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The neopets black market is a buyer's market

Posted by Keil, 30 November 2018 · 2,536 views

Nothing in Neopets is worth spending hours on the game to achieve.
(with the exception of spotlights like lookup, art gallery, and the Neopian Times that carry real creative skills outside the game, but that is neither here nor there.)


There is no reason to spend 30+ hours within a quarter of the year in the Pound Chat bumping boards, faking politeness and friendships, and upgrading assets to higher tiers when you can buy your dream UC from a shady site with at most five hours of taxed income from a food service or retail job. I wholeheartedly disapprove buying from sites designed to primarily and illegally sell any form of Neopets intellectual property and seeing how their infrastructure works, but it's come to a point where I value people's time than money if it means them doing something better in their lives like being a cashier for Walmart or a Burlington Coat Factory. By then, they would have bought their dream UC pet and maybe a fixed rate anti-zombie insurance for the inevitable apocalypse caused by the US's poorly deregulated agricultural industry.


I know for Codex, you can probably buy a Hidden Tower weapon for at most a muffin that isn't toasted enough and a coffee that never gives you the kick that you need to stay awake on your bed browsing the internet. Probably even cheaper.


So go buy shit you couldn't buy as a child being covertly and unconsciously fed the pedagogy of Scientology and work your miserable adult lives.


This blog post was supported by my gracious patrons back at Patreon and I would like to give a shoutout to UnicornSoulX for bumping out the last of Sweeney's blog from relevancy.


Thank you and quirky trademark closing tag wrap up here.

You are very welcome!!! ;P  And I agree and support this post 100000%
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This post has persuaded me to buy my childhood dream UC with a tiny fraction of my adult salary.
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This only applies to US citizens tho

I do agree with this beautiful post but as a brazilian player I can't afford to pay r$80 for a basic decent UC

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Thanks for pushing me over the edge on deciding whether or not to spend money :p

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