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Entry 1? (again) - A quick intro?

Posted by Maha, 02 May 2017 · 457 views

Hey all,


So my name is Brendan. My forum Alias here is Maha so feel free to call me whatever.


25 this year, birthday on the 9th of July. Been around Codex longer than my account creation date says. Red hair. Probably pretty f***in' ugly. Pale skin. Blue eyes. About 171cm Tall. I live in Queensland, Australia. I drive a 07' Ford Falcon. I live on my Wife. We will have been married 3 years this 23rd of August. Will have been together since the 5th of Feb, 2009. I love the Colour Green and am passionate about Technology, Music, Anime and similar things.


In relation to Codex I did play Neopets at 1 point. I partook in many activities but predominantly in the past enjoyed the graphics/art stuff. Among other things in the past here on the forum.


So I just got home from the Gym. Its 2:19 am and I randomly decided to myself that I might blog a bit, since I have been feeling rather bored more often than not recently. Now there will probably be some of you who're thinking to yourselves, 'he's gonna fail this weight loss stuff again' and well.. I have been going to the gym for about 50-60 days now. 2 days on, 1 day rest. I am following a workout plan which was given to me by the Gym owner planned for me.


When I started I was around 125kg or so, I really didn't write the number down. And as of the other day I was 102kg. I am SO CLOSE to being under 100 I tell myself and I'm truly trying my best to make exercise and improvement a part of my life. Which brings me back to why I must have felt like blogging or 'sharing' this with you guys.. I had just done a 4 days on gym stint. So that I wouldn't have to do 3 lots of 3 days on and 1 day off stints due to weird public holidays having landed on terrible days and the like. So I did my 4 days and then traveled to visit my Nan, she'll be 70 in just under 3 weeks. We spent the Sunday just past there until we got home today, so I'd only had 1 day rest.


So i'm guessing the majority of you by this point are probably shaking your heads or just telling urself inside your head that I'm an idiot and well.. Probably. But the Gym owner said that it'd be easier to deal with than having 3, 3 day on stints instead.


And so tonight I walked down to the gym and found that doing hamstring exercises before we left the other day has still stuck around to pain me a bit and then having got to the gym and worked out, my energy levels are way down. My motivation low and being tired was another inclusion. So tonight I did 90% of my planned workout and really tried my best to get through it all and just couldn't.


So here I am. Sharing just a bit of my life with whoever decides to read.


My next entry might be completely unrelated, I'm not sure.


But you can be sure I'll be trying my best at the gym after work at midnight tomorrow night!

Nice to meet you! Props to you for doing the gym at midnight. I typically go around 5pm when I'm out of work. I guess I would do the same though if I worked until midnight. I'm Adam, btw! I look forward to reading more.

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Gym is life. Keep it up bro. Consistency is key.

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Gym is life. Keep it up bro. Consistency is key.


I am thoroughly enjoying it! At least when I haven't been there 3-4 days in a row with very little rest and end up feeling sick haha.

My Full body sets today went fairly well, a lot better than last night. Rest Day tomorrow and then back at it. Another 2-3 weeks and I'll have finished the 60 day planner. I think I will re-do the planner again though, its got a huge variety of exercises for the gym and some of them I definitely need more practice with. 

But as usual my diet is 100% the biggest issue... though most of the holiday days/public holidays are over now... So I should be able to get back to 1800-2400 cal a day. Planning on reserving a small snack or protein bar or shake for after gym tho.. Not sure if it would be of any benefit. @Neoquest any tips xD?

@Trapezeo EYYY!!! Nice to meet you too Adam!(best friend who isn't my wife is an Adam who calls himself James), ah, yeah, I work and finish at midnight though. Which is why I go to the gym after that time. Plus I find that if I go after work I've got less warm up to do to get myself to actually push my weights etc.. I don't enjoy gym as much if I've had an entire day of doing absolutely nothing.. Weird huh xD 

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