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Posted by FelisNoctua, 23 November 2016 · 563 views

October was SO busy.
Finished paperwork to graduate with my masters, in December.
Saw Cumberbatch in Frankenstein.
Had a fantastic Halloween party, complete with keg beer for trick or treating parents.
And apparently, I got pregnant.
Yes, through birth control, this past long weekend full of nausea, and a missed period, led to two pregnancy tests that said "YES". I'd be thrilled if I didn't feel like I was going to lose what little lunch I could get down.

Picture Competition Champ, oh, and a job.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 03 August 2016 · 292 views

I wonder if I was blogging too much, but I feel I'm DOING so much more in Neopets since having to restart. It's.... actually been kind of fun.


ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG I never tried submitting anything to Neopets Picture Competition, because people put a LOT of work into it and I never thought mine would get chosen. But, I'm trying everything on this new main, and they chose one! I'm a picture competition champion, for a manip I made a decade ago. I'm way too excited about this, but, woohoo!
Posted Image


Also, I was able to talk my department into funding me for the last semester, so I have a job again, But, picture competition. Priorities, you know?


I left this bit of weirdness in the NQ2 AP thread, but it's weird enough that I'm going to include it here:
I'm sure this is a fluke and not an actual bug, but it's really weird so I'm going to record it here.
I set my level 31s to train at the start of script 2.7 (Top of the Mountain, recommended level according to guide, 31). After an hour I went to kill it and it had self-closed. Tried to set it to Clear the battle it died in the middle of, and it self-closed. It's trying to heal, but can't because there's no potions. Somehow, in that hour, it ate through 20 apiece of every kind of potion (I'm paranoid, and before I leave an area I have 20 of their potion).


I'd been close to leveling, gained the level, am half dead, and am missing 20 each:


Potion of Growth (Heal 80) (probably a little less than 20, this is the potion of this zone).
Potion of Fortitude (Heal 70)
Potion of Regeneration (Heal 60)
Healing Bottle (Heal 50)
Healing Potion (heal 35)
Healing Flask (heal 25)
Healing Vial (heal 15)


It's just incredibly weird for it to eat through at that. It's never happened before.
I'm going to go back into the cave and try to manually farm up some potions for Scuzzy, because the walk back from the adventurers' encampment is a pain.

Housewife earns 50k (np) a day! You can too!

Posted by FelisNoctua, 30 July 2016 · 414 views

Yep, lost my funding yesterday. It's not exactly like losing my job, because I still have to do the work, only no I don't get paid for it. Actually, since the funding included my tuition waiver, that means I pay for my classes again, so I'm not only losing my paycheck but I have to pay the $1500 for my last class.
Oh, and I learned this after I'd spent an hour cleaning out my office for the new faculty to take it over. Except none of the people that said they'd come help me move the club stuff, showed up. So. Great morning.
And then I had to redo the hour drive to my doctor, because showing up 15 minutes late the day before meant they couldn't see me at all. I then sat in that doctor's office for an hour after my schedule time until he COULD see me. Wut?


Losing my funding has got some unusual ripple effects (besides the regular "money will be tight, so less wine and ice cream etc"). I already knew we were too tight to afford DragonCon this year, but I hadn't admitted it to myself. Even the other day when I knew I should tell my group I couldn't go, I kind of hoped I could convince Husband to let me go anyway. I've had my ticket since last year, and it's the 30th. But it's $100 in gas just to drive there (so $200 total) and then $200 for my space on the floor in the hotel room for the duration. Even being economical about food (which I did last time) that $400 doesn't include any shopping (I spent so much last year) or autographs/photos (which I don't do much of). I think last year, my first year, I probably spent about $1000 overall. Without my own income, I'd had to convince Husband to let me spend that much, aaaand that's not happening. He doesn't know what I spent last year (except the $400 travel/lodging) and doesn't need to know, because I had my own money, dammit.


