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I know I am going out on a limb here, but...

Posted by UnicornSoulX, 18 August 2016 · 511 views

I have a 2 huge favors to ask you!


I am the President of Austin Peay State University Psychology International Honor Society. One of my duties, and the biggest duty I have, is to get our school into a Psychology Conference.


We went to SEPA (SouthEastern Psychological Association) last year, and this year, I am planning on taking 10 students to SEPA once again.


If you are interested in what SEPA is:



In order to get 10 students to go to the SEPA convention, I need to raise $3,896.45 to cover the cost of the hotel. Anything over that amount will cover the gas it will take to take 3 vehicles from Clarksville TN to Atlanta GA and back. We will not be driving around town, as everything fun to do is within 1 mile of the convention and we can walk.


So, my favors:


1. Could you please share on Facebook and Twitter my GoFundMe page:


2. If you can spare any money to donate yourself, I would greatly appreciate it!


I know it is a huge long shot to ask on here, so if you can't donate, I am hoping you will be awesome and share my GFM page.


If I can make this trip to the convention possible for 10 students, it will be my biggest accomplishment! We have a fundraiser going on: Choose Your Torture - where people donate money on campus and if we reach our goal of $1000 through this fundraiser, than I will draw a name from a bin of everyone who donated money and they get to choose what tattoo I will get and where it will go (so long as it won't keep me from getting hired anywhere). There will be other levels before this that will also have me doing crazy things when those goals are reached. We haven't decided what those are yet, but on September 2nd, we will have a torture for each level raised.


We are also having a Halloween party where our ticket proceeds go towards the SEPA convention. I just wanted to let you all know that we are not solely relying on the GoFundMe account to raise the money! We will be doing other fundraisers through out the year.


Thank you so much for reading this blog! I appreciate your time it took to read this.


P.S. this post will give away my anonymity but, it's for a good cause.

Note: Your GoFundMe has a type in the description that says the conference is March 2016.

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Note: Your GoFundMe has a type in the description that says the conference is March 2016.

Hahaha I knew I did that some where... thanks for letting me know!

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