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Old Newbie Status

Posted by Pryanka, 30 June 2016 · 413 views

I have been playing Neopets since I was in 4th grade. From the very first time my friend introduced me to this virtual petsite, I was HOOKED! Although I didn't do much beyond read my Blue Zafara a lot of books (Zafaras were supposedly lucky in the initial pet descriptions when you first created an account), I loved it. I played games, earned neopoints, and read that Zafara books. Then, I expanded into other areas of the site as it gained popularity. I still remember making my first 100K and feeling so darn rich. Then the daily neopoints game guides began to roll in and I felt pretty baller. Then avatars, painting my first pet, all those great newbie things as Neopets evolved and we all grew up.


I cannot remember what I was first frozen for...but I know I had not cheated yet. I think I was frozen as an incidental person who borrowed a stolen or somehow ill gained avatar item, maybe? I don't remember, but no amount of appeals to TNT worked and like a woman scorned, I sought out a way to rebuild my next account quicker. That led to joining my first forum five years after I began playing Neopets...probably in around 9th grade. I just remember that I was 15, because members on SD were who helped me pick out my outfit and day plans for my Sweet 16 :)


(I am turning 25 this year, so this is well over 11 years ago. I've been playing Neopets in some capacity since I was 9 or 10 years old....wowwwwwww)


I was active on Neo for a while but the quality deteriorated and as it became more profit and money-minded, I was more and more turned off. I played Flightrising for a little bit. I bred lots of bright rainbow dragons and while it was fun, the game wasn't as in-depth as Neopets had been. It didn't encompass an entire virtual reality then (but I joined FR in Year 1, maybe it has grown more multi-faceted since then).


I haven't actively played Neopets in the last 3-4 years beyond logging in every now and then to make sure my accounts don't get birthday locked. I was lax on that for my sides and I'm still in the process of trying to get all of them back. TNT's response time has slowed down from molasses to...sludge.


But oh yes, the point - After this long hiatus from Photoshop, from forums, from Neopets, and even from blogging....it feels good to flex all my creative muscles again. It does not, however, feel good to remember next to nothing about how Neopets works. I don't even remember how to set up scripts! What is an AoB?? Why do I have like none of the game avatars yet? Beyond the obvious, I've got no idea what's of value on my account. And what I thought was a tidy sum of neopoints when I was last active is like pennies now thanks to this uber-inflation.


S'been very frustrating. Nobody likes feeling like a newbie on a game they've watched grow up over the last 15 years.

It's scary how similar our stories are--similar age when starting neopets (and in general) and similar backstory. The only difference I can truly mark off is that I'm shit at Photoshop. 


Welcome (back) to Codex!

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Hi Kelvin!

That's pretty cool...it's nice to know there are others out there who were never able to rid themselves completely of the Neopets itch :p


It's okay dude, I'm pretty shit at PS nowadays too. 

Are you still very active on Neo? Now that I managed to access my main and one of my sides again, I've been doing dailies and working on some of those chance/gambling type avvies, but I don't see much going on in Neopets beyond that. Didn't sign up for AC in time and that ended today anyway.

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I honestly don't consider logging everyday to spin the NC Archives Wheel and doing Daily Faerie Quests as being active. I used to be an avid NC trader, but nowadays, trading upward gotten a lot harder since people seem to only want the same one impossible item like the Stunning Moon View Background from 2013. I became remotely active during the AC but that's because I like reading up on drama and turning on the SSer. If you need anything, you can PM me. I probably don't have what you need, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I may even help you find a person if you are lucky.  

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Anything you need help with as far as the game goes let me know as well. Been active on neo in some capacity since December 1999 so I can probably help a bit. I was active on SD for a bit...was good friends with the owner there. I think a lot of us originals had trouble seeing all the change going on...I felt the same when it changed hands and they got rid of the DoN:( Anything you don't understand or if you need help getting your account built up a bit, feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do. I'm only active on neo for the ABing and donating the profits to codex so I'd be more than happy to help.
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Haha yeah I just do dailies right now, so I'm not very active. Will work on getting avvies, but I'm still inactive for July while I'm studying. August is when my time opens up a bit more. I don't trade much NC but I feel like I have to have things that must be worth a lot now....just need to figure out how to pricecheck my account thoroughly. I would've been active for AC but I missed the signups. I'll let you know if I need any help!



Aww, thank you for that offer! Once I take full stock of what I have, I'll reach out. My "newest" main which is like 6 years old now doesn't have a lot of basic avvies. I need help setting up a safe way to get flash game avatars and once I move a pet off, I have a couple pet awards I need to get too. I think as far as item avvies go, I am only missing SuAP (I have bgc/mspp/etc from when they didn't cost as much, was active, and had legit, rich friends -cry-) You are right, I'm having trouble assimilating this website with what it used to be, what it was evolving into, and all the capitalistic downgrades it seems to have undergone. I'm not sure who would agree, but the start of conversion/neocash/closets was like...the end for me. Who were you friends with on SD? I was very close to Diet Drew and KTRoo and Viralremix (still talk to 2/3 of them), along with some of the other mods when I was on the SMod team there. Drew + Flybutter were not as active by the time I was in the moderation team though.

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