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Words of Peackocky

Over a year!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 25 November 2015 · 156 views

I can't believe it's been over a year of me joining this wonderful site. This time last year, my old main was frozen and I turned a side account into my new main. Thanks to this beautiful site and all the awesome people who have helped me through my newbish ways, my new main is way better than my old main. I have done it slowly but surely. Now, hopefully I can age this account and Neopets doesn't fully die out!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope it is going to be filled with family and food! I know I am on vacation with my sweetie in Gatlinburg, TN. We are staying in a cabin for a whole week. We have a hot tub as well, which we have been using religiously. We have been here since Sunday afternoon and leave this coming Sunday at 10:30am. I so do not want to leave!


We are also in the process of trying to buy a house. We found the perfect one, but the loan process is stupid. They approved us for a certain amount and now that we found a house under that amount, they are saying we don't make enough money by $80, yes just $80. They are trying to figure out how to get us covered... but... it looks like we may not get the house, sadly.


I have been super busy with school!!! But, by the end of this semester, I should end it with 4 As and 2 Bs. I have been super busy with mentoring and the psych club. Next semester I have been invited to 3 different Honor Societies! I am also doing some research next semester that will help me get into graduate school!


My life has been very busy, as you can see! December 2, I will be free for 6 weeks! That means I can live on Neopets again and chat here with you all! I do miss those who I have gotten to know and look forward to meeting new people here very soon!

Updated hair! :) Peacocky!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 20 June 2015 · 274 views

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So the color scheme is dark purple, fuscia, turquoise blue, and green... however, because my crappy phone take not so good, color accurate pictures, it looks dark blue, purple, turquoise, and aqua green (lighter than it really is)

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About fathers! Happy Father's Day

Posted by UnicornSoul, 18 June 2015 · 186 views

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This is my sweetie's card I made. He is a wonderful father but unfortunately he doesn't get to see his daughter very much! Poor guy! There is a long story attached!

My father said he wants nothing to do with me anymore and that I will amount to nothing!

I hate when Father's Day falls on my birthday!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 16 June 2015 · 336 views

My birthday present, Toyota Camry 2013!

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New hair! Love it!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 10 June 2015 · 377 views

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Rockin It!

Questionaire because I am bored! I love doing them too!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 04 June 2015 · 222 views

Have you ever made out in a bathroom?
○Why, yes I have! With a girl! Fun times.
Do you think the last person you kissed is nice?
○Well, I intend on marrying the last person I kissed, so he better be nice! With a little rebellion ;)
Who was the last person to call you?
○Stupid health insurance people telling me my claims were denied from the time I sprained my ankle. $5,000 dollars out of pocket now.
What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?
○Pond water, aka unsweet tea from Rallys
When is the last time you cried?
○Two nights ago after hearing that I have to pay $5,000 out of pocket now, which is something I can not do.
Are you scared of spiders?
○Not really, but I don't love them!
Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
○Yes I would! Before I do, I will tattoo the date of the Mega Million lottery and the winning numbers, and when that day comes, I will be a millionaire.
What are your plans for this weekend?
○Six Flags aka Kentucky Kingdom.
Ever been swimming in a lake or river?
○Yes, I am an out doorsey girl.
Last person you drove with in a car?
○My man creature, driving today!
What did you last buy?
○Hmmm, I guess clothes.
What’s irritating you right now?
○My back, like crazy!
What radio stations do you listen to?
○Satellite radio, Sirius XM 90''s or First decade of 2000's station.
Are you afraid of the dark?
○No, I love it!!!!
Are you listening to music right now?
○Nope, well, kind of. Tinkerbell movie has music playing and I can hear it.
Do you like Chinese food?
○Fried Rice! Mmmmmm
What is the last movie you saw in theaters?
○It's been so long, I really don't remember...
Is there anyone you wish was still in your life?
○Jami Reese, my best friend since 7th grade. We split off after I moved out of Ohio to KY
Do you get distracted easily?
○Yes, I am easily amused which plays into being easily distracted!
First time you kissed the last person you kissed?
○October 4, 2012!
Was this the best year of your life?
○Nope, this year has been quite boring actually. I believe 2017 will be the best year of my life, as I will graduate college with to B.S. degrees!
Who are your best friends?
○Amber, I love that girl!
What was going through your mind during your last kiss?
○Well, those are private thoughts lol, probably not ok to post on here!
Is it easier to forgive or forget?
○Forget, totally!
Are you jealous of someone?
○Nope, I do not have a jealousy button at all!
What last made you laugh the hardest?
○Jewish jokes and dead baby jokes. P.S. I am Jewish dating a German!
Do you flirt a lot?
○I am a natural at flirting, it's part of my personality! I love flirting!
Would you live with someone without marrying them?
○Yup, since I am doing it right now!
Have you ever had a dream about people you love dying?
Who was the last person you cried in front of?
○My man creature. I was in so much pain when I fell down on my ankle the same night AFTER I had already fractured my ankle. I don't cry often!
Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
○Yup, do it quite a bit!
Who was the last person that made you feel safe, why?
○My man creature! He carries a gun on him at all times unless the building posts a sign saying no weapons.
Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
○Yup, but don't care!
Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?
○Psh, I am an amazing GF!!!! I aim to please!
What did you do yesterday?
○I was in the car literally all day driving from S. Kentucky to Alabama and back, to pick up my man creature's daughter!
Have you ever dated Someone Older Than You?
○Nope, I like my men young, younger than me!
What time did you go to bed at and when did you awake?
○10:30pm last night, woke up at 8am this morning!
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Believe in love at first sight?
○Only once! Because I fell in love with my man creature the first time I seen him!

The End!

If you want to ask me any other questions, feel free... I am an open book! I will share anything that won't get me into trouble!

Finally some answers!

Posted by UnicornSoul, 23 January 2015 · 243 views
frozen account
So, If you have been keeping up with my frozen account issue, the issue has been resolved. Not in the way I wanted it to be though! It will be permanently frozen for the rest of it's life so my babies are stuck in the world of Neo Silent Hill!

I had just finished buying the Secret Laboratory Map pieces and one of the pieces was duped... and that is what got me frozen. I can't prove I didn't know or it wasn't mine so it will forever be frozen!

Neopets responded to me quite a few times via my facebook and responded again on January 4! I was happy to hear from them!

So, I have turned one of my sides into my main and created a new side! I am not doing too bad, I have 149 avatars without the games and other RE's or pet involved avatars!

I have four beautiful babies as well!

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful time!

Tatiana Owens

Posted by UnicornSoul, 28 November 2014 · 273 views
artist, music, tatiana, owens and 2 more...
So, I grew up with Tatiana Owens, I baby sat her, I taught her in search and then we became friends in High School (well she started as a 7th grader and our school was 6-12). This girl was destined for fame! Her voice is beyond amazing. Often times she beat me out of lead roles in musicals. We often wanted the same parts. There is no hate on my end, because that girl is way more talented than I am when singing... and besides, my forte is opera, not her amazing voice!

Anyways, y'all should google her, she has a facebook and twitter! She posts herself singing at random times and vlogs all the time. She is very nice and appreciates all of her fans! She is not too good for anyone! She came from Toledo, Ohio... a town not known for much good... but soon everyone will know who she is and where she came from!

Posted Image
6 songs
Amazon and Itunes!
You can download her music straight to your computer after purchase!
I promise you, you won't regret it!

Secret Laboratory Map

Posted by UnicornSoul, 28 November 2014 · 191 views
secret, laboratory, map, slm and 2 more...
So, I am trying to get the complete map! I have 7 of the 9, I am obviously missing the most expensive one and piece 6 from the Sunnyneo page. I have placed a trad offer on the expensive piece and I have bid on the other piece in auction. I really want to zap my Shoyru and try to get him to be a chomby! I have the avatar needed for my Shoyru but don't want to give him up for adoption because he is my battledome baby! I had someone gift me piece number 8 so I saved at least 68k if not more!

I am really hoping by tomorrow night, I will be a proud owned of the map and can start zapping my baby!

Did curiousity really kill the cat?

Posted by UnicornSoul, 26 November 2014 · 334 views
questions, ask, about me and 1 more...
Hello everyone!

So I am going into the world of Psychology once I graduate school and I know I will be asking a lot of people a lot of questions! So, I wanted to throw this out here!

If you could ask me anything, what would you ask?

Please remember to stay within the rules of NeoCodex!

You can ask one question or 100, it doesn't matter to me, I will answer them all!

Comment your questions below and I will gladly answer any and all questions in the next blog!

I am an open book and I love question and answers blogs!

Can we post vlogs on here?

Also, questions can be about me, Neopets (I love those) or world events or political views etc. as long as nothing turns into attacking someone else for their opinion or views!

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