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1: So this happened...

Posted by ohml, 08 November 2016 · 301 views

So today in class today we were learning about the Aztecs and how brutal they were. How they ripped the hearts out of their human sacrifices and eat it, in hopes of gaining the persons attributes. Some pretty graphic stuff.


In the middle of this lecture about the human sacrifices, I just burst out laughing, not a small chuckle, but I laugh for a good 2 and a half minutes. Now, I'm not the most social person so almost everyone doesn't know this about me, but I have tourrettes. Basically, I sometimes move my eyebrows excessively, and laugh for no reason, involuntary. After I laughed, the whole class just looked at me with disgust, I knew exactly what they were thinking.


By the end of the day, this little incident was known across the school, especially my grade. Now I'm an insensitive prick with a fucked up sense of humor. I'm kind of used to being that weird guy (not to be cheesy or anything) but like, an asshole insensitive prick isn't one I would not like having.


I have come to terms with my disease, but god I fucking hate it more often than not.




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