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I'm Sorry to All the Victims. The U.S Has Lost It's Way.

Posted by BirdistheWord, 24 June 2017 · 355 views

I started a post a few days ago. It was meant to be a one time thing, but I realize that the anger will not stop there. So, I'm going to turn this into my personal therapy blog. My lashing out against this PC era of crap.


This is not a debate really, more of disjointed rant. Feel free to make it one I suppose....


I just read a articles: a young daughter murdered - her family distraught, a woman paralyzed for life, two people slaughtered by a mentally ill person, a little girl victimized by a predatory voyeur, and an animal who was abused until it died by a repeat offender. In all of these cases, the criminals are now walking free, released on house arrest, or will be free in 2 months- 5 years.


Our society is now championing for the very criminals who harm people. In the case of the murder victim, no one posted on the article and the parents were asking for answers. They felt like the world had abandoned them.


I'm sorry for them, and for any person who has been a victim and had their offender walk free (resulting in PTSD and fear).....it happens more often then not. Our prisons are filled to the brim with people and there's very little room left.


No one cares that this girl was murdered, no one cares that this woman will be paralyzed for the rest of her life and won't be able to care for her family, no one cares that two people won't make it home to their families because someone didn't feel like taking their meds......


and no one cares that a man took photos of young girls and posted them online.


We're too busy giving billions of dollars to dangerous criminals and championing for their extra needs as well as offering them free money from when they sue the state for not giving them adequate visits so they can fuck their partner or because they don't get organic food. We're not taking about basic human rights (which should always be offered) anymore. Now they get more than the homeless man on the street or a law-abiding citizen gets.


Billions of dollars wasted, and we are left with victims who will never see justice.


I cry so hard for these people. I cry so hard for the victims of child abuse......I cry for the battered spouses who were eventually killed by their abusive partners.


I cry for the animals who can be abused over and over and over again, because our society can't afford to have these people in jail. They are too much of a liability to be held by our government.


I cry for the homeless who are forced to commit petty crimes like trespassing because they know they'll be treated better in jail, and who just want to get out of the cold. Why don't our veterans get what they need?


Why are pedophiles able to commit multiple offenses, be released, commit