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I love you to Pieces

Restarted the plannah!!

Posted by Maha, 04 June 2017 · 486 views

Aww yiss.


Not too far from 90kg now.


Finished the planner and then got sick, didn't go to gym for a week.


Was good though to rest up properly. Restarted the gym and now have my best friend coming in with me when I go (he noticed changes and wanted to try for himself, hopefully he'll eat a bit healthier? xD)


So been tryna do the planner again and help out my best friend in the gym. Its been full on though, I treated the start of the planner similarly to the 1st time but I've tried to keep my weights the same since the 1st 2 weeks are a set of 4, the 1st to being 10 x 10 and the 2nd 2 being 3 x 12. Definitely notice the strength change compared to before gym.. I'm still a weak little mofo but probably 2x as more strength in me now than just over 70 days ago or so.


Plus I've been doing a few hours of registers at work at the starts of my shifts now. Which probably helps a bit with my back muscles and my back overall. The start of registers sucked, my back was absolutely killing me within the 1st 2 hours. Now its taking around 4 hours before It hurts too much.. Mainly because I'm not used to the different movement and lack thereof, of walking and other things I usually did/do instead of registers.. But oh well. The reduction of around 10k steps average since doing registers has not seemed to hinder me at all however I definitely do enjoy nightfill far more than registers. So oh well.


Its all a great piece of life and I'm really enjoying it.


Good things!!! Even my Wife started her new job today, hoping she has a great day!

5 days left?

Posted by Maha, 14 May 2017 · 456 views

And so the last 5 days of my 60 day gym challenge is coming up starting tomorrow.


1 more full body and then 4 targeted sessions.


For some reason I'm definitely not as wrecked as I thought I would be.


I definitely feel sore but once I get into it I just push through it and find it rather enjoyable. Though restarting the challenge and going back through it will be enjoyable along with the 2 on and 1 day off rest days.


I did my workout 7 hours ago or so today since It was my last day off for the weekend and decided it'd be a good time to go do it during the day. I'm still super energetic and 12:30 am right now, just going to head in and do a little cardio and then head to bed after a shower.



I start my new roster at work tomorrow/today which hasn't changed any start or finish times but I will be up at the cash registers for the 1st time in the 4 years i've been working there. So it'll be an interesting event. Wish me luck?

8th to the 19th...

Posted by Maha, 07 May 2017 · 366 views

So during the 50 days I've had the print outs for the 60 Day Gym Challenge planner from ASN a Gym buddy handed me I never once took the time to actually look through them. I just learnt from them as I went..


The last 2 pages consist of a 4 day no rest period which I complete today (tonight.. since its 2:47 am so technically it'll be tomorrow but w/e) and then a full 10 day no rest period after Tuesdays rest day..


4 days of full body routines and 6 days of separate muscle areas..


I've written down the current weights i've been using so after this 60 days I can re-start the Challenge right over again and try and up my weights a bit as I go through it again.. Could barely pull 20kg down on the lat pulldown machine(s) and now I'm doing 57kg..


Depending on how I go exactly I will follow the planner through again with slightly higher weights and then again follow it through a 3rd time but reduce my break times from 1 min 30 sec to 1 min.

I'm also feeling great, very energetic and have been feeling far better overall so that is a good thing.


Mum bought some Lecithin and got the wrong brand (she loves brand name shit) so I got some of them to take, grabbed about 1 and a half years worth of multi vitamins from work for less than $10 cus they were a clearance line, they'll still be good until 2019 december.


I'm close to finishing the bottle of garcinia I was given and still have a month worth of green coffee been tablets which were $2.50 at work on clearance.. I find they help me perform better at work.. But then again its probably a mix of being more active and losing fat/weight thats helping with that too.



So yeah, the next 11 days are probably gonna leave me sore as fuck but I'll do my best anyway. Once I've finished the 11 days and subsequently the 60 day challenge for the 1st time around I'll have a rest day or 2.. or try to have a bit of rest days with cardio on them anyway so that I can start the challenge again and have my 1st rest day into it again fall on my day off work ;3


Anyway.. Brendan out, peace?

Just a copy paste from tonight's terribly unusual Facebook status...

Posted by Maha, 05 May 2017 · 573 views

(I posted this just now on facebook to my fb friends, family etc, so its a bit diff to what you'd think i'd just post here as part of my shitty blog(s) haha)



I am almost certain anyone who knows me in person knows I have had a lot of weight issues for probably the majority of my life.


I've been 150+, I've been 70... ...i've been 142 and have been 80..


Which brings me to this post. I don't often share this stuff but I thought I should.


I had lost a lot of weight and had gotten relatively healthy I guess just before I started working at Coles after we abruptly found ourselves (Kellie and I) in Dalby to live.


