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Back to school?

Posted by Trapezeo, 22 May 2017 · 555 views

Well, today I applied to grad school. My bank will pay for 2 classes a year so I'll be slowly getting my degree. The school I'm looking at going to is only 20 miles away so if I do need to take a class in person, it'll be a short drive. The plan is for everything to be online so I don't have to commute.


I'll be getting a graduate certificate in Strategic Marketing Management and will eventually roll that into the MBA program. I only need 4 classes for the certificate. If I'm going to stick with banking, I want to become more heavily involved in the marketing department.


I'll keep everyone updated on how the process goes! I hope I get in! My undergrad grades were not that great, so who knows.

A Promotion And A Raise

Posted by Trapezeo, 17 April 2017 · 470 views

Friday marked my 3 year anniversary of working at my bank. I also found out that I got a promotion and a raise! I was super excited about that. My duties will pretty much be the same, but now my title is Customer Service Specialist. The reason for the raise is that I will be running the vault and doing a bunch of customer service at a much busier branch this summer because someone is retiring.


I've also been doing a lot of marketing projects which have been assigned to me by the marketing manager and also a few people on the senior management team. The official email announcing my promotion was sent out today by senior manager and head of HR, Jeff. I think he's hot. Rob, who also is on the senior management team, sent me an email thanking me for my work on various projects and also congratulated me on the promotion. Like Jeff, I think Rob is hot. It's nice when they slide into my inbox with kind words. I'm a sucker for a daddy, what can I say.


Anyways, I guess I'll be sticking with banking for a little bit longer. My plan is to go back to school and get my MBA in marketing and hopefully be in charge of marketing full time.


Stay tuned, friends.

Life with two boyfriends. Part 2.

Posted by Trapezeo, 13 March 2017 · 559 views

Traditional relationships sometimes run into problems. This is a follow up to my first blog where I'll be talking about some of the issues I've experienced in my triad relationship.


At the start of this relationship, I was very jealous. I don't think of myself as anything spectacular body wise and that would get me thinking my boyfriends would want anyone but me. Arguments would often happen because when they would say a guy was good looking and then I would make a comment and get upset. It led to me not really trusting them even though I was overreacting. It was especially hard when I had two people making these comments compared to the usual one.


One of my boyfriends, Randy, is an exhibitionist so him and I have had more issues than OJ and I have. Randy likes to go on his webcam on a few gay sex sites and get himself off. His inbox gets flooded with messages and guys are pretty much virtually throwing themselves at him. He's also on Grindr and loves to send pictures of himself to guys nearby. The biggest problem in this relationship I've had with Randy is the few times when I went through his online accounts to see if he was cheating and looking for sex. Big mistake. I almost ruined the entire relationship.


We have issues thats are not relating to sex, too. When two people have a disagreement, it's just a one-on-one talk, but with us, it's often two-on-one. The two-on-one thing is hard to deal with because it almost feels like being ganged up on. We don't disagree often, but it's never fun to feel like everyone is against you even if it is only two people.


Of course there is also the age old problem of where to eat or what to do.


I've since become more comfortable with the relationship over the years, but my jealousy almost ruined everything. I love these guys and I'm so happy things are great now.

Life with two boyfriends. Part 1.

Posted by Trapezeo, 10 March 2017 · 678 views

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became involved in a triad relationship (my first ever relationship, by the way).


So, our communications started in the middle of August, 2013. I was in college in Vermont and they were in New Hampshire about 45 minutes away. We met on Manhunt, a gay hookup site, and started chatting. They were looking for a threesome and I was looking for sex. Perfect, let's do this! We didn't end up meeting right away because Randy got called in to work nights at the restaurant so things got delayed a little while.


September rolls around and the three of us are still interested in making this happen. I find out that I won't be able to go visit for a while ago because they are sponsoring two inner city kids from NYC through the fresh air fun. I'm bummed, but I keep chatting and hoping this hookup works out.


It's now October 5, 2013 and I'm heading from VT to southern NH to stay at a friends house before be brings me to the airport for my flight to Nashville the next morning. Randy, OJ, and I finally connect on my way down. I stop by for dinner and sex. Everything was great. I come back a week later, hook up with them again, and spend the night.


Time passes and we keep in touch because we have a lot of fun together. We realize that there is some good chemistry between the three of us. I start coming down on my days without classes to spend the night. March of 2014 is when we all said I love you to each other as a triad.


My lease comes due at the end of May 2014 and I had graduated college a few weeks prior. At the time, my two options were to move back home with my parents and hardly see my boyfriends, or move in with them. They asked me if I wanted to move in and I gladly said yes. I moved all of my things in and then they cleared space in the closet for me.


Every anniversary we have lasagna because that was our first meal. We consider the first day we met to be our anniversary. Having two boyfriends isn't exactly how I thought things would go, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Loving two people at the same time is different for sure. I've now happily resided in the middle of our king bed for 4.5 years! Time flies and every day is a new adventure.

My First Time

Posted by Trapezeo, 07 March 2017 · 331 views

I've never had a blog before so we all get to enjoy my first time. At this point I have no idea what I'll blog about, it will probably be random thoughts, but I hope to update at least once a week.


This week has been a weird week so far. Last night my mood was off, but I couldn't think of anything that caused it. I guess I was a little hangry. Maybe that was it? Tonight I went to the gym with one of my boyfriends and then came home and the three of us had dinner. OJ said something that upset Randy so the rest of the night has been quiet. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be a better day. I do have a funeral to go to though, so who knows.


I'm always looking for my next adventure and maybe this blog will be it. I will certainly be blogging about my hikes and travels, but for now, I'm done.

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