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Work, work, work, work, work!

Posted by UnicornSoulX, 27 May 2018 · 606 views

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So, now that I have a job, tomorrow I will be reporting to my hospital site for the first time! I start my physical training there this week. I am super excited about it though! This hospital is rough, in a bad part of the city. But I think I will do very well here. Hey, I am making $16/hour now so I am very happy. I may have to use weapons on people as well to protect myself and other. I am certified to carry my Glock, X2 taser, OC Spray, Friction Baton, and Hand Cuffs. I feel like I am at boss status! Well, I think I look like I am in boss status since I have to wear a weapons belt and bullet proof vest! I won't get all of this until my armed guard card comes in so, for now, I am shadowing for my training. I can't wait to see how things go down!Posted Image

You look badass!

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Awww thanks! lol. Tomorrow I will feel badass! I got my armed guard card yesterday (but didn't realize it since my man didn't tell me I had any mail. I found it today on the table). So before showing up for work to train, I will be picking up my vest, weapons, and weapons belt! I can't wait and am slightly overly excited!!!!

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