But due to already having weight problems during and after school the damage from my diet and lack of anything you could call exercise had been done and I developed Gall Stones... It was quite a time before I had the issue diagnosed though and I had probably dealt with gall bladder attacks from 2 relatively large gall stones stuck the the gall bladders neck area having caused almost chronic gall bladder inflammation.. But after several ambulance trips from debilitating gall bladder attacks and a heap of doctors appointments and tests they ended up getting me sorted to have a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal).


It was a difficult but enlightening experience I hope the majority of people don't have to go through. It was a pretty shitty 1st week of recovery and then each week slowly got better. Just around 4 weeks and I was back at work but the downside? Well to me at the time.. it was a very big positive.



So before the surgery it occurred to me that nearly every time I had a gallbladder attack, it was after having eaten less and fairly healthy, low fat stuff.. Which of course is sorta obvious.. The gallbladder aids in the storage of stuff and production of bile and digestion of fats in the body.. And every time I tried to be healthier I didn't give it enough work to do which led to it becoming more and more enlarged and eventually nearly every time led to me having a gall bladder attack..


So why did I say this was a big positive after the fact I had my surgery? Well.. I was able to eat anything I wanted without having to fear a gallbladder attack which every time I had 1, would lead to the hospital and or ambulance to administer 1-2 lots of morphine...


There I was in all my glory eating basically whatever the fuck I wanted. I love food and I think everyone should but I can admit without a doubt I was eating too much.


I could eat 2-3 pizzas just for dinner, 2-4 toasted sandwiches for lunch. I could snack on biscuits, chips, chocolate. I would drink full sugar softdrinks I would buy take out way too much.. But these shitty foods are addicting and because I am an emotional eater and had no worries to think of with my no longer existing gall bladder I just ate.


And now its 2017. Its already May and I've decided that I HAVE TO be a better version of myself this year. I've decided I will be happy and will try my best in everything for myself and my Wife and Family. I have made the choice to go back to the gym and try the best I can.


...........more than 22 cm... that is the length on my belt that I've lost from my waist. I can't remember which metal ring I used at my largest last year.. But I have lost more than 22 cm worth of length from my waist and I'm not going to stop.


I'm probably 1-2kg from getting below 100kg for the 1st time since before my gallbladder surgery and I will not falter and fail... I don't know how attainable my goal to reach 75kg is now that I've been working at coles doing night fill since 2013 and am back in the gym.. But.. I WILL BE A NEW ME by the end of the year..



Entry 1? (again) - A quick intro?

Posted by Maha, 02 May 2017 · 457 views

Hey all,


So my name is Brendan. My forum Alias here is Maha so feel free to call me whatever.


25 this year, birthday on the 9th of July. Been around Codex longer than my account creation date says. Red hair. Probably pretty f***in' ugly. Pale skin. Blue eyes. About 171cm Tall. I live in Queensland, Australia. I drive a 07' Ford Falcon. I live on my Wife. We will have been married 3 years this 23rd of August. Will have been together since the 5th of Feb, 2009. I love the Colour Green and am passionate about Technology, Music, Anime and similar things.


In relation to Codex I did play Neopets at 1 point. I partook in many activities but predominantly in the past enjoyed the graphics/art stuff. Among other things in the past here on the forum.


So I just got home from the Gym. Its 2:19 am and I randomly decided to myself that I might blog a bit, since I have been feeling rather bored more often than not recently. Now there will probably be some of you who're thinking to yourselves, 'he's gonna fail this weight loss stuff again' and well.. I have been going to the gym for about 50-60 days now. 2 days on, 1 day rest. I am following a workout plan which was given to me by the Gym owner planned for me.


When I started I was around 125kg or so, I really didn't write the number down. And as of the other day I was 102kg. I am SO CLOSE to being under 100 I tell myself and I'm truly trying my best to make exercise and improvement a part of my life. Which brings me back to why I must have felt like blogging or 'sharing' this with you guys.. I had just done a 4 days on gym stint. So that I wouldn't have to do 3 lots of 3 days on and 1 day off stints due to weird public holidays having landed on terrible days and the like. So I did my 4 days and then traveled to visit my Nan, she'll be 70 in just under 3 weeks. We spent the Sunday just past there until we got home today, so I'd only had 1 day rest.


So i'm guessing the majority of you by this point are probably shaking your heads or just telling urself inside your head that I'm an idiot and well.. Probably. But the Gym owner said that it'd be easier to deal with than having 3, 3 day on stints instead.


And so tonight I walked down to the gym and found that doing hamstring exercises before we left the other day has still stuck around to pain me a bit and then having got to the gym and worked out, my energy levels are way down. My motivation low and being tired was another inclusion. So tonight I did 90% of my planned workout and really tried my best to get through it all and just couldn't.


So here I am. Sharing just a bit of my life with whoever decides to read.


My next entry might be completely unrelated, I'm not sure.


But you can be sure I'll be trying my best at the gym after work at midnight tomorrow night!

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