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Slowly bumping Sweeney's puzzle blogs out of relevancy

Posted by KeIvin, 13 October 2018 · 693 views

Due to popular demand, as in mildly requested by Neoquest, here are pics of my rabbit.


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Meet the former Penelope Ostengarde of Poppy Starcluster, currently dubbed myself as POOPS. The title former is due to the fact that at 11 months old, it has been confirmed that a "female rabbit" I received had a penis all along and it took some time to grow and an unfortunate humping episode when playing with other females to realize that fact. I am currently and passively thinking of a new acronym name for him using more masculine-like sounds. But in the end, POOPS is POOPS.


He is currently 13 months old and if in "bunny ball mode" he is a little more than a foot long, but if he is in his "sexy resting pose" as in the second pic, he is a little more than two feet.


Taking care of him is easy: change his cage every week, keep his water bowl filled daily and feed him fruits very sparingly. His main diet was alfalfa hay for the first 4-6 months and now his primary diet is timothy hay.


Just recently, he had a huge shedding episode because it's his major molt when going into the winter season. I bought an air purifier and wiped the grid often of hair.


I always leave the cage door open because he's potty trained. The only poop I find outside the cage are the pellets that he kicks out of the cage from darting too fast and stopping too sudden.


When he is outside the cage, he always finds the way to climb to newer heights. One day, I found him atop the roof of his cage because he found a path to jump.


Speaking of jumping, He can easily clear a two feet vertical jump. His cage is perched on a floor cabinet that is a little less than 3 feet off the ground. He uses the open drawer I padded with books to climb out of the floor and back up into his cage.


When I chase him, he always does the happy kick hop. Luckily he's more of a jumping bunny than a running bunny. After like 30 seconds, he stops in place so I can scoop him up.


When I'm dead on the floor, he gets near me and licks my face like a dog. Same goes when I put my face near the door of the cage, he gets up and stops within an inch of my nose and starts licking my face.


He's very one-track-minded. When I had romaine letter or a grape in hand, he dashes to the food and doesn't care if he's stepping in his own water bowl. That's why he's wet in the pictures. He literally stepped into his water bowl the moment he saw me walk in with romaine lettuce.


He doesn't care for being pet, but he'll stop and let you pet him. When I pet him, the session lasts normally 4 seconds before he runs to something more interesting like an open door or cramped spaces.


In the living room, he's in, I've "sealed" the annoying cramped spaces like the spaces behind couches with pillows. I only remove those pillows when there are guests worth impress.


POOPS is an exploratory bunny even though when I don't see him in the cage, he's usually in one of 5 spots in the house.


The only real difficult pet caring task I have to do besides cage cleaning is cutting his nails. I have to blindfold him and make sure he's held down by another person. I have to be super careful to not cut the red parts of the claws because then he'll bleed. I haven't done that yet so I have that going for me.


He's a Palomino rabbit


and he eats his own poop.

Your rabbit is soo adorable! I can't wait to move into our house in February so I can get a bunny! Maybe our bunnies can be friends!

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Just how difficult is taking care of a rabbit?


Say, compared to a dog or cat?

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See, who says you do nothing? 

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Just how difficult is taking care of a rabbit?


Say, compared to a dog or cat?


It's about the same, if not less. Once they're potty trained, you can leave the cage door open and they'll jump out to play and jump back in to defecate and urinate. The most annoying thing is luring them out of tight spaces with food because it can take a while.

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