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a succinct metaphor for inescapable emptiness

Posted by Keil, 10 November 2016 · 749 views

That was an edgy title, right? Good shit, I just thought of it right now. I know how most of you function. It's edgy or nothing for the lot of y'all bottomless holes for entertainment and good self-esteem.


As many of you've probably figured out, the reason why I asked such weird questions is because I face similar situations in my real life and want advice from people who know nothing. There is always that one of of three questions in the AMAs I've asked that I've faced personally and am struggling at the moment. It's a more interactive way and engaging way to get people to do the things I want (in this case, tell me an honest answer without getting too big for one's britches) without other people quickly seeing a selfish ulterior motive, from the way I seem to comically frame them. So now I want advice on something, but this time I'll provide context. At least enough context to work off from.




I think I've fallen in love. Not like "spread my legs and roll out a red carpet from out of my pussy 'cause you look doable", but actual romantic love. Like "you make me not worry about the future and if you surprise hug me from behind, I won't judo flip your ass" type of love. It reached the level where I wouldn't mind filling out their name on my tax forms under spouse. Yes, I know. It's deep.


The person in question is in my graduating class and we've been hitting it off since we both entered school... as best friends. I'm just super comfortable where we are. I know there is no love interest in the other party so I have a chance. My issue is whether or not to ask them out because we'll be graduating in the spring and we've both secured jobs in different states. And let me tell you, I wouldn't turn down this job opportunity for a relationship that may or may not fly off.


My question is: should I still ask them out?


I know what you're thinking: why didn't I make a thread asking for advice? Simple. Blogs aren't bumped into oblivion as quickly as new threads. And why did I use "they" instead of "he" or "she"? To that I say, get on the program, dude. It's 2016 and gender pronouns are the new masculine pink shirts. And to the very few of you that kinda know me better asking me: why are you asking us for advice when you went to school for this shit to answer other people's problems. And the answer is: fuck you. Get your head stuck in Trump's wall.

Ask em!!!

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Ask them out. 

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Funny you're using "they" now :p



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Ask ask ask askk
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