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⋯ first pohst.

Posted by Poh, 21 May 2016 · 674 views

firstly, i wanna apologize for all the puns. i want to put it out there that i'm actually not too fond of them and it's rare that i'll find them funny but i guess it's just my luck to end up with a such a pun-ny name. on a side note, 'poh' is my surname and it's what i'm widely known by. my first name feels too common and boring to me, so i've been going by 'poh' since 14.


anyway, i'm not used to blogging in such an environment, where i think people might read my stuff but not really? i don't know. i guess i'll just pretend i have an audience to write to. i didn't expect to end up blogging here, but i realized that i want to write down the interesting stuff that have happened to me because my everyday life isn't all that interesting. i suppose i've always wanted to pen them down but couldn't find any fitting place to. the partial (?) anonymity here is nice as well.


i have a tumblr blog that i update pretty much daily but it's hard to get deep and personal with a large audience who mainly follows you for fandom and design stuff, so i generally keep things light there. i'm also pretty sure my family members stalk my blog. i once had a personal... 'emo' blog ( i was 16 ) where i let out all my angry teenage angst. my aunt eventually found the blog and tried to get me to talk and when that didn't work, bought me a christian self-help book which i believe is still packaged nicely in it's plastic wrap, buried in a rubbish dump somewhere. there's where most lame attempts and good intentions go to anyway.


so those are my reasons for wanting to start blogging here instead. thought this would be a nice, light intro before i start releasing my bat-shit crazy ( but deep ) thoughts.


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Yeah, that's why I blog too! Myspace was my blog then xanga, but both are stupid now! I really like deadjournal, but can't remember my account to sign in anymore... And then there's live journal, but lame!

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i think what's good here is that there's already an audience, as compared to lj or those other sites you mentioned ( that i've never used before except myspace but even then i already completely forgot how that worked LOL ) where you have to gain followers / gotta ask friends who have that to follow you.

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Oooo, you have a different font in both your blog and comments, or is this just my browser? I just saw it only

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HAHA i just changed the font, don't worry.

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Can I call you Pohtato?

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Hahaha I've heard that one before
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