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2 Trophies, 4 Avs.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 27 July 2016 · 379 views

Still tweaking my dailies, since my school schedule changes in August. Right now I have no schedule so I've been haphazardly trying to refill avs and set up my shop etc. I'm planning on setting things up in blocks, like when I teach. First period, VS, dailies, MT, Rubbish, Kads, let that ABer go. Then Switch up to PM and let something else go for 45 mins, like Cellblock until that's gold. And so on. I wish I could schedule the PM to start at certain times like the VS.


In VS, I can't get it to do the Shapeshifter though. Installed the C++ it wanted, and we'll see if it likes it better. I didn't have the SS trophy before, but I won't be able to get some of those older ones back (Like Defenders 1/2, which is forever broken, and all the older site event trophies). I think I might let my new spare get the Participation trophy to each new event that happens, just in case. Not that it matters, I'm literally the only one that sees these trophies. Heh.

I've been trying out more things in the Program Manager too. I let the Neggsweeper thing run until I'd capped out NP, and woke up this morning to a Bronze. Woot. Never had that one before.


I couldn't get it to AB properly yesterday. I let it use the Codex lists and went for Chocolate and Stamps (still refilling album, and need chocolate av). It was RS locked the whole time. At one point I turned it off and tried an hour later, STILL RS locked. Hmmmm.

Today I got my Lenny Wicked, and my Jazzmosis. And last night my Cellblock upgraded to Silver, and Snack Time av. Tonight I should get Freaked Korbat. So. Getting there.
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I also finally got around to reconstructing my trophies. Since TNT can't ice my Codex, I have them in my Codex profile. There's a couple I actually have better on my new account (Plushie Tycoon was gold here, silver on my main) so I've updated the Codex to match, and put my new trophies in there too. I haven't decided if I'm going to put them in a petpage too, mocked up as a profile. That's what I intended, but (shrug). I have kept the ones I worked on legit at the bottom, since my eye is drawn there. Well, legit, and/or took a lot of time/work either way. My NQ trophies, for instance. I did Silvers legit before I found Codex, and they both do take a lot of maintenance either way. Only working on silver again now, and still... so... much... babysitting.


I've also submitting some old stuff to Art contest, will have to work something up to submit to Poetry (I had that gold, believe it or not). And submitted to Caption (I can't vote, so I don't know if it's still up).


I want to start working on my gallery again, but I still can't even afford the Lab Ray, and those avs take forever. Clearly, I'm trying to focus on too many things at once. I need to get the AB straightened out, since I won't be able to Ghoul Catch my way to the bank anymore.

I can give you 8/9 lab map pieces :) the only one I don't have is this.


Just PM me a junk trade and I'll gladly send them!

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@Swarley you rock my freaking socks! :D I have that little whale piece! Thank you!!

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"TNT can't ice my Codex"



love it haha

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