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So, yeah!

Posted by UnicornSoulX, 22 July 2016 · 322 views

mcr intenrship over good week

So this week was a great week, and a sad one at the same time! I finished my internship today! My future boss gave me a card with my favorite candy in it, Ferrero Rocher and $20. It was super sweet! Also said she looks forward to working with me in the future! =) Hell yeah! I have met some awesome people and some have been bumped up to friends!


So, that was the sad part, saying good bye to my internship!






So we all thought it meant that they were getting back together, announcing a tour, or announcing a new CD release....


But instead, they broke our hearts with this news:


Sad face! :( times a zillionbajillion!


My hair is growing like crazy so it has reached the 3rd awkward stage... so, I had to do something about it:
Posted Image


Now it looks good! Let me tell you, it looked like crazy before this. No matter what I did to it, no matter what product or how much I used, I looked like a hot mess!


My cat finally found the bag of catnip and it is now currently all on the floor in the corner between a wall and the couch. All she does is roll in it and then go crazy! Pretty hilarious actually, if you ask me! We do not have a vacuum yet, so there it will stay!


We are no longer in a money bind. We have surfaced from the weight of having no money. We can now buy the good beef instead of the cheapest beef! Really, you don't really understand the quality of things until you can only afford the lowest quality. Very humbling!


My school is all paid for for the next semester! Yippee! No more worries!


Well, that about sums it up for now, actually not really, but I am not prepared to say the last bit until I am 100% certain!


That is awesome @ChaoticBeauty and even though your internship is coming to an end it has presented you with bright new beginnings and that is truly the best part of it all!
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It is! And I made so many friends through it all!

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