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Dreams and Nightmares: Mostly Nightmares

Posted by Karla, 27 February 2016 · 769 views

school photography dreams nightmares

My latest assigned project for my Intro to Digital Photography class is titled "Dreams and Nightmares," but this project has literally been nothing but a nightmare!!


The techniques we need to use are fast shutter speed, slow shutter speed, and panning, so the subjects in our photos need to be moving. The problem is, nothing moves around here! And there's almost nowhere for me to go to take pictures of moving objects without the possibilities of being heckled by security, dropping the camera, or getting hit by cars!


Not to mention, just like my last project, we need a total of 300 photos by the end of the project. I'm hardly able to get 20!


I really fucking hate this class. This class wasn't even supposed to be a requirement. While in the middle of the program, I was given a choice to take either Web Design or Digital Photography. Naturally I chose Web Design because I felt I would benefit more from this class, plus I hate photography. HOWEVER, while taking this class, the curriculum changed, and now I had to take both classes.


I was unlucky enough to register in a section that had one of the worst teachers I've ever had the (dis)satisfaction of being taught under. Our teacher is also a hipster. I really hate his attitude. He always speaks so stoically, and he swears a lot. News flash: Swearing doesn't make you a cool teacher. He doesn't even teach us anything. He just instructs us to look up tutorials on Lynda.com and expects spectacular results. And here I thought my Editorial Design teacher was going to be a PITA, but my Photography teacher is way worse!


Ugh, my head hurts.

Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the project u___u

Sucks that you had to take a class you were never interested in, and WOW what is up with that teacher?? Sounds a bit full of himself, tbh.

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