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[Hearthstone] Quick update on my progression.

Posted by Shane, 15 August 2016 · 504 views

So a small update so you guys know. (I know many of you don't care :lol:)




1. I ended up crafting and cracking open a few notable cards...


Edwin Van Cleef (crafted)
Al'Akir Windlord (pack)
Snake Pit (golden) (first) (pack)
Shadow Stalker (second) (crafted)
Blade of C'thun (first and second) (crafted)


2. Picked up Karazhan also, so now I have the shiny pink cardback!


3. I've got over 1890 wins now.


4. I've been struggling to get the daily quests done, but I can usually finish them up within the 3rd day by rerolling the quests to get ones that match, or are easy to do. Been playing a lot of tavern brawl, which is fun to an extent... But it's the easiest way to finish quests. =/

[Hearthstone] My Best Cardpack Pack Yet!

Posted by Shane, 24 June 2016 · 474 views

So it took me 7 games to finally win this week's Tavern Brawl. I ended up getting an amazing pack.

I didn't have the Legendary card either, so what a bonus!

I'll definitely keep the golden version.


One Golden Legendary
One Golden Rare
One Epic
One Rare

One Common

Dust Value: 1825!


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Posted ImagePosted Image

Current Ladder Deck (Wild): Tempo Raptor Rogue

Posted by Shane, 16 June 2016 · 385 views

Posted Image


Original deck: http://www.icy-veins...rogue-wild-deck


I ended up swapping out a few cards...
Loatheb for Shadowcaster
Big Game Hunter for Tomb Pillager
Loot Hoarders for Undercity Hucksters

Rest Easy, Jeff.

Posted by Shane, 11 May 2016 · 425 views

Alright, so as I said the other day I would make a blog post about what happened this week.


So, this week was our Annual Leave week from work. Christa and I were planning on relaxing and possibly going somewhere. We ended up going to Spokane for a few days, we usually dread it, but there was a family emergency going on.


Her step father, my father in law, was in the hospital. He has been on Dialysis for 20 years, and been in and out of hospitals many times recently. This time he wasn't doing too well. He ended up having an Autoimmune disorder, where it ravaged his system and gave access to six different infections. He was in a wheel chair for the last few months, and just striving to hold on. Christa and I came to Spokane just in time to see him in the ICU. He decided that he was ready to stop the pain that was going through his system. The sores, the Myostis, the CDiff, Staph, and more were all taking quite a toll. He had waited until everyone left the room to finally pass away. We didn't even know until we had made it home that he had passed. It was terrible, and I will gravely miss this man.


I wish I got to know him more than I did, and hope that our family will heal safely.


Jeff had left behind a large family on his side, and his close family he had left behind Christa, Beth, and Richard.


If anyone wants to help Christa's mother and brother after this sad life event, feel free to either donate to their GoFundMe, or share it on Facebook etc.


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Hearthstone: My Current Account Stats V1.1

Posted by Shane, 25 March 2016 · 536 views
hearthstone, goals, stats and 1 more...

Posted Image

Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image


I thought I would make it a bit more fancy. :)


Hope you guys enjoy. I'm quite glad to be done with some of the classes I hate to play, for a while.


Druid and Warlock were the worst to play because they are just so boring. =/


Good luck to @Kass and @Tauriel
I hope you guys can do some good catching up!

Hearthstone: My Current Account Stats

Posted by Shane, 10 March 2016 · 658 views

Posted Image



March 10th, 2016



Get every hero to 50/500 wins in Ranked Mode


Current wins

Warrior: 34 (-16)

Shaman: 170 (0)

Rogue: 37 (-13)

Paladin: 80 (0)

Hunter: 200 (0)

Druid: 31 (-19)

Warlock: 28 (-22)

Mage: 86 (0)

Priest: 74 (0)


Total: 70 wins to meet current goal


Just to say, I have not been a try hard on ladder this month.

Probably won't be until I get the current goal.


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Current Meta Crusher: Reno Druid

Posted by Shane, 27 February 2016 · 220 views

So this is the deck I am currently running to just stomp the very aggro and tempo meta that is going on.


I am only 6-2 from this morning, but it's not a bad start. :p


It draws the game out as long as it can before I just have board control and slaughter.


Current Meta Opposing Decks
Face Shaman
Face Hunter
Combo Druid
Secret Paladin


Posted Image

My signature bank.

Posted by Shane, 19 February 2016 · 357 views

Just the signatures I have made semi-recently.

Enjoy if you like this stuff lol.


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Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted Image\

Tempo Paladin Arena | 12 - 2

Posted by Shane, 31 December 2015 · 664 views

Posted Image



Posted Image






This deck was just freaking amazing.

I can't believe I went so far as to max out wins in Arena.



Arena Rewards




Pack Opening




Deck List




Hunter Arena | 8 - 3

Posted by Shane, 30 December 2015 · 419 views

Posted Image

Posted Image






So far this is the best I have done in arena.

It felt great to get to 8 wins, and with a deck I thought I would only get to maybe 5 wins with.

I lucked out in my 3rd match, a warrior that was doing very well ended up leaving.

So I should have won only 7 games, which is my previous high score.



This deck just always had enough reach to win, I really liked it!


Arena Rewards

170 Gold

Classic Pack

Golden Ancestral Knowledge



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