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8th to the 19th...

Posted by Maha, 07 May 2017 · 358 views

So during the 50 days I've had the print outs for the 60 Day Gym Challenge planner from ASN a Gym buddy handed me I never once took the time to actually look through them. I just learnt from them as I went..


The last 2 pages consist of a 4 day no rest period which I complete today (tonight.. since its 2:47 am so technically it'll be tomorrow but w/e) and then a full 10 day no rest period after Tuesdays rest day..


4 days of full body routines and 6 days of separate muscle areas..


I've written down the current weights i've been using so after this 60 days I can re-start the Challenge right over again and try and up my weights a bit as I go through it again.. Could barely pull 20kg down on the lat pulldown machine(s) and now I'm doing 57kg..


Depending on how I go exactly I will follow the planner through again with slightly higher weights and then again follow it through a 3rd time but reduce my break times from 1 min 30 sec to 1 min.

I'm also feeling great, very energetic and have been feeling far better overall so that is a good thing.


Mum bought some Lecithin and got the wrong brand (she loves brand name shit) so I got some of them to take, grabbed about 1 and a half years worth of multi vitamins from work for less than $10 cus they were a clearance line, they'll still be good until 2019 december.


I'm close to finishing the bottle of garcinia I was given and still have a month worth of green coffee been tablets which were $2.50 at work on clearance.. I find they help me perform better at work.. But then again its probably a mix of being more active and losing fat/weight thats helping with that too.



So yeah, the next 11 days are probably gonna leave me sore as fuck but I'll do my best anyway. Once I've finished the 11 days and subsequently the 60 day challenge for the 1st time around I'll have a rest day or 2.. or try to have a bit of rest days with cardio on them anyway so that I can start the challenge again and have my 1st rest day into it again fall on my day off work ;3


Anyway.. Brendan out, peace?

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