We ARE officially moving at the end of the month, so, add that stress onto losing my funding. Yay. It's a testament to my new antidepressants that I didn't just curl up in the corner and go to sleep yesterday. Still. The day sucked.


So, fish and chips and wine and actual chips, and Path of Exile and Neopets.


Got a nice Program Manager notification that my Cellblock trophy had upgraded to Gold. I didn't realize it would tell me. Cool.
SS my Petpetsitter avvie, and this morning got my Petpet lab ray avvie. Got two other little game trophies that came in from the SSer avvie list (one was held over from the day before, for some reason).


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Neopets > Real Life

Posted by FelisNoctua, 28 July 2016 · 407 views

Oof, what a day. Late to my appt so they wouldn't see me and I have to drive an hour back tomorrow.


Then sat an hour at the optometrist so they could replace the lens they made incorrectly, and tell me my insurance had denied my claim and I owe them money, so I have to call the insurance to find out why they denied the one thing they actually pay for.


Then I found out I have to move out of my office by Tuesday, so a faculty can have it, so I have to arrange that the materials for two different clubs get moved somewhere else, then move my own stuff out. I'm relegated to the mass grad student office. Bleh.


Oh, and I can't take that avian ecology course I had my heart set on, because it's one credit too many and the contract won't pay for it. Sigh. Meanwhile, the project I'd thought I'd gotten out of is now, apparently, the only thing I'll be getting paid for, meaning it'll be MY LIFE for the last three months. It actually can't be done. I thought I'd made that clear. But he wants a paper, so, my own classes be damned. He's wording things in such a way that, though I already have my thesis credits assigned to take care of the DIS credits, the "dis" would be dependant on this paper, meaning I couldn't graduate without it. I'm NOT ok with that. I can't even approach the program head on my side because he's away for a week. Worst case scenario, I drop the contract and pay the last 1500 myself.


Speaking of money, I have to officially tell my group that I cannot afford to go to DragonCon this year, though it's the 30th and so many amazing people are going, le cry.


On the Neopets front, angels abide. My lab map is finished (which means both my lap map and my petpet map are finished) and I'm happily zapping away.
Last night my Freaked av came through, and I got my Chocolate av. Wee!


Posted ImagePosted Image


At least when TNT trashes all my hard work, I only lose a game. This is my masters degree.

2 Trophies, 4 Avs.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 27 July 2016 · 446 views

Still tweaking my dailies, since my school schedule changes in August. Right now I have no schedule so I've been haphazardly trying to refill avs and set up my shop etc. I'm planning on setting things up in blocks, like when I teach. First period, VS, dailies, MT, Rubbish, Kads, let that ABer go. Then Switch up to PM and let something else go for 45 mins, like Cellblock until that's gold. And so on. I wish I could schedule the PM to start at certain times like the VS.


In VS, I can't get it to do the Shapeshifter though. Installed the C++ it wanted, and we'll see if it likes it better. I didn't have the SS trophy before, but I won't be able to get some of those older ones back (Like Defenders 1/2, which is forever broken, and all the older site event trophies). I think I might let my new spare get the Participation trophy to each new event that happens, just in case. Not that it matters, I'm literally the only one that sees these trophies. Heh.

I've been trying out more things in the Program Manager too. I let the Neggsweeper thing run until I'd capped out NP, and woke up this morning to a Bronze. Woot. Never had that one before.


I couldn't get it to AB properly yesterday. I let it use the Codex lists and went for Chocolate and Stamps (still refilling album, and need chocolate av). It was RS locked the whole time. At one point I turned it off and tried an hour later, STILL RS locked. Hmmmm.

