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Awkward Everyday Stuff

Keil uneventfully rides a bike.

Posted by Keil, 24 May 2014 · 450 views
bad life choices
I needed a walk earlier this night.

So I walked a few steps away from the complex and noticed a light drizzle. I ran back and got my bike because I love biking in the rain and I tend to make poor life choices at nightfall. I changed into a light windbreaker jacket and some swim trunks. I wore those swimming shoes you sign your soul off at water parks and never return ever again.

The area I live at isn't all too sketchy; we have lampposts in front of every other house, the trees here are more of a gardening aesthetic than a living organism, and if I wanted to really push myself, I can bike 14 miles to get to the 14th/15th-ish biggest mall in the US (I haven't checked the stats in years so don't quote me on it). I felt comfortable just riding casually at 10:30 PM. I'm not afraid of a sports car booming ghetto rap hitting me at 80 miles per hour nor a sociopathic killer hiding in the bushes ready to strike. It's peaceful enough to leave your bike one day at your front yard and not expect it to be stolen the next morning.

I usually bike in the residential area where it's peaceful, peaceful to the point of boredom. There were no parties going on and the only thing memorable was my lesbian block neighbors pulling into their driveway and unloading a lot of boxes. Knowing them, they were probably unloading skiing gear or kinky sex things out of their trunk. I waved hi. They hollered me to go inside because it's started to downpour. I smiled ignorantly and rode on.

The farther away I am from the complex, the more plastic furniture and garage sale lawn ornaments stood guard in front of paint-chipped singled-floored houses. There was also an alarmingly large amount of birdhouses on the nearby pine trees, enough to question if the resident had enough human interaction to be deemed mentally sane.

I normally wouldn't be frightened from driving/biking in this area, but the ever-changing downpour, the straggling warm fog, and the rust-colored light from the flickering lampposts added to eerie ambiance. I feel like if my bike chain broke, I would end up staying at a Rocky Horror-esque mansion for the night.

The way back was dull since everything amusing that would of been seen was already seen. I shifted gear and cruised down the gentle hill. At the time, I was not paying attention to the speed I built up and the next moment, I was propped up in someone's arms like Cinderella romantically caught by Prince Charming before she tripped except it was not nothing like that. I could feel the spongy sleeves of a man's soaked sweatshirt on my back and and bitingly tight grip on my left arm. I looked to my right and the first thing I noticed was a thick brown pedophile mustache you'd expect from a 1970's child molester or Ned Flanders.

I couldn't hear what the guy was saying because of the rain. I pushed myself upward, but my hand stung in contact with the cold, gravel-littered ground. I looked at my palm for a second and saw slivers of skin peeling off and trickling blood already being washed away. I stood up completely and thought to myself: thank goodness no other part of my body was hurt.

The rain picked up. I had to go home. Now. I wanted to properly thank the man, but I couldn't see much of the man's face. The lamppost was directly above his head and anything under it would be dark by contrast from a low angle. I am a tiny Asian so everything under that lamppost was a gigantic silhouette. I screamed Thank you, hoping my message would reach him despite the sharp hissing and cracking of the heavy rain. I dashed a few yards to reach my bike and sprinted the few miles back to my apartment.

I took a shower, disinfected my hand, and pulled out the loose skin with tweezers. Now I finished typing this and only until now I realized my left thigh is extreme sore. I hope I can walk tomorrow. I need to buy food.

Outgrowing and Quitting Neopets

Posted by Keil, 08 November 2013 · 1,043 views


Okay, hear me out. Please don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Also, I'm not trying to deter you from playing Neopets, but I just want to know your thoughts.

So it has been about 3 months since I "quit neopets". When I say quit, I do not spend more than 20 minutes a day there anymore. Lately, I've been offline for days at a time. Even new NC items don't excite me anymore. When I was truly addicted, I spent 1-2 hours a day there IF I HAD THE SELF-CONTROL to limit myself. Now, I feel so impassioned for the game to the point where I am not compelled to do dailies anymore. Even with the recent Catacombs and Meth Flowers events, I don't spend more than 10 minutes of the before resorting to a program if one existed for that particular event. Of course, I still AB and cheat just for fun and to BD other people and get some sort of satisfaction. Recently, the only reason why I spend more than 20 minutes a day in neopets is to start trading away NP on tumblr and it requires effort to auction the unbuyables at low prices and setting small profit unbuyables as 99999.

I consider truly quitting Neopets as in not having the will to be active in the guilds boards, tendency to not complete at least 30% of the site events, and most of all: stop lurking there. Cutting off ties completely is too much of a expectation to consider really quitting.

I just feel the like sense of wonder that I experienced when I was younger is no longer obtainable and it's not because I learned that everything occurs at a rate or there is a guide for everything. I don't find myself thinking after a long day of class: I have to do my dailies and fight in the Cosmic Dome until I get all 15 items. I'm at the point that if my current build-up main (I make new mains until they get frozen because I like rebuilding) or my 11 year main gets frozen, I wouldn't bother filing a ticket. Sure, I would be disappointed with the years of effort disappearing and over 3 rows of site event trophies gone, but it's now just a relic that has no useful value for me in the future. I considered selling it, but I feel that either I should be the one keeping it or get it frozen since there are memories in it that are of true worth to me alone.

Don't worry about me quitting NeoCodex. People here entertain me unlike the buttcrunch of brown-nosers inside the game. Unlike the actual site, I've met people here who I have learned to love more than just admiring a userlookup chock full of trophies or an avatar. I'm happy that I'm spending my idle time here because despite the differences in opinion and the developing sense of compromise, tolerance, control, and understanding that people have yet to learn, you are all real to me as if you are sitting with in a booth with me at the local tavern, drinking God knows what. Even if I do quit Neopets 100%, I'll still hang here. You're all worth the time.

