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I love my job so much.... BUT

Posted by UnicornSoulX, 19 October 2018 · 492 views

So, the worst thing you can do as an armed guard is fall asleep! That is a big no no! But, I was caught sleeping! Yup, I was that person dumb enough to let myself doze off for a few minutes; 3 according to the video! But, none-the-less, I fell asleep! So, I was written up! I have NEVER EVER been written up before in my entire work history! So I was NOT expecting the harsh write up I received. I was OK with being written up but DAMN!


The punishment? I was automatically put on final warning, meaning one more write-up and I will be fired. I also am losing some of my hours, meaning I won't be scheduled my contracted 40 hours. I don't know how many hours I am missing yet until the schedule is made. I have tried to contact my site supervisor, but he has not answered my calls, called me back, or text me back! Then, I will remain to have those hours lost until I "earn them back!"


The Good News: Working for G4S means the days I am not working, I can pick up a shift at other locations such as courts, libraries, or other hospitals, etc. So, it is like a blessing in disguise because I really want to work in the courts and have been meaning to pick up OT at the courts, but I have been working so much OT at my own site, I am too exhausted to go pick up even more hours at the courts. So, now I will be able to do so!

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