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Quiguki Confessions

Gift Exchange with a Neofriend - Screenshot Roundup!

Posted by Hopeless, 13 December 2014 · 500 views

I have a friend that I'm doing a low-cost gift exchange with on Neopets - I got so excited, I decided on sending her a small group of gifts each day of December. I plan to ramp up the cost as the month goes on and hopefully do something extra cool for her on Christmas and New Year's Eve. :)

Here's a week of gifts I wanted to share:

Day 1 - Cozy stuff!

Day 2 - Holiday Neggs.

Day 3 - Sleepy, starry nights.

Day 4 - Gnorbus! (She loves knitting and Gnorbus so I felt pretty good about this one.)

Day 5 - We are also exchanging greeting cards, so I thought it was an appropriate theme for a day.

Day 6 - Home for the Holidays.

Day 7 - Petpet stress relief ;)

Hope you're all having a wonderful December - stay warm!

Above the Influence Quiggle

Posted by Hopeless, 02 December 2014 · 449 views
neopets, quiggle, drawing, nsfw and 3 more...
I've been sick and at home and struggling to find the motivation to work on my ongoing projects through this cold.

In my endless procrastination, I sketched a stoner Quiggle (NSFW, depending on where you work):


At this point, he's like, my spirit animal.

That's all. I hope you're all having a wonderful December and it's full of not-sickness and joy and delicious snacks.

I draw people.

Posted by Hopeless, 29 November 2014 · 805 views
drawing, sketches, people and 3 more...
I don't know if anyone would be interested in seeing these, but I like to draw people at work (all the places I have worked, no matter what the job), school, etc. and I wanted to share some sketches. :) They're not complete drawings or anything, and most of the time they're being drawn while I'm not supposed to be drawing (so they have to be put up pretty quickly). ;)

Here's one of some of my co-workers when I was working at AMC (nights at the movie theatre, days in college classes):

More random people (started sketching with pastels/charcoal):

Here's some more college notes/sketches:

I also have stacks on stacks of receipt paper from my various other jobs, with even more drawings of co-workers, etc. - I'll scan them in if I ever get around to it/anyone's interested. It's just kind of something I do for fun/my own records.

Rules of Acquisition

Posted by Hopeless, 24 November 2014 · 303 views
star trek, neopets, ferengi
I finally started Deep Space Nine - besides already being completely in love with Dax, I have a new fondness for the Ferengi. The Rules of Acquisition they follow translate pretty well into the "fair cheating" atmosphere I've become used to around here, so I thought I'd share.

Not all of these translate to every single "cheater" in Neopia, and not all of these are necessarily good or bad things. These are simply rules followed by a race of aliens who hold profit above all else in the Star Trek universe. ;) Most Star Trek-specific words have been replaced with Neopets alternatives. These are just a few adapted rules from the many original Rules of Acquisition... enjoy!

Posted Image

Neopian Rules of Acquisition:

Never pay more for an acquisition than you have to.

A Neopian is only worth the sum of their possessions.

Keep your inbox open.

Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

Anything worth doing is worth doing for Neopoints.

A deal is a deal ... until a better one comes along.

A contract is a contract is a contract - but only between Neofriends.

A Neopian without profit is no Neopian at all.

Satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Never place friendship above profit.

Nothing is more important than your Neopets' health--except for your Neopoints.

There's nothing more dangerous than an honest Neopian.

It never hurts to suck up to TNT.

Profit is its own reward.

Never confuse wisdom with luck.

Never ask when you can take.

Good customers are as rare as Magical Chia Pops -- treasure them.

There is no substitute for success.

The riskier the road, the greater the profit.

Win or lose, there's always Neocodex.

Never let the competition know what you're thinking.

Ask not what your profits can do for you, but what you can do for your profits.

Enough ... is never enough.

Every Neopian has their price.

Trust is the biggest liability of all.

Sleep can interfere with profit.

Faith moves mountains ... of inventory.

Everything is for sale, even friendship.

There's nothing wrong with charity ... as long as it winds up in your pocket.

Even in the worst of times someone turns a profit.

Know your enemies ... but do business with them always.

Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit.

Let others keep their reputation. You keep their Neopoints.

I Tire Rather Easily

Posted by Hopeless, 19 November 2014 · 357 views
neopets, shop wiz, art, sketches

Posted Image

Today I was too tired to do anything, so I made a shitty sketch of the Shop Wizard today doing what he does best - being too tired to do anything.

You and me both, buddy.

Seasonal Attack Pea Kabobs

Posted by Hopeless, 10 November 2014 · 882 views
recipe, neopets

Seasonal Attack Pea Kabobs

you will need:

- Green grapes

- Hulled strawberries

- Banana slices

- Mini Marshmallows

- Toothpicks

Skewer the ingredients together on a toothpick as shown below.

Enjoy your fully-assembled Seasonal Attack Peas!

Posted Image

This recipe is just a re-naming of the popular "Grinch Kabobs" recipe. FYI. ;)

I would love to see someone try to take on a more literal, savory approach and try something with olives as a base, or maybe... peas.

Last Day of Random Contest

Posted by Hopeless, 07 November 2014 · 307 views
neopets, avatars
I didn't even think about the possibility that TNT might hand out avatars to everyone who entered this Random Contest (since it's the last one). As soon as I realized I could just sloppily throw together some sort of artwork and enter for the hell of it, the deadline was just 6 minutes away. :shifty:

This is as far as I got before the content officially ended:

Posted Image

I didn't even end up having enough time to submit it (or finish it, or spend more than 15 seconds on it, as you can probably discern on your own).

I swear I planned on doing more than this, but as soon as I found my notebook in it became a race against time (a race I could not - and did not - win). I seriously drew the first thing I could think of, which ended up being the Skeith on the Random Contest page (barely).

Did anyone else have a poor attempt at an entry or fail to enter at all?

Fake Neopets Items (NSFW-ish)

Posted by Hopeless, 06 November 2014 · 548 views
fake items, neopets, nsfw-ish
I recently created some fake Neopets items for a contest. It was spawned from a conversation regarding NSFW usernames you might create if you were allowed to (also, because many existing items in Neopia are already pretty sketchy looking). :shifty:

Anyway, here are my entries. Put them in spoilers in case they're too much.

Wand of Intense Pulsation:


Ultimate Bondage Usuki Set:


Barely Legal Buns:


For a bonus, I came up with an NC wearable - the Viacom-fy Foam Hand:


The NSFW item contest was a blast overall and there were some pretty fun entries.

Thanks for letting me share. :D

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