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Picture Competition Champ, oh, and a job.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 03 August 2016 · 276 views

I wonder if I was blogging too much, but I feel I'm DOING so much more in Neopets since having to restart. It's.... actually been kind of fun.


ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG I never tried submitting anything to Neopets Picture Competition, because people put a LOT of work into it and I never thought mine would get chosen. But, I'm trying everything on this new main, and they chose one! I'm a picture competition champion, for a manip I made a decade ago. I'm way too excited about this, but, woohoo!
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Also, I was able to talk my department into funding me for the last semester, so I have a job again, But, picture competition. Priorities, you know?


I left this bit of weirdness in the NQ2 AP thread, but it's weird enough that I'm going to include it here:
I'm sure this is a fluke and not an actual bug, but it's really weird so I'm going to record it here.
I set my level 31s to train at the start of script 2.7 (Top of the Mountain, recommended level according to guide, 31). After an hour I went to kill it and it had self-closed. Tried to set it to Clear the battle it died in the middle of, and it self-closed. It's trying to heal, but can't because there's no potions. Somehow, in that hour, it ate through 20 apiece of every kind of potion (I'm paranoid, and before I leave an area I have 20 of their potion).


I'd been close to leveling, gained the level, am half dead, and am missing 20 each:


Potion of Growth (Heal 80) (probably a little less than 20, this is the potion of this zone).
Potion of Fortitude (Heal 70)
Potion of Regeneration (Heal 60)
Healing Bottle (Heal 50)
Healing Potion (heal 35)
Healing Flask (heal 25)
Healing Vial (heal 15)


It's just incredibly weird for it to eat through at that. It's never happened before.
I'm going to go back into the cave and try to manually farm up some potions for Scuzzy, because the walk back from the adventurers' encampment is a pain.

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