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5 days left?

Posted by Maha, 14 May 2017 · 448 views

And so the last 5 days of my 60 day gym challenge is coming up starting tomorrow.


1 more full body and then 4 targeted sessions.


For some reason I'm definitely not as wrecked as I thought I would be.


I definitely feel sore but once I get into it I just push through it and find it rather enjoyable. Though restarting the challenge and going back through it will be enjoyable along with the 2 on and 1 day off rest days.


I did my workout 7 hours ago or so today since It was my last day off for the weekend and decided it'd be a good time to go do it during the day. I'm still super energetic and 12:30 am right now, just going to head in and do a little cardio and then head to bed after a shower.



I start my new roster at work tomorrow/today which hasn't changed any start or finish times but I will be up at the cash registers for the 1st time in the 4 years i've been working there. So it'll be an interesting event. Wish me luck?

Good luck!

And good job on taking this initiative.

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Good luck!

And good job on taking this initiative.


Ey thanks!


I mean I do housework I work 38 hours a week but if im not doing that or sleeping i'm literally being lazy as shit.. Occasionally do random things like travel and other stuff but I eat too much and don't do proper exercise. 

Atleast about 50-70 days ago I was like that. 

Feeling so much happy and more energetic too! Plus i'm still eating what I want to eat mostly and I'm not feeling hungry :3 Its great

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I really admire your dedication!
I always start the gym I give up two months later ... 
Last year I was really focused, I lost 8kg! But I relaxed :(


Keep going!! :D

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