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"A love story" by Kelvin

Posted by Keil, 17 May 2016 · 552 views

They both fell silent, blinking.


It took a second for Jamie to process that Taylor was underneath him after the sudden fall. To retain as much dignity as possible, he sprung upward, but Jamie felt belted down by two slender arms.


"Where's the rush?" Taylor's tongue smoothly flitted along two rosy lips.


Jamie felt a chill. Something bad would happen if no action was taken. He struggled to think of an excuse to get out or at least a clean getaway that would not harm the person underneath him.


Taylor saw a square silhouette outlined in the pocket of Jamie's windbreaker shorts.


"Oh," said Taylor with a sensual groan that trailed on for a second. "You planned this, didn't you? This was no accident. If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask."


Taylor closed both eyes and the hand that previously held down Jamie's shoulder was now running down the side, towards the hips, and now into his pocket. Jamie shivered and gritted his teeth during the entire journey.


"The fuck?" Taylor shoved Jamie off and crawled backwards to retreat. The once relaxed face twisted and winkled at the sight of something slimy and white on the tips of the fingers.


Jamie smiled. He scooped all of it out of his pocket and popped it into his mouth.


"It's ravioli. It has lobster inside."

what....*slips out*

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reminds me of:

>mfw spaghetti starts falling out of my pocket
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