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Words of Peackocky

Who wants some dinner?

Posted by UnicornSoul, 26 July 2017 · 769 views
souffle, ham, cheese, hashbrowns and 2 more...

Posted Image


Ham, egg, and cheese souffle, crispy bacon, hashbrowns, and biscuits for dinner!!!! #Souffle#HamAndCheese #BakedBacon #NotFriedBacon #Hashbrowns #SourdoughBicuits #Breakfast4Dinner#BestDinnerEver


Posted by UnicornSoul, 07 July 2017 · 726 views

Does anyone watch Twitch? Do you have a favorite streamer? What is your favorite game to watch?


I love watching MattyPocket when he plays Smite!


I also love to watch Baru when he is playing Friday the 13th! He is so entertaining to watch! (I may have misspelled his username lol)

New Cell Phone

Posted by UnicornSoul, 06 July 2017 · 696 views
samsung, android, iphone, apple

So, I want to get a new phone. I am looking at Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ but I would like to hear from you all as to what phone is amazing and I should consider. I have pretty much stayed in the Galaxy family since the first Galaxy came out! I have had the Galaxy S, S2, S3, S5, and S6.


I am curious about the Galaxy Note phones!


I am curious about the latest iPhones and whether the audio jack has been implemented.


Sure I could go do my own research, but I want to hear from you all about your phone experience and which phones you love and or hate!


I am also open to any other brand of phone.


I hear ASUS phones are pretty amazing and may spice things up a bit and get an ASUS.

Do people actually read these anymore?

Posted by UnicornSoul, 05 July 2017 · 680 views
random thoughts, boobs

Random thoughts


So, someone asked me the other day if I still felt like I am a mom since Kyra passed away. To that, I answered no. They looked puzzled at me but didn't further the topic. I say no because she is no longer here on this earth and I can do nothing for her anymore but think about her, look at her picture, and miss her.


I love my boobs, I love looking at them, I love holding them!


I can't wait until school starts up for me! It's my last semester and I cannot believe I am actually going to graduate with 2 degrees! Criminal Justice and Psychology.


My boyfriend is sexy!


My girlfriend is sexy as well!


Yup, we are dating another female because we can and it makes us happy.


I love our relationship.


I need to lose a lot of weight! I am 220 pounds right now. Goal weight is 140-145. For the semester, I signed up for scuba diving class, aerobic dance, and weight training. Plus, I intend on using the gym Monday-Friday (unless there is a snow day since I am a commuter).


I did lose 27 pounds in a month since Kyra was born, and I did that without breastfeeding. I am assuming my metabolism was crazy high. I don't think it's high anymore as I have plateaued.


I love to window shop online! I just go to Kohls and pick out everything I want as long as they have my size and put it in my cart... then I leave it sit there! My current total this round is $1,510.43 I tried to do this through JC Penneys but they only allow up to 30 items in your cart.... lame!


I am buying hair extensions for school so I can have longer hair! http://www.vpfashion...tml?fb=20170628 I want the pony tail ones though, not the clip in, I don't intend on wearing my hair down much!


I can't wait to apply for the probation and parole job! It will be my starter job while I fix my credit/debt so I can get security clearance to be a criminal investigator!

Just getting my thoughts off my mind right now.

Posted by UnicornSoul, 24 September 2016 · 377 views

So, as I have announced yesterday on here, I just found out I am pregnant and told my amazing man today!


He was excited, so no worries there. Very happy!


And while this isn't my first time being pregnant, if all goes well, this will be my first time having a baby.


I lost a baby in a car accident a few years ago. And I miscarried another baby. So I am scared that something will go wrong again.


I don't want it to and for the most part I am going to keep a positive mind about it. This is the first time I am in a healthy and loving relationship. I am going to do everything I can to keep our baby healthy.


I am also scared about the day I give birth. That has always scared me. But I am crazy excited to hold our baby for the first time!!!!


I can't wait to find out if our baby is a boy or a girl! I really want a boy but I will equally be just as excited for a girl, because she can be my little princess!


Ok, for now, that's all I need to get off my mind.

High Class Hooker or Professor?

Posted by UnicornSoul, 23 August 2016 · 379 views

Notice the Tiara
Notice the knee-high boots
Notice how short her dress is...
The dress isn't even appropriate for a professor to wear lol....
She is my kind of professor! She is awesome! I can get down with her!
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I know I am going out on a limb here, but...

Posted by UnicornSoul, 18 August 2016 · 340 views

I have a 2 huge favors to ask you!


I am the President of Austin Peay State University Psychology International Honor Society. One of my duties, and the biggest duty I have, is to get our school into a Psychology Conference.


We went to SEPA (SouthEastern Psychological Association) last year, and this year, I am planning on taking 10 students to SEPA once again.


