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Crap...I'm cosplaying it.

Belle's Once upon a time dress : pictures

Posted by Liesa, 23 October 2017 · 988 views

So I tried something new this time around because I was so unbelievably happy with how my cosplay turned out. Most pictures I get back are crappy quality and I wanted a little more this time so I asked my friend, who I've seen make awesome cosplay photo's, if we could hold like a mini-shoot together. I'm super awkward at it, don't know my angles and all that stuff.



But she guided me and took a lot of pictures. I just got some back and I just had to share :D
Give her a like at Frangipane Photography if you can :)



Posted Image


Posted Image



Posted Image

This is my absolute fave :heart:

Belle's Once upon a time dress : FINISHED

Posted by Liesa, 20 April 2017 · 485 views

So I've had very little time to update this blog but I finished my cosplay past week :D And then the outdoor convention was so rainy, I couldn't wear it all day ;.; So sad.

Also, I need to work on making process pictures :p


So next step was to sew everything together, match up lining & outer fabric and make it one corset. And everything looked fabulous! Until I fit it. Same old boob problem. I had to take it out around my breasts a little, yay for remembering extra seam allowance. Once it fit properly it was time for my fake leather bias tape & the eyelets.

Top almost finished, time to leave it be and work on the skirt.


The skirt was so straightforward I finished it in an hour and forgot all about pictures. It was just a straight skirt, 9 panels because it needed a lot of gathering at the top. So this is how it all looked together. Nearly there.




I decided against an underskirt because it was full enough already. With the skirt completed, I focused on the hardest part. Sleeves. I never made a sleeve before, especially a puff one. So I drafted a pattern & with a bit of fumbling I managed to get two pretty puffed sleeves and a collar.


Next comes the only thing I'm a bit bummed about. Belle's sleeves and collar have a super pretty embroidery on it. My friends mom has an embroidery machine that allows you to input drawings. So I added my rendering of the embroidery and tried it out on scraps. And it looked like crap :( Turns out my fabric was too thin to embroider properly. A bit of a let down my brain came up with a second idea when I was half asleep. 3D textile markers. Next morning I went to the shop, bought two separate markers. One with a pearl effect, one without and tested them.




Again I wasn't very pleased with it. Fabric was too thin and soaked up the paint & it looked plastic.
So I ditched the idea of embroidery and left the sleeves & collar for what they were and just added them to the top. One day I'll remake them in more sturdy fabric that can be embroided.


Dress DONE! *dancing*


Wig was super easy. I bought a lace front. I'm very picky in wigs. I always prefer a lace front and prefer giving out some more for them. So I ordered from my favorite site, Wig Is Fashion, and the bonus with them is that they come styled in neat curls and a center part. So it just needed a bit of a twist on the side and I decided to add a bow.




I decided to add a last part to my cosplay. Chip the cup. I found a cute little cup in the thrift store & got a friends brother to sand it down for me and cut a chip with a dremel tool.




I present Chip the cup after painting. :D

Posted Image


And a few con snaps I have. I hope weather gets better soon because it's filled with cherry blossoms down the road of my home and perfect for pictures.

Posted Image
Posted Image
I so hate the filter they put on these ;.; I always look like I have no eyebrows.


So this was the fastest I ever made a cosplay :p I hope some enjoyed seeing the process and now I'm back and forth to deciding which cosplay to make next.

Belle's Once upon a time dress : the corset (part I)

Posted by Liesa, 02 April 2017 · 440 views

Today I finally found some free time. I've got my easter break, my internship is on hold for 2 weeks,... It's finally beautiful weather. All things that make my fingers itch to start cosplaying. I replaced my old belle wig and ordered a beautiful lace front one which still needs to be styled.


But for now, the corset.

Posted Image


Just to give you an idea how little time I've had. I ordered my patterns in January ;.; I've been eyeing this sitting in my closet forever. Today I finally could get started, and not much too soon since the con is 2 weeks away. Posted Image

I made a quick mockup and grew so frustrated with it. I was sure I'd taken my measurements right, picked the right size of the patterns and still it was sooo huge. Note to self: if it says seam allowance included, believe it and don't add another inch :rolleyes:

So after that stupid mistake was fixed, this was the mockup. I didn't bother stitching it, so it looks ill fitting but when it's all in place, it's perfect.




Onto the proper fabric then, plus the lining plus interlining. I've gotta get this baby stiff and sturdy. I have decided on no boning since I'll be wearing an underbust underneath and it's just a waste then.


Posted Image


Tomorrow I'll go buy everything else I still need: gromlets or eyelets, laces and bias tape. I found wonderful fake leather one <3
Wednesday I can continue with the corset & blouse (which are really more sleeves and a collar) & hopefully start on the skirt.

I'll keep you all updated.

Belle's Once upon a time dress : the preparations.

Posted by Liesa, 02 February 2017 · 610 views

My relationship with cosplay is a love/hate one :) It always has been and it always will be. I start a new show, fall in love with awesome characters, curse at their wonderful outfits and start hating myself because I'm already making them in my head.

Belle's pretty blue fairyland dress is no different.


Posted Image


*sigh* :wub:


Only this time the steps were slightly backwards and I'm quite thankful. Usually it's a whole process of finding a pattern, drafting mockups, cursing when I have to learn new things that my ratty sewing machine can't handle. Then when I'm pleased, I go find materials.

This time around, I bumped into my main fabric at a sale and it was too perfect to leave it there. It was an almost exact match to what they use in the show.


Posted Image

It's a tad bluer than it shows in my crap lighting


So I grabbed all they had left, a good 3 meters which should be enough and ordered a pattern on Ebay. BUTTERICK B6196.

This one's almost perfect. The waist just needs a bit of shortening and so does the skirt. So now I'm waiting for it to arrive, making a checklist of other stuff I need and planning a trip to get it. Of course there'll be a mockup first of the most horrible clashing fabrics. There always is, it's tradition by now.


To make it myself a bit easier I did make myself a mannequin. Good old duct tape and isolation foam.



I'm so eager to start it and have a new project. Usually my cosplays are a bit more elaborate though. And I never started with something simple :p Probably never will. My first sewing project was River Song's day of the moon dress.

The original Zeeda dress was 300€ and I wasn't going to give that to a cosplay :p So of course I drafted my own pattern by looking at a lot of reference photo's and made my own.


Posted Image


Last year's project was a victorian dress which I'd been dying to make.

Second time of using a sewing machine :p I never take it easy. I do believe it turned out nicely.


Posted Image


So I'm gonna go shop and hope my pattern arrives soon so I can draft a mockup :D I'll keep you all updated on this blog.

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