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Pet themes: Slayers

Posted by FelisNoctua, 15 July 2016 · 211 views

customization clothes

Though I'm still upset over losing all those trophies and items I can't ever get back (code items and whatnot), I've found an upside to being forced to focus on a new account: dressing new pets.


I never got around to dressing pets on a gallery account or anything, because it seemed a waste, but now they're my only pets. The only day I found the only setup I liked for my Vandagyre was a sort of Constantine-Dean Winchester-Harry Dresden look. It's imperfect, but I like it.


Posted Image


My Uni was done up as Missy (the female Master from New Who), but today I decided to just poke around, and I ended up with a sort of WB Buffy the Vampire Slayer look. I still can't afford it perfectly (backgrounds are a bit of an expense right now, and the best one is an unbuyable BK background I no longer own). But, it gives me a first up goal: 5m for an Altador jacket. There are other jackets that make her work as WB Buffy, but with the Altador jacket she feels a spot on Movie Buffy (I don't think she ever wore a letterman's jacket, but I like it better than the bomber on the Uni)! (No great pony tail, but the bob and headband look is pretty valley-girl, so it works.)


WB Buffy:
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Movie Buffy:
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On the one side, it feels weird to want to save 5m just for a jacket, but last time I spent it on a Faerie Tabard (in lieu of a Ghostkershield) because I liked the look better. It is about fun, afterall. :)


Now if only I could get the slingshot necklace to lay outside the jacket, like a cross. ;)


I've got a shoyru too. Current blueprint has him done up like Green Arrow (well, if he was a gargoyle, I guess). (The quiver doesn't show up in the preview, for no reason I can discern.) It's no exactly a slayer, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather he be. So, I'll have two slayers and an archer. <3


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