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Cop allowed man to beat her, afraid that shooting him would lead to charges

Posted by BirdistheWord, 25 June 2017 · 803 views

I'm sorry :( We don't allow people, especially cops, to defend themselves from society's finest. It's sad, and unfair. But, it was the right thing to do in this situation......


You had to protect yourself, and you did by not shooting him. The physical pain will heal.....but you won't have your little kids or family threatened by thugs and douchebags.


Actually, you will still get death threats. I'm sorry. They will still want you dead just because of your job title. Despite the fact that you didn't actually do anything.


You will also be looked down upon - these thugs will see you as weak and will go after you.


I see the comments - and they still blame you for getting beaten up. things like "The only reason this is a story is because the man is X color" and "Kill or be killed".


But, that's not your fault. This world is the problem....and I'm so so sorry.

Victims Stories

Posted by BirdistheWord, 24 June 2017 · 697 views

t wasn't until years later, when Susan and Jason were divorcing and hashing out their problems in a unique way that she says the truth came to light.


"We would talk and I was very confused, and I think he was dealing with a lot of denial so we started using the tape recorder. We started taping our conversations," Susan said.


Those tapes led King County prosecutors to charge Sherwood with first degree child molestation in 2011. But he was never convicted of a crime. After a short bench trial this year, Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus wrote in her decision, "It does seem odd that when a man confesses to molesting his child, a court might not find him guilty of such a heinous crime."
--------------------Different Story-----
(raped a 2 year old )
Grooms — who was arrested in March 2014, when he was 17 — was initially charged with second-degree sexual abuse, a class B felony that carries a potential 25-year prison term.
He pleaded guilty July 25 to a lesser charge of engaging in a lascivious act with a child.
Grooms, who also goes by the name Kraigen Simmers, will not spend any time in prison after Judge Myron Gookin handed him a 10 year suspended sentence
The teen was released from jail following his guilty plea, after spending more than two years in juvenile detention and then the Wapello County Jail.


-------------different story------------ (2011)


RICHMOND, Texas – A Texas man accused of shooting his 17-year-old friend in the head walked out of jail Monday because prosecutors forgot to file proper paperwork after his arrest.


Richard Mendoza Jr., 26, is accused of killing Christopher Daigle in 2002 near Missouri City, Texas, while the pair were on a hunting trip.


But because the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office forgot to get an indictment within the 90-day window of the suspect's arrest, he was let out of jail Monday ahead of his arraignment, KPRC reported.


-------------------------not the us, but still glad she got her justice ------------------------


After an excruciating legal battle that was riddled with delays due to a lawyer strike and even saw the involvement of then-Prime Minister David Cameron, the local islander finally stood trial on May 16.
He received a 21-month suspended sentence and lost his driving licence for two months.
But despite the lenient sentence, Mrs Fifield-Moore, from Marlow, Buckinghamshire, knows that it will not change the past and is just glad that he has been found guilty.
She said: 'The gentleman involved blamed James the whole way through but we managed to get a guilty verdict.
'To us, the punishment does not seem to fit the crime, but guilty is guilty.
'Whether he had been sentenced to a litter pick or death, it doesn't change anything because it won't bring James back. But at long last, he is accountable for what he has done.

-------different story------------


In the 1970s, no one talked about what went on at home. Gloria Steinem founded Ms. Magazine in 1972 and Roe v. Wade was decided the year after. But at my house, my father ruled like a dictator and hurt the people he said he loved. If the police came, they soon left after murmuring quietly with him. Women and children did not come first.
Over 40 years later, the epidemic of domestic violence continues in households across the country—affecting women and men of all races, socioeconomic levels and sexual orientations. And for every woman who has been a victim of domestic abuse, there is a largely forgotten group: the children like me who live with their own legacy of pain, shame, and isolation. They are a generation wounded by the violence they witness between adults whose behavior confuses and frightens them.


(I do not claim the following words above as my own - I did not write these articles. I am sharing them as a form of therapy)

I'm Sorry to All the Victims. The U.S Has Lost It's Way.

Posted by BirdistheWord, 24 June 2017 · 365 views

I started a post a few days ago. It was meant to be a one time thing, but I realize that the anger will not stop there. So, I'm going to turn this into my personal therapy blog. My lashing out against this PC era of crap.


This is not a debate really, more of disjointed rant. Feel free to make it one I suppose....


I just read a articles: a young daughter murdered - her family distraught, a woman paralyzed for life, two people slaughtered by a mentally ill person, a little girl victimized by a predatory voyeur, and an animal who was abused until it died by a repeat offender. In all of these cases, the criminals are now walking free, released on house arrest, or will be free in 2 months- 5 years.


Our society is now championing for the very criminals who harm people. In the case of the murder victim, no one posted on the article and the parents were asking for answers. They felt like the world had abandoned them.


I'm sorry for them, and for any person who has been a victim and had their offender walk free (resulting in PTSD and fear).....it happens more often then not. Our prisons are filled to the brim with people and there's very little room left.


No one cares that this girl was murdered, no one cares that this woman will be paralyzed for the rest of her life and won't be able to care for her family, no one cares that two people won't make it home to their families because someone didn't feel like taking their meds......


and no one cares that a man took photos of young girls and posted them online.


We're too busy giving billions of dollars to dangerous criminals and championing for their extra needs as well as offering them free money from when they sue the state for not giving them adequate visits so they can fuck their partner or because they don't get organic food. We're not taking about basic human rights (which should always be offered) anymore. Now they get more than the homeless man on the street or a law-abiding citizen gets.


Billions of dollars wasted, and we are left with victims who will never see justice.


I cry so hard for these people. I cry so hard for the victims of child abuse......I cry for the battered spouses who were eventually killed by their abusive partners.


I cry for the animals who can be abused over and over and over again, because our society can't afford to have these people in jail. They are too much of a liability to be held by our government.


I cry for the homeless who are forced to commit petty crimes like trespassing because they know they'll be treated better in jail, and who just want to get out of the cold. Why don't our veterans get what they need?


Why are pedophiles able to commit multiple offenses, be released, commit them again, be released, commit them again, and still be able to be released back into society?


The popular media has made me angry. Why do they not show the REAL victims? Why aren't their stories 'sexy' enough to be on tv? But we get to hear about the poor criminals and how they don't have organic food. In most prisons now the inmates get xboxs, homemade food, as well as relaxation rooms with music and tvs where they can color and "destress" .


Meanwhile, the victims are forced to deal with their injuries, or work off the debt caused by the offender. Some are so mutilated that they are left vegetables - their family is forced to pay for that. This is how the cycle of drug addiction can start - physical or psychological pain caused by someone else.


Moral of the story? Right now, no one is allowed to be a victim in this country. It's wrong.... This is not how this country is supposed to be....and I'm sorry for what my country is doing to you. I extend that to police officers. You have a thankless job, and most of you are good people...and I'm sorry.


. It's not enough, really. But, I don't know what else is one person supposed to do?


I will try to post some of their stories here so maybe people will start listening.