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Woe is me.

Posted by Canis, 18 November 2014 · 347 views

depressing shit personal dont read im just whining
What I wanted to do today:
  • Play Dragon Age: Inquisition
What I didn't do today:
  • Play Dragon Age: Inquisition
What I did instead:
  • Waited anxiously for the UPS driver
  • Downloaded Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Became agitated because it said the download finished but it was frozen on "installing..."
  • Restarted computer in an attempt to fix issue
  • Issue seemed fixed, until I booted up the game, stared in awe at the Title screen, but then it froze
  • Froze for fucking good
  • Tried to alt tab then tab back, small black box on pure white screen
  • Ctrl Alt Delete
  • Dragon Age problem
  • Tried to reload game
  • Cried out in frustration
  • Uninstalled game
  • Reinstalled game
  • Same problem
  • Got Blue Screen Of Death'd
  • Restarted computer maybe 10 times total today
  • Envisioned ways to kill self brutally
  • Hated myself
  • Sulked
  • Had pity on myself
  • More sulking
  • Cursed the world because everything has been piling up on me lately
  • Cursed the world for giving me a crappy life since birth
  • Cursed self for blaming issues on the world
  • Cursed my existence again
  • Contemplated cutting
  • Felt defeated
  • Contemplated giving up on everything
Sorry that you read this. It's depressing and pathetic, I know.
Very pathetic. I'm a pathetic person who has always been dealt shitty, pathetic cards in this game of life.

Don't give up, try again! And again! And again! And again... Until you give up again because it's not gonna work today.

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Oh gosh, that was torture just reading it - suuuper sorry you didn't get to play today. As a fellow gamer, I feel your pain. Half the time, when I pre-order something, the delivery service screws up and I get everything a day a late. Really hope things can get up and running for you tomorrow!

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