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Do people actually read these anymore?

Posted by UnicornSoulX, 05 July 2017 · 975 views

random thoughts boobs

Random thoughts


So, someone asked me the other day if I still felt like I am a mom since Kyra passed away. To that, I answered no. They looked puzzled at me but didn't further the topic. I say no because she is no longer here on this earth and I can do nothing for her anymore but think about her, look at her picture, and miss her.


I love my boobs, I love looking at them, I love holding them!


I can't wait until school starts up for me! It's my last semester and I cannot believe I am actually going to graduate with 2 degrees! Criminal Justice and Psychology.


My boyfriend is sexy!


My girlfriend is sexy as well!


Yup, we are dating another female because we can and it makes us happy.


I love our relationship.


I need to lose a lot of weight! I am 220 pounds right now. Goal weight is 140-145. For the semester, I signed up for scuba diving class, aerobic dance, and weight training. Plus, I intend on using the gym Monday-Friday (unless there is a snow day since I am a commuter).


I did lose 27 pounds in a month since Kyra was born, and I did that without breastfeeding. I am assuming my metabolism was crazy high. I don't think it's high anymore as I have plateaued.


I love to window shop online! I just go to Kohls and pick out everything I want as long as they have my size and put it in my cart... then I leave it sit there! My current total this round is $1,510.43 I tried to do this through JC Penneys but they only allow up to 30 items in your cart.... lame!


I am buying hair extensions for school so I can have longer hair! http://www.vpfashion...tml?fb=20170628 I want the pony tail ones though, not the clip in, I don't intend on wearing my hair down much!


I can't wait to apply for the probation and parole job! It will be my starter job while I fix my credit/debt so I can get security clearance to be a criminal investigator!

Love your relationship and you <3! Congrats on the final semester. You can do it :) 2 degrees is awesome. The classes sound awesome, too. 

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Oh yeah, I am really excited for the Criminal Investigation class and Cyber Crime class as well! Those are the coolest classes I have yet to take in Criminal Justice! I saved the best for last! Straight A's here we come!

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When I was in college I took an ice climbing class as well as a powerlifting class. Such fun and easy credits!

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Oh wow, those sound intense! Super cool!

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I wish you the best with EVERYTHING, gal, I am officially in the VooDoo fan club girl...you know it!

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Why thank you! I welcome my fans and love you all!

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VooDoo, we really need to get that Codex Biggest Loser Summer Edition going again! What do you say?

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I did it last year and it worked so well for me! I am totally down to do it again!

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