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Drama Mama

Posted by Shane, 27 August 2015 · 306 views

So, I just wanted to release some stress. Basically my mother in law, as cliché as it sounds, is a nightmare currently. Not because she hates me or anything, but more because of her personality and actions. Hiding secrets for years and then unloading them on Christa and I only a month before the wedding.


Basically every time we try to help her family to get their way to the weddong, there is something wrong with the plan. The most recent problem has just taken us over the edge.


It goes like this...


We want then to go to the wedding.


They are poor.


We offer to pay for their room.


They say they can make it.


They have car problems.


I offered to pay to either fix it up or pay for a bus or a rental car to get them there.


Their car is so bad that it is worthless to put any money into. Also they don't have insurance.


So we offer to pay for a rental car.


They dont have a license.


... they have been fucking driving for YEARS without telling Christa.


She also can't get a license until 2025 because she hit someone and they then got hit with a charge of 4k to pay off the other persons car sue to not having insurance.


Then she goes and tries to get someone to drive then to the wedding. This person is untrustworthy and we know they wouldn't help by driving and staying for four days. Also we didn't even invite them.


So now we have to figure whether they can even come or not. They won't have money to pay for food during they stay anyways. Fucking nightmare.


End rant.

is she for real? if you ask me, it sounds like she doesn't even wanna go to the wedding. :doh:

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Yes she is for real. It's ridiculous. And she does want to go. >_>

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Dang! Good luck with it! At the end of the day, there is only so much you can help.

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