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Belle's Once upon a time dress : pictures

Posted by Liesa, 23 October 2017 · 339 views

So I tried something new this time around because I was so unbelievably happy with how my cosplay turned out. Most pictures I get back are crappy quality and I wanted a little more this time so I asked my friend, who I've seen make awesome cosplay photo's, if we could hold like a mini-shoot together. I'm super awkward at it, don't know my angles and all that stuff.



But she guided me and took a lot of pictures. I just got some back and I just had to share :D
Give her a like at Frangipane Photography if you can :)



Posted Image


Posted Image



Posted Image

This is my absolute fave :heart:

Wow, you look so cute in that outfit!! I don't watch OUAT but the photos and the cosplay both look professional-quality! (i have a bunch of friends who cosplay and i could never do that but. you guys are amazing)

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Beautiful, just beautiful.

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Liesa you are beautiful and did an amazing job!!
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I know this post is a little old but YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! The cosplay/dress came out great, and you’re gorgeous! I love it. I need to get back into OUAT
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I absolutely love all these pictures!

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