music courses because of it :p)

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Interesting read. Thanks for sharing! ^.^

I forget things really easily too, but sometimes its the most random of things that I actually do remember. xD

One of my best friends, Joel, hates veggies as well. He gets cheese, bacon and like ketcup/mustard on burgers when we go out, or if he orders at subway, his subs are always meat, cheese and a condiment or w/e.


I can definitely be slothful at times, it is really hard for me to get motivated to do anything. Especially after getting off of work. I'd like to start going to the gym or something, but idk if that will actually happen. heh.

Also, I was single my entire life, no dates or anything, until a little over 6 years ago, and I've been with the same guy since.

It was tough for me because I had a good handful of close friends who almost always had boyfriends, or at least had a couple of boyfriends for the span of time that I knew them.

I always felt like I wasn't enough for something, or I was the "ugly" friend that no one wanted. They would get hit on while we were out and about and I was just there..... BUT the guy that I am with now, I can see myself spending the rest of my life with. He was definitely worth the wait and all the self-doubt and everything I went through.

Also, your parents need to ease up a bit xD haha


And lastly, MUSICALS ARE AMAZING!!!! I really wanna see The Book of Mormon as well, I'd heard fantastic things about it. So far, I think Wicked is my favorite, I still have yet to see Sweeney Todd. -_-

and unfortunately I just recently watched Les Mis for the first time. idk what took me so stinkin long to see that one.

Have you seen Once? Thats musical-esque. idk if its actually considered a musical or not.

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