If you are interested in what SEPA is:



In order to get 10 students to go to the SEPA convention, I need to raise $3,896.45 to cover the cost of the hotel. Anything over that amount will cover the gas it will take to take 3 vehicles from Clarksville TN to Atlanta GA and back. We will not be driving around town, as everything fun to do is within 1 mile of the convention and we can walk.


So, my favors:


1. Could you please share on Facebook and Twitter my GoFundMe page:


2. If you can spare any money to donate yourself, I would greatly appreciate it!


I know it is a huge long shot to ask on here, so if you can't donate, I am hoping you will be awesome and share my GFM page.


If I can make this trip to the convention possible for 10 students, it will be my biggest accomplishment! We have a fundraiser going on: Choose Your Torture - where people donate money on campus and if we reach our goal of $1000 through this fundraiser, than I will draw a name from a bin of everyone who donated money and they get to choose what tattoo I will get and where it will go (so long as it won't keep me from getting hired anywhere). There will be other levels before this that will also have me doing crazy things when those goals are reached. We haven't decided what those are yet, but on September 2nd, we will have a torture for each level raised.


We are also having a Halloween party where our ticket proceeds go towards the SEPA convention. I just wanted to let you all know that we are not solely relying on the GoFundMe account to raise the money! We will be doing other fundraisers through out the year.


Thank you so much for reading this blog! I appreciate your time it took to read this.


P.S. this post will give away my anonymity but, it's for a good cause.

So, yeah!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 22 July 2016 · 198 views
mcr, intenrship over, good week

So this week was a great week, and a sad one at the same time! I finished my internship today! My future boss gave me a card with my favorite candy in it, Ferrero Rocher and $20. It was super sweet! Also said she looks forward to working with me in the future! =) Hell yeah! I have met some awesome people and some have been bumped up to friends!


So, that was the sad part, saying good bye to my internship!






So we all thought it meant that they were getting back together, announcing a tour, or announcing a new CD release....


But instead, they broke our hearts with this news:


Sad face! :( times a zillionbajillion!


My hair is growing like crazy so it has reached the 3rd awkward stage... so, I had to do something about it:
Posted Image


Now it looks good! Let me tell you, it looked like crazy before this. No matter what I did to it, no matter what product or how much I used, I looked like a hot mess!


My cat finally found the bag of catnip and it is now currently all on the floor in the corner between a wall and the couch. All she does is roll in it and then go crazy! Pretty hilarious actually, if you ask me! We do not have a vacuum yet, so there it will stay!


We are no longer in a money bind. We have surfaced from the weight of having no money. We can now buy the good beef instead of the cheapest beef! Really, you don't really understand the quality of things until you can only afford the lowest quality. Very humbling!


My school is all paid for for the next semester! Yippee! No more worries!


Well, that about sums it up for now, actually not really, but I am not prepared to say the last bit until I am 100% certain!


ABC's of random facts

Posted by UnicornSoul, 15 July 2016 · 167 views

(A)re you single? No I am not, happily taken! 4 years on July 23, 2016.
(B)est friend? Amber and Kelsey
©rush? Ruby Rose
(D)rink you last had? Unsweet Tea
(E)asiest person to talk to? Amber
(F)avorite song? House on a Hill (The Pretty Reckless)
(G)reatest memory? Helicopter ride over the mountains in Gallatin TN.
(H)ome town? Brighton Park (Chicago)
(I)n love with? Ryan
(J)ealous of? No one!
(K)nown longest? Amber
(L)ongest relationship? 4 years this July 23!
(M)iddle name? I don't have one!
(N)umber of siblings? 4, 2 step sisters, adopted brother, half sister.
(O)ne wish? To not give up on my dreams!
(P)erson last called? My mom! Go me!
(Q)uestions I'm always asked? Really? (In reference to my age)
®eason to smile? My sweetie! Ryan!
(T)ime you woke up? 9:46am
(U)r favorite color? Pink
(V)iolent moment? A roommate had friends over late at night and kept me up all night until I lost it. Her head almost went through a mirror attached to a cement filled wooden door.
(W)orst habit? Biting my nails.
(Y)our last hug? Ryan
(Z)odiac sign? Gemini Cancer

So... Neopet ULs

Posted by UnicornSoul, 13 July 2016 · 228 views

I think I am going to start making Neopets User Lookup layouts!


I am also going to make "Name Tags" to put on ULs.


I have examples, but you can see my Neopets name on there and I don't want to give that away! The name tag also has my name infused in the graphic (So no one can steal it) so if I blurred it out, it would look weird....


Posted Image


See... but you get the idea!


I have so many ideas for layouts, loads of inspiration! I can't wait until the weekend to start on my Cinderella one! Hahaha, yeah, I love Cinderella.


This layout is something I threw together really fast though, so don't judge the first one! They will get better, I know it!

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