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Rest Easy, Jeff.

Posted by Shane, 11 May 2016 · 408 views

Alright, so as I said the other day I would make a blog post about what happened this week.


So, this week was our Annual Leave week from work. Christa and I were planning on relaxing and possibly going somewhere. We ended up going to Spokane for a few days, we usually dread it, but there was a family emergency going on.


Her step father, my father in law, was in the hospital. He has been on Dialysis for 20 years, and been in and out of hospitals many times recently. This time he wasn't doing too well. He ended up having an Autoimmune disorder, where it ravaged his system and gave access to six different infections. He was in a wheel chair for the last few months, and just striving to hold on. Christa and I came to Spokane just in time to see him in the ICU. He decided that he was ready to stop the pain that was going through his system. The sores, the Myostis, the CDiff, Staph, and more were all taking quite a toll. He had waited until everyone left the room to finally pass away. We didn't even know until we had made it home that he had passed. It was terrible, and I will gravely miss this man.


I wish I got to know him more than I did, and hope that our family will heal safely.


Jeff had left behind a large family on his side, and his close family he had left behind Christa, Beth, and Richard.


If anyone wants to help Christa's mother and brother after this sad life event, feel free to either donate to their GoFundMe, or share it on Facebook etc.


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Sorry for your loss :( 

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So sorry for your loss guys :(

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I'm sorry for your loss. :(

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Thanks guys <3

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Death is a bitch. I'm sorry for your significant loss. :/ If you ever need to talk, feel free to PM me.

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Thank ya Coops :)

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losing someone so close to you definitely sucks.. but i can tell you that time definitely heals :) 

my condolences hun :(

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