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Sweeney's not the only one who can blog

Posted by Kelvin, 10 October 2018 · 320 views

A list of random thoughts

  • Feels good combo breaking Sweeney's blog chain.
  • Feels sad there hasn't been a new blog since Sweeney's last burst fo activity.
  • I've been lurking NeoCodex's Slack, but my life is so different and I can't even remotely relate to what the people are saying so much so I don't even post there.
  • I did want to chat initially, but then I realized, I'm so socially-internet-ly inept.
  • I promise I'm not like this in real life. When meeting new people, I don't give enough shit about first impressions.
  • Speaking of Slack, I'm mildly kicking myself for forgetting to Slack DM Pyro to increase the Program Manager Shop Pricer's maximum price range to 999,999 NP.
  • Now I'm too unmotivated to tell him now.
  • I want to just start random conversations with people here, but I just don't have much to say.
  • I'd rather just not send a "How are you" PM if it means that I'm only going to send those three words.
  • It'd probably mean a lot to the people I'm meaning to send PMs to if I did. I acknowledge that possibility, but I'm just burnt out in general.
  • Neopets is so boring. I'm just going through the motions, honestly. I've made 300 million in the last few weeks and I don't feel a shred of accomplishment.
  • No, I'm not going to use that NP to buy stamps because what's the fucking point if showing off stamp avatars have no value to me.
  • The only stamp avatar that I'm actually looking forward to is the Other III album because I got all the avatars on my own through the events without paying a single cent to those overzealous sellers.
  • Thank God for the free Grammarly google extension. I just cleared 11 errors.
  • The Valorous Suite swithing to browser own is a bigger hinderence to my neopets experience than my account being frozen.
  • I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I have a solid book idea and have 13 pages of meaning planning.
  • I used a screenwriting book to plan my novel. It's called John Truby's The Anatomy of Story.
  • I teetered between italicizing the book title because I've been academically ingrained to do that.
  • I'm so hyped for my book idea. It actually feels like a real story with character development and meaning.
  • I want to share my book idea to someone, but I'm apprehensive not because someone will steal my idea, but because someone will not appreciate the work I put into it. The worst thing that could happen is that they download the file to their computer, but they never read it.
  • Hey Pyro, increase the maximum price limit to 999,999. Don't make me harass you in Slack with words of encouragement and feelings of accountability.
  • NaNoWriMo's word count goal is 50K words. My novel plan is 5K words. That means 1600 words per day. It took 6 days of procrastinating to complete my plan. So by math and considering my inclinations to obstruct my productivity, I would complete the NaNoWriMo goal in TWO months instead of ONE.
  • Damn, that means I have to focus.
  • Dappervolk is closing its beta. I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay is that they said they'll close the server until the grand opening. The grand opening has not ETA and I have trust issues. This will not end well for me.
  • I was tempted to lie about my life. I deleted the line and wrote this one instead.
  • I wanted to lie because even though I have a full-time career and everything is going smoothly financially, I feel like I'm not a real human adult person yet.
  • I'm so broken as a person that I feel like I'm in an emotional cruise control when it comes to caring people when monetary gain isn't involved.
  • I've been invited to my classmate's daughter's quinceanera. I have no excuse to turn it down. It's on a day I'm free, the location is only a 15-minute drive using the freeway, and there's free food. I don't want to go because all I really can do is hold a 10-minute conversation with my classmate and sit awkwardly alone for the rest of the four hours. I know no one else there. At the same time, I don't want to disappoint her. My classmate, not the daughter.
  • I'm craving cancer candy.
  • Context: White Rabbit Creamy Candy had a cancer scare in the news. I still buy them whenever I go to the Korea store. I have no idea if the carcinogenic ingredients were removed from the formula and it scares me that I don't care.
  • Notice I said nothing negative or intimate about my own flaws as a person that I see as weakness and not a quirky plus to my plucky, absurdest personality.
  • Duck Tales Woo-oo!
  • My Amazon Prime ends in two days. Even though I have no justifications keeping it for another month (I bought Prime because I bought over $300 worth of stuff for my house and the S&H was more than Prime itself). I'm just said that with losing Amazon Prime, I lose a piece of my control in the world, even if that control is a false perception of me sticking it to the man when in reality, it's just Amazon tempting me to buy shit I don't need.
  • I bought a new rabbit cage, an air purifier because he's shedding, phone case, phone charm, a book (the one I mentioned earlier), and an Amazon-brand mouse.
  • The mouse is fine, but the wheel scroll is glitchy. It doesn't pick up my scrolls when I check the same four sites over and over for updates.
  • I can post a picture of my rabbit, but only if someone asks.
  • The rabbit's name is Poppy, he's a Palomino rabbit who we thought was a female until a month ago when he tried to hump the head of a female rabbit. It was a year since we got him.
  • Goddamnit, my rabbit had a 50/50 chance to stick it in the right side and he fucked that up.
  • Pyro, increase the price limit to 999,999 NP.
  • Please.

Post a pic of your rabbit?

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