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Advice for a Coffee Newb?

Posted by Karla, 30 September 2014 · 991 views

Okay, so as you may have concluded from the title, I have never drunk a cup of coffee. I've only had a sip of it, and didn't really much care for it back in the day.

Every morning, since I was about 10 years old, I have told my mom and dad that I am not a morning person. I could go to bed as early as 9 pm and get 8-12 hours of sleep, but I would always be tired in the morning. Soooo this morning, my mother suggested that I start drinking coffee. I wouldn't mind starting drinking coffee, but there's a lot I don't know about this beverage.

So, to the frequent coffee drinkers out there, my questions to you guys areā€¦
  • What is your advice to a first-time coffee drinker?
  • Is there a particular brand that you guys recommend?
  • Would it be better to drink hot coffee or iced coffee?
  • Would you suggest any other alternatives to coffee?
  • Anything else I should know?

Plz & Thx. :D

This might be useful to me as well. I'm bookmarking this :p

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To me personally, coffee was kind of like beer. An acquired taste. 


1.) Try a cup black (no cream or sugar), then the next cup put sugar / milk / creamer to whatever you like.


2.) Try and buy local, or whole beans that you can grind at the store. If you are putting it into a regular drip coffee maker then make sure you get them finely ground.


3.) I prefer my coffee drinkable, so warm or less. I can't stand piping hot coffee that burns my lips / tongue.


4.) Coffee = life.


5.) Try different coffees. If you want you could buy a little bit of a bunch of different coffees and see which one you like best.

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  • What is your advice to a first-time coffee drinker?

Most often than naught, you will definitely be repulsed by the taste of coffee, but people drink it for the energy spike than the actual taste. I personally hated coffee when I started off. I like sweet things. It wasn't until I drank a lot of fraps from Starbuck's Frappy Hour that I got used to coffee-like drinks and went to full coffee without much cringing. However, I'll always be more of a tea person than a coffee drinker, especially in the mornings.

  • Is there a particular brand that you guys recommend?

Nope. It's all taste preferential and if you're a heavy coffee drinker in the future, you only care about the caffeine content than actual taste. But becareful with that. I usually drink Keurig (sp?) roast or mocha found in the faculty room because it's free and it's the only thing good about being a grad assistant.

  • Would it be better to drink hot coffee or iced coffee?

Ideally, neither, but if I had to choose, hot coffee would be better because metabolically, our bodies were not built to consume anything cold.

  • Would you suggest any other alternatives to coffee?

Green tea, especially in those tea bags found in the grocery store. They may appear healthy, but they have just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, if not, more, but less disgusting chemical flavorings and coloring mutated into coffee.

  • Anything else I should know?

Exercise seems like the best answer judging on what you wrote, not a magical tonic from the gods.

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>What is your advice to a first-time coffee drinker?
Like Sirbaggy said, try it black first then with cream/milk and sugar after ^^ Just gradually add some until you find the amount you like. I personally like two teaspoons of sugar and a lot of milk!! I think its a bit weird if you go over three teaspoons though lmao

>Is there a particular brand that you guys recommend?
Maybe not brand, but I looove me some vanilla coffee. Its really tasty!! You should try and avoid store-brand super cheap instant coffee though, it usually doesn't taste very good :p

>Would it be better to drink hot coffee or iced coffee?
Its up to you. Try both and see which one you prefer!! I don't know if iced or hot coffee is more uh ``effective" than the other so I guess have the one you think is tastier? I absolutely love both though heheh!! ^^

>Would you suggest any other alternatives to coffee?
Ehhhhh.... I guess tea? idk lmao

>Anything else I should know?
I can't really think of anything else to add~ ^^ If you go to some food place and they have caramel/mocha/whatever coffees available you should totally try those too. They're usually really good!!
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These are all really good suggestions so far.  Thanks guys. :D

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You've gotten good advice so far, which is nice. Only thing I would add is go for a lighter roast, for two reasons. One: the flavor is not as heavy/robust, Two (and most important): Lighter roasts have more caffeine, because the longer the coffee bean roasts, the less caffeine they have in them. :D

Best of luck, I'm sure you'll be addicted in no time.

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Brew a coffee, add two-three ice cubes, drink it black. Healthiest way and I drink several every day.

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  • Don't drink instant coffee. Ever.
  • Buy some decent coffee and get a plunger. Let it sit in the plunger for about 3 minutes. Make your coffee without milk and enjoy. I personally find that milk ruins the taste of coffee. The more coffee you try the more you will appreciate the unique flavours of different blends.





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What is your advice to a first-time coffee drinker? Find out what you like. I've never been able to take my coffee black but I enjoy it with a little cream and sugar. When I started drinking coffee, it was a LOT of cream and sugar (think do you want coffee with your milk as opposed to do you want a little milk with your coffee), now I definitely don't use as much as I've learned to like the taste of coffee. Its a personal preference thing mostly. 


Is there a particular brand that you guys recommend? I don't have a brand preference but I recommend trying different ones until you find what you like. I tend to prefer medium/light roasts over the super dark ones and it was just through trying different ones that I discovered that. I will say that I tend to buy more whole bean over ground coffees, to me it tastes better when its freshly ground. 


Would it be better to drink hot coffee or iced coffee? both? I like iced coffee more in the summer/spring time. But it would be fine year round. PRO TIP: make your ice cubes out of brewed coffee so you don't end up watering down your iced coffee when you put cubes in it :D Best tip I ever learned! 


Would you suggest any other alternatives to coffee? If coffee is not your thing, try tea? 


Anything else I should know? have fun with it :D I love using flavored creamers and trying different things. You never know what you'll come up with! 

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What is your advice to a first-time coffee drinker?

Ease into it, I used to get shots of espresso in my hot chocolate to get used to the taste of coffee.


Is there a particular brand that you guys recommend?

Check out your local coffee places, try out what they have, and they normally will sell in bulk. I like Indonesian medium roasts, but you won't know what you like until you try a few :)


Would it be better to drink hot coffee or iced coffee?

It's better for your stomach if you drink something warm/hot in the morning, so I wouldn't recommend iced coffee in the morning. I don't really like iced coffee though, even on hot days, but it's a personal preference. 


Would you suggest any other alternatives to coffee?

For a caffeine fix? I used to drink a can of soda when I felt like I needed a boost. Not the best for you, but it's a good pick-me-up. Tea is a good alternative and disperses caffeine more evenly, but not as strong a boost.


Anything else I should know?

I always thought I'd never love coffee as much as I do now, I hated the bitter taste and couldn't stomach it for a long time. But out of necessity I tried it more and more, different beans, different preparations (it helped that I worked in a cafe :p) - you learn what you like when you try all of them. Ask your local barista what they think is the best for the kind of coffee you're getting, chances are they know what they know what they're talking about.

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Coffee is absolutely disgusting and you should drink tea instead.

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Be cautious with coffee! It's mechanism of action creates extra stress hormones in your brain, tribal people used to ingest large amounts of caffeine in order to practice taming fear and anger. Long story short the caffeine triggered lots of fear and anger in them most likely as the result of stress hormones.

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