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Posted by Canis, 24 December 2014 · 775 views

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I don’t fucking get it.

I just feel like the way Erik’s mom is asking to help him sounds like she’s implying I shouldn’t be sitting on my ass. Also I don’t understand why the fuck the coffee table needs to be completely clear. Wtf. I cannot take another Christmas here.
I’m not evening sitting on my ass??? I’ve literally cleaned and picked up ALL of my stuff. I just need to carry some things upstairs which I will do before I go to bed.

I don’t fucking understand Christmas here. Seriously. It’s like the place literally has to appear as a minimalist house.

On top of thay, they celebrate Christmas morning?? Like they have always opened presents in the early morning. Wtf.
I grew up opening em at midnight. I’d much rather stay up late to open them rather than wake up ungodly early to do so. Fucking stupid ass shit.

And clearing our coffee table?? Like this area that Erik and I use all the time BASICALLY has to be clear of EVERYTHING. It’s like she wants us to clear everything now so that, what, afterwards Erik and I can just stare at a wall until Christmas is over? I just don’t fucking get it.

I miss simpler Christmas. Not this stupid ass stressful shit. Throw your shade elsewhere. Get that fucking stressful, negative, “I’m-stressing-hardcore-so-you-need-to-also” attitude outta here. Fucking hell. I want to go back to where Christmas was a family thing, not some family gathering treated like a formal party. I miss my Christmases. I know they weren’t huge or extravagant but at least when Christmas Eve rolled around no one was stressed the fuck out. It was all about being grateful and spending time with family doing family things and such. Why would you turn Christmas into such a stressful fucking holiday?? Absolutely wrong and pointless. You can’t paint this picture perfect royal Christmas gathering without people faking their Christmas spirit.

I think that’s why I am not excited for Christmas this year. I think that’s why I’m not in much of a Christmas spirit this year, if I have any spirit at all. This family’s crazy ass Christmas reduced what little spirit I had.

I want to go back. To Texas. To MY family. To MY Christmases. It sucks so bad. It fucking sucks to say that. Either I leave for Texas or I leave this household. So much stupid shit here, it’s not for me. Honestly I wouldn’t be here if Erik and I had the means to get our own place. But we don’t. We cant. So I’m fucking stuck, again.


Oh and to add to my current problems, my eyes have been MAD itchy for 3 hours. Like, ridiculously so. And since dinner, my chest has felt like it’s tightened and I’m having trouble breathing/ I have coughing fits. Ugh.

I almost wish those are heart attack symptoms.

Get the hell your own place and out of there...unfortunately, if you are guests in a place, which you currently are, it's up to them how things go (even if it is annoying, that's just life). Perhaps there are good things in store for the new year: moving to your own place far away from there? :D

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in my teens/early adult life I found myself spending christmas with different families for different reasons. Somrtimes It's hard. it's weird. it's fucking awkward, and beautiful at times too, and it was always a little saddening because it wasnt quite like christmas growing up. My ex's family christmases were the worst. Those people were very critical and christmas dinner was filled with dry humor and the holiday spirit was replaced with passive aggressive comments used to cut down the younger generations. awful.


My husband's family needs Christmas to be "perfect"... in past years my then 1 year old spent over an hour opening gifts, for which I am not ungrateful but.... She was so done. she just wanted to play. and Jason's mom did nothing but apologize every 10 minutes because she could "only" get us so many that year --thanks to her ex husband, grampa. It made those of use who had contributed far less (my own mother sent a sled and a teddy which would later become the most beloved toy Maya has) As beautiful as it was waking up christmas morning and not being able to walk into the livingroom through all of the gifts... it was just too much. my christmas as a kid was never about how many gifts we got. I knew at a young age what my mom's budget was for each kid and she stretched that money to make the most magical christmas mornings. what was spent back then wasnt even a fraction of what my mother in law threw down and she's fake apologizing about how she wishes it could be more. Awkward. Just let us be grateful for what we've recieved.They also dont let the kids help decorate their christmas trees in this family. they all use beautiful wide ribbon as garland and their trees are color coordinated with brand new everything bought for their tree every year. sigh wtf. I got a call from one inlaw this morning. She didnt wish me a merry christmas just asked bluntly if one of her daughter's presents was in one of the packages that was mailed to me. There wasnt. I said I hope she's having a wonderful christmas morning. Nothing.


I'm really sorry that you didn't get the christmas you had hoped for. :( You have a year to hopefully make the next one special in your own place ~

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