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Hunter Arena | 8 - 3

Posted by Shane, 30 December 2015 · 385 views

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So far this is the best I have done in arena.

It felt great to get to 8 wins, and with a deck I thought I would only get to maybe 5 wins with.

I lucked out in my 3rd match, a warrior that was doing very well ended up leaving.

So I should have won only 7 games, which is my previous high score.



This deck just always had enough reach to win, I really liked it!


Arena Rewards

170 Gold

Classic Pack

Golden Ancestral Knowledge



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Damn that's awesome! I've never had much luck with the arena... I think my highest streak is 5. Did you use any sites or apps or anything to help with the deck building?

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I do use hearth tracker and also hearth arena. They help, but I also watch a lot of videos to try and better my strategy.
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Awesome. Thank you for the help :) We should play sometime! I only have a couple of good decks (like, 3) but it would be fun :)


Expert#1623 if you wanna add me up!

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I'll add ya.

Although now I have a puppy in training, it will be less often that I will get on. Besides while pooping or on break at work. :lol:

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Do you play WoW as well or just Hearth?

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I don't really play wow. I got a shaman to level 45 then stopped about a year or so ago.
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