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AVT 217 & AVT 311 Completed, 2016 Here I Come!

Posted by Karla, 29 December 2015 · 595 views

I had meant to post this earlier, but me, being the lazy slob I am, eventually forgot to.


So I finished AVT 217 (Introduction to Web Design) and AVT 311 (Graphic Design Methods & Principles) I ended up taking a leave from Codex so I could concentrate on doing well in these classes. I'd say it was worth it, because I'd have bombed these courses hard if I didn't!


I got an A in my Web Design Course. I worried at first, because I was going to have to learn HTML and CSS coding, both of which I had little to no experience with. Turns out as time went on that it wasn't that hard at all, and was actually a lot of fun. I could have gotten an A+ in the course if I didn't completely spaz out on my midterm and final (I ended up missing points because I couldn't code a fucking nav bar correctly in BOTH tests). Even though this course is over, I'm going to continue studying web design techniques in my spare time.
You can check my coursework on this webpage (As long as it's active, of course...) http://kcsmith.byethost16.com/weekly/




I ended up getting a B+ in the Methods & Principles course. Our teacher was a very hard grader. I think there may have only been one student that ended up with an A in the course. Everyone else ended up with lower grades because we either missed a deadline or implemented a technique(s) that she didn't like. I only got one A for one of my projects, and ended up getting B+s for the rest. I'm satisfied with my grade because 1.) I finally got a teacher who doesn't feel obligated to give out all As, and 2.) It shows that I am not perfect and that there are a lot of things I need to learn. I don't think my mother was satisfied though. At first (during midterms) she said that I wasn't trying hard enough. After getting my final grade, she had wished that my teacher eased up and gave me an A instead. I suppose she's got the "Asian F" mentality going on (Anyone who watched Glee would know what I'm talking about).
(Feeling too lazy to attempt to show off my 311 work, sorry!)


In spring, I have to take AVT 253 (Introduction to Digital Photography) and AVT 313 (Editorial Design). Both of these courses are gonna be taught by men, and given my history with male teachers, this semester will not be easy... so I'm probably going to disappear again.


Primarily, I was offered a decision to take either AVT 217 or 253. I chose to take 217. HOWEVER, the curriculum had recently changed, so my counsellor told me that I have to take both of them. That totally blows. These teachers talk to me like money grows on trees... I don't want to spend more money on courses than I have to.


Anyway, ONWARD TO 2016!! It's gonna be a crazy year!

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