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⋯ some lame internet drama.

Posted by Poh, 31 May 2016 · 2,401 views

as a veteran tumblr theme maker, i've had to deal with countless cases of code theft. naturally, i thought i've seen all kinds of thieves. i've even had the honor of dealing with and winning an infamous theft queen... that is until recently when i met someone that's actually crazier than her. no one in the theme making community thought it was possible, but alas, 一山还有一山高 ( a chinese saying that directly translates to: "there will always be a mountain higher" ).


so to begin the story, i shall refer to them as b**** because i don't actually know their name, and i don't want to. i first came across their roleplay blog and noticed they were using one of my themes, except the credit that i put in all my codes were nowhere to be found. i told them to put back the credit, to which they replied rudely and argued that the source code credit ( that absolutely no one looks at unless they're trying to steal the code ) is still there and that is more than enough. they eventually added a credit to me on the front page, so i let it slide despite their provocation for me to 'call them out' as i usually do with incorrigible thieves.


soon after, i discovered that they've done the same thing to heidi, a fellow theme maker friend of mine. i informed heidi about it and naturally, she went to tell them the same thing i did -- to put the credit back. once again, they were extremely rude in the replies, and all of us in the community encouraged heidi to call them out but she's just not the type to do such things and ignored them. at the same time, i found out that b**** created a roleplay group and had a part of my code used on that blog. ( cue heavy sigh. )


i wasn't going to let them off this time because not only are they a repeated offender, they've been so rude and disrespectful WHILE stealing our codes. so i decided to give them one last chance: i messaged them to tell them to put a credit on the theme. knowing that they would argue back, i already planned on making a call out post.


as expected, they did and denied stealing any codes for the roleplay blog this time. so i went ahead and compiled all their rude messages to both me and heidi, and screencapped the unarguably stolen codes, and posted it for the world to see. they then claimed to have received many hate messages due to the post, other roleplay groups requesting to break affiliations, and roleplayers saying they want nothing to have to do with them. they were angry about that ( not sure what they were expecting after being called out by a well-known theme maker tbh ) and decided to turn their roleplay group blog into a poh hate blog by posting all sorts of hate speech about me. in all honesty, it just looks like the rambling of an insane with absolutely senseless arguments. however, thanks to them, i now know how it feels like to be famous.


it's the fourth day since the call out and they're still going on about it. i've just reported them to tumblr, but i'm not sure if it'd be any good so i suppose blocking them will have to do. if any of you are interested in watching this b**** make a fool of themselves, i would gladly link the whole drama to you in pm. ( can't link it here since my blog is the same username as my neo. )

Ugh, good luck with that. Hopefully tumblr takes you seriously!


I don't get people acting like jerks and then getting all huffy about it when they're called out... rude.

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Thank you :( I've gotten over it now but they're still bitter LMAO

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I love reading about drama in communities I'm not involved in. Could you PM me your tumblr? Always looking for a nice theme too.

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Done :p

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So that's where salt comes from!  Hope they ban those nasty code thieves.

If you don't mind, could you link to some of your created themes?  Not being very artistic myself, I like to admire other people's creations.

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They haven't gotten back to me so :/ But thank you! I'll pm you~
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