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Posted by FelisNoctua, 28 July 2016 · 395 views

Oof, what a day. Late to my appt so they wouldn't see me and I have to drive an hour back tomorrow.


Then sat an hour at the optometrist so they could replace the lens they made incorrectly, and tell me my insurance had denied my claim and I owe them money, so I have to call the insurance to find out why they denied the one thing they actually pay for.


Then I found out I have to move out of my office by Tuesday, so a faculty can have it, so I have to arrange that the materials for two different clubs get moved somewhere else, then move my own stuff out. I'm relegated to the mass grad student office. Bleh.


Oh, and I can't take that avian ecology course I had my heart set on, because it's one credit too many and the contract won't pay for it. Sigh. Meanwhile, the project I'd thought I'd gotten out of is now, apparently, the only thing I'll be getting paid for, meaning it'll be MY LIFE for the last three months. It actually can't be done. I thought I'd made that clear. But he wants a paper, so, my own classes be damned. He's wording things in such a way that, though I already have my thesis credits assigned to take care of the DIS credits, the "dis" would be dependant on this paper, meaning I couldn't graduate without it. I'm NOT ok with that. I can't even approach the program head on my side because he's away for a week. Worst case scenario, I drop the contract and pay the last 1500 myself.


Speaking of money, I have to officially tell my group that I cannot afford to go to DragonCon this year, though it's the 30th and so many amazing people are going, le cry.


On the Neopets front, angels abide. My lab map is finished (which means both my lap map and my petpet map are finished) and I'm happily zapping away.
Last night my Freaked av came through, and I got my Chocolate av. Wee!


Posted ImagePosted Image


At least when TNT trashes all my hard work, I only lose a game. This is my masters degree.

That Avian Ecology class isn't that great anyway. It's for the birds.

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