So I have no self-control

Posted by Keil, 04 September 2013 · 697 views

I disappeared for a month because I was so determined to make my senior year of undergrad the best it can be. A part of my resolution was to quit neopets and evidently Neocodex as well. So I froze my main, gave away my shells. Speaking of shells, if you have proxied a shell (or any account for that matter), be wary of giving them to people because the sudden shift of IP can get people frozen because of "this account's password was easily guessable" or "account no longer belongs to the original owner" and shit. Four of six people people were raging because they were chain iced. Whoopsie.

School started August 8th and I took the time to read ahead the 10 days prior and apply for my second internship as well as applying for City Year since I plan to take a break before grad school and get some money and experience at the same time. Lotsa stuff happened, but they're boring logistics like studying for the GREs and my cousin getting married to a Persian model. NBD.

So now, I'll be in Codex as a non-playing member. I'll can still middleman since I had that account still, talk shit about others, SS for Team Codex, but I'll end up giving the accounts away to people who want the prizes,and play in official/unofficial competitions. But I refuse to play Neopets AB and invest myself in the game again.

With that said, I am now taking bets in NeoCodex credits as to when I'll create an account to actually play. The payouts are as follows
  • 1 week from now 2:1
  • 2-4 weeks from now 3:1
  • 1-3 months from now 5:1
  • 3-6 months from now 10:1
  • 6-12 months from now 20:1
Just a clarification, I still have the 8-ish shells I used to SS for Tyrannia so the bet excludes those since I'll use those for Team Codex.
Lol, jk, unless you actually want to bet lol.

So I'll float, I won't be on everyday since I have three seminar classes that forces me to know my stuff and participate on a daily basis.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Day #6

Posted by Keil, 18 June 2013 · 591 views

Since everyone is making a blog for ACNL, I'll make one too :D Your blog, Futurama, inspired me to do so. bitch.

Unlike other good blogs, mine will lack all pictures.

So I've been playing the game for like 2 hours a day, mostly to leech off the resources in the Tropical Island.

I've been making at least 60K per visit (mind you, I fill all 4 sections of the straw basket). On good days, I made 120K per visit. I love how sharks are so common there. I even have a sunfish in my room. IT HAS A BIG HEAD by tiny little flippers. SO KAWAII!!! desu ne~?

Nothing in my town has been too exciting. I think I've been on the island the being in my own town. I did get that cobblestone bridge done and have a fountain. Other than that I've been planting exotic fruit everywhere and made everyone insomniacs like me.

One thing that did catch my eye was that there was a giant blanket between the space of Nooklings and the Able sister's shops.I have not checked any of the guides yet, but I excited.

I want to visit your town! If you're interested, PM so we can be like best buds and stuff and so that I can leech off your land and stuff. My friend code? It's somewhere in that Animal Crossing thread.

Love at First Sight

Posted by Keil, 08 April 2013 · 819 views

This blog has nothing to do with love, but it does have to do something with sight.

Today, my friends and I were talking about small awkward experiences in relationships. One of them was making out with your eyes open. Most of us agreed that we close our eyes when we make out with people because it's an eye strain to focus your eyes on something so close. But what do you do when you have someone is literally an inch away staring at your eyes?

To me, I just close my eyes just because I hate seeing the people I date and/or xxxx as cyclops when we get extremely close.

So what do you do when you're in this type of situation? It doesn't have to be an amorous or carnal situation. Maybe someone is helping you get an eyelash out of your eye or wiping off something off your face or you're in one of those leadership workshops that require you to get within breathing distance of another.

F***** in Bed.

Posted by Keil, 27 March 2013 · 1,008 views
knee slapper
tl;dr Get the hell over yourself and read the entire thing.


I Hate Humanity. Part I

Posted by Keil, 30 January 2013 · 745 views

WARNING: Venting, no logic present. This is not to change your beliefs. I will never convert you to christianity, santanism, jedi-ism, haruhism, mlpism, etc.. I will also never tell you to drop your beliefs (unless you are hurting anyone under government laws).


Power Rangers Now and Then

Posted by Keil, 08 January 2013 · 581 views
I'm in college and I'm bored because of winter break.

I decided to watch an old Power Rangers episode from when I was 10. I couldn't remember the exact episode. All I remember was how a Power Ranger stood up for a monster despite how they look. That episode made a huge difference in my childhood because if I ddin't watch it, I would probably been more outwardly and internally racist as my parents.

When I did find the episode after some researching, the episode had the same impact to me as in when I was younger.The saying "Never judge a book's by its cover" gets old, but the message in this episode still strikes a chord in my heart today.

Not to mention that the acting is 100% better than Power Ranger Samurai (most recent) and actually has life lessons.

The link is below if you want to watch it. It is episode 19 of Power Rangers Time Force: Trip Takes a Stand.


Pon Pon de Flor

Posted by Keil, 06 November 2012 · 809 views

I was studying at the Atrium and my best friend who pisses me off 44/57 of the time started bothering me. He knows that I use my iPhone to listen to music while I study to block off my distractions. It never occurred to him that he is a distraction as well.

He starts to talk to me just to piss me off about his last rugby game and getting wasted at the last AEPi party. I did my best to just ignore him.

On my phone, I set this youtube video on repeat and just listen to music because I love the remix and major lazer's work has been stuck in my mind since Cab's two year ago (I don't bother downloading music since I use Pandora most of the time).

My phone buzzed because of a text message from my RHA advisor and that idiot picked up my phone to read it. Since he too has an Iphone, he has a tendency to always swipe open phones to reply. So he swipes it open the video was on the "flying fuck" scene at 2:17


This hasn't been really awkward, but it did shut him up. However, he thought I was into gang banging for watching that video.

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