Today I got my Lenny Wicked, and my Jazzmosis. And last night my Cellblock upgraded to Silver, and Snack Time av. Tonight I should get Freaked Korbat. So. Getting there.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


I also finally got around to reconstructing my trophies. Since TNT can't ice my Codex, I have them in my Codex profile. There's a couple I actually have better on my new account (Plushie Tycoon was gold here, silver on my main) so I've updated the Codex to match, and put my new trophies in there too. I haven't decided if I'm going to put them in a petpage too, mocked up as a profile. That's what I intended, but (shrug). I have kept the ones I worked on legit at the bottom, since my eye is drawn there. Well, legit, and/or took a lot of time/work either way. My NQ trophies, for instance. I did Silvers legit before I found Codex, and they both do take a lot of maintenance either way. Only working on silver again now, and still... so... much... babysitting.


I've also submitting some old stuff to Art contest, will have to work something up to submit to Poetry (I had that gold, believe it or not). And submitted to Caption (I can't vote, so I don't know if it's still up).


I want to start working on my gallery again, but I still can't even afford the Lab Ray, and those avs take forever. Clearly, I'm trying to focus on too many things at once. I need to get the AB straightened out, since I won't be able to Ghoul Catch my way to the bank anymore.

Seekers Av; Accidental trophy.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 25 July 2016 · 294 views

So, last night we had family over and spent most of it drinking wine and playing Settler of Catan. I set my AB to run in the background with only 200k on hand. (I really only run it right now to fill my own stamp album, since it doesn't seem to be pricing well/right lately.) We were up until FOUR and I forgot to turn off the laptop, so it ran all night (until about 11 am!), though it ran out of NP and was just reporting fails. I still have an account, heh, but I need to be more careful.


I did get a welcome surprise:

Something Has Happened!

Posted Image You are now eligible to use 'Battleground: Seekers' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
I hadn't expected them to win, since the TDN poll was overwhelmingly Order just before the battle kicked off, and I'd chosen Seekers the night before when they were Neck and Neck. I like the Seekers better, lorewise, but I'm in it to get as many avvies back as I can, so I lamented choosing them. HA!


I got another game avvie this morning too, so I'm back up to 203. But I need to be more careful with scoresending too; I accidentally scooped up a bronze, just using the SS Avatar list that's been vetted here on Codex. While I do want trophies, I'd planned on working in them in a more legit fashion once I have most of my older goodies back. I don't need to get reviewed during that process.


SO, spent a little time streamlining bookmarks and links so I can do all the dailies / games I'd given up on for the other account, since I need them again. That's kind of fun, in and of itself. I like spreadsheets way too much. I still need to work out getting on some lending lists for item / pet avvies though.

'First' BT / Esophagor / SF quests.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 23 July 2016 · 245 views

Having to start over means getting all the little achievements again too. It kind of reminds me why I liked this game in the first place. Today I did my "first" Brain Tree quests, so I got Esophagor and Brain Tree and Battledome opponents. I even got the Tales of the Esophagor book prize. It had this whole HUGE banner for it!


Posted Image


I didn't get enough for a trophy, but, yesterday I finished NQ1 and got that bronze, and this morning woke to the Neolottery bronze too. So, the profile is beginning to look like someone lived there, at least.


OH And I learned we have our own Quest Guide. Thanks Katya!


Having that, I decided to do the Snow Faerie too; and got my avatar! (200th).


Posted Image

Pet themes: Slayers

Posted by FelisNoctua, 15 July 2016 · 224 views
customization, clothes

Though I'm still upset over losing all those trophies and items I can't ever get back (code items and whatnot), I've found an upside to being forced to focus on a new account: dressing new pets.


I never got around to dressing pets on a gallery account or anything, because it seemed a waste, but now they're my only pets. The only day I found the only setup I liked for my Vandagyre was a sort of Constantine-Dean Winchester-Harry Dresden look. It's imperfect, but I like it.


Posted Image


My Uni was done up as Missy (the female Master from New Who), but today I decided to just poke around, and I ended up with a sort of WB Buffy the Vampire Slayer look. I still can't afford it perfectly (backgrounds are a bit of an expense right now, and the best one is an unbuyable BK background I no longer own). But, it gives me a first up goal: 5m for an Altador jacket. There are other jackets that make her work as WB Buffy, but with the Altador jacket she feels a spot on Movie Buffy (I don't think she ever wore a letterman's jacket, but I like it better than the bomber on the Uni)! (No great pony tail, but the bob and headband look is pretty valley-girl, so it works.)


WB Buffy:
Posted Image


Movie Buffy:
Posted Image


On the one side, it feels weird to want to save 5m just for a jacket, but last time I spent it on a Faerie Tabard (in lieu of a Ghostkershield) because I liked the look better. It is about fun, afterall. :)


Now if only I could get the slingshot necklace to lay outside the jacket, like a cross. ;)


I've got a shoyru too. Current blueprint has him done up like Green Arrow (well, if he was a gargoyle, I guess). (The quiver doesn't show up in the preview, for no reason I can discern.) It's no exactly a slayer, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather he be. So, I'll have two slayers and an archer. <3


Posted Image

Neolodge is a bit Chilly, I hear.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 02 July 2016 · 409 views

Got this in my email today.

Hi there Account Frozen! (sic)


I'm just emailing to say that I had a great time in the Neolodge,
and now it's time for me to checkout and go back to Neopia.
Thanks for being the best owner ever; I hope all the other Neopets are jealous! :)


See you soon,


Thanks, TNT. Salt in the wound. Dicks.



On that note; I was able to guess the ancient email to the old account I'd made for my sister. She never ended up playing it more than once or twice (I think... I doubted she ever truly logged on...) I'd tried this before: remaking the old email and requesting the PW. This time, it worked. So, I have a 12 year old account to move into. Obviously it's lacking all my trophies, and my UC werelupe (oh, how I loved him...the converted werelupes aren't even WERE... they're just LUPES in PANTS!). BUT, it's got more than the NOTHING my 1-year old shell has.


So, I'm running AB on the shell to try to build some capital, while I work out learning proxies this week. Then, I'll make a "gallery account" for my frozen main and put in a to-be-ignored ticket, just in case.
As I mentioned in the comments on my other blog: I'm pretty sure I was iced for being quad-allstar, which I did for the points. I'd stopped SSing weeks ago, but it would have been better to get two accounts to dual-allstar.... I just never really got the proxy thing down. I tried to use some free proxies last year on ACX, but I couldn't get them to work for longer than 5 minutes. It was VERY frustrating.


I thought I saw someone post something about Tor browser proxies or something, so I'll dig that up and give it a go. I'll need to play Main2 legit for a while, according to helpful folks, so I'll want to put the shell behind a proxy to AB.


Sounds like a lot of work. Weird, considering the hundred other things I should / need to do with that time.
Ah well. :)

Frozen July 1, 2016.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 01 July 2016 · 590 views

Neopets tells me I have a bad password, lets me reset it, tells me it's still bad, and locks me out.
And my account can't be searched from my alt. I heartell that's frozen.


Posted Image


I haven't SS'd in weeks, and have only let VS run dailies and the stamp shop. I was just starting to collect stamps, and landed a Wailing Even Coconut yesterday. I was looking forward to that trophy, but apparently pushing for Quad All-Star was just too much.


Wasn't worth much, as far as cheating accounts go: Main pet was worth about 14.9M (books, paint, weapons, Gourmet, BD training before I started cupcaking). 13M in tradables and 6M in cash. (I hadn't even added stamp value into the account value yet, but I had every stamp under 10k, quite a few in 10k, had my lovely gamer charm, which is why I started stamping anyway.) Hell, I only know what the account's worth because I wanted to see what it would cost to recoup my main pet if I got frozen. I made the spreadsheet when started SSing ACX last summer.


I think it's the end of Neopets for me, though. I don't proxy, I only have the one account and a very empty 'gallery' account. I knew it could happen and saved the HTML of my lookup for posterity before AC. (I keep a game graveyard for things I've betad or quit.) It would just take dedication to bring another account up, and TNT hasn't let the game be fun in a long time.


Cest la vie.

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