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Games Master Challenge

Posted by UnicornSoulX, 26 November 2014 · 236 views
Hello there!

So yesterday started the Games Master Challenge, and I have never participated in this challenge! That being said, I am super excited to be able to participate in the challenge. What is awesome about the timing of GMC is that I am on Thanksgiving break so I have no reason to forget to play the games on any given day! I definitely look forward to every day games!

So, yesterday, the games were Mop 'N' Bop and Goparokko. I had never played either of these games before, so I thought I would use AoB engine for these games! I did pretty well... although I do not think I will ever play Mop 'N' Bop ever again. That game is too long and tedious! And I am not a fan of games like Goparokko, Candy Crush, Bubble Witch etc. So, I played these game simply for the GMC. Thank goodness they had the AoB codes and they worked!

Today was a little more difficult for me since the codes for Freaky Factory and Turmac Roll didn't work. I made sure it wasn't me and tried playing Darigan Dodge ball with the code and it worked just fine. So I guess the codes for these games just didn't want to help me out today! Before today, my high scores for FF and TR were 122 and 130. Now they are 300 and 309. I don't think I am gonna try for trophies on those games... but then again maybe I will since I want every game trophy. Freaky Factory, took me an hour to get that 300 score, that is how bad I am at playing. I can never click the blobs at the right moment to drop in the vat! I find this game annoying. Turmac Roll, once I got into it, turned out to be pretty fun! I will definitely play that game again and hey, the more practice I get maybe I can actually win a trophy?

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