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AVT 215 Complete. Mommy's sick.

Posted by Karla, 23 July 2015 · 809 views

Earlier this week I've completed my typography course. I passed the class with a 98% (A+, according to the grading guidlines) :D I'd have probably gotten a 100% if my quizzes and one of my projects didn't have freaking typos. SO NOTE TO SELF: CHECK FOR TYPOS.

Starting September 1, I'm to take AVT 217 (Introduction to Web Design) and AVT 311 (Graphic Design Methods / Principals) My folks and I agreed that I should not do the Sinfonietta orchestra, at least for the fall, because it's going to take away time to study and do assignments for the fall, but they still want me to do the Symphony on the Potomac, because it pays money. If anything, that's the orchestra I need to drop, because it's held on Thursdays, one of the days that I have class. But thankfully the class is over at 1:10pm, so I can rest up before I have to go. I should stop complaining. :p

I'd show you guys my work, but they're physically constructed paragraphs, and I'm too lazy to take pictures now. XD


After I told my folks that I passed the class with an A+, they let me pick the place to eat. I chose Baja Fresh since it's so close by. They fucked up my order, of course, but they got everyone else's right.

This morning, my mother got sick. she suspects that it's food poisoning from the restaurant we ate from last night. I feel like I poisoned her. :C

Omg Baja Fresh... Fuck them! I got food poisoning from them, never again.
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Omg Baja Fresh... Fuck them! I got food poisoning from them, never again.


Their food is dry and bland, but my dad insists that we keep eating there.  They make some good bowls though.

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CONGRATS. It's a really high score to get and I'm amazed you can still get higher grades if it weren't for typos. Well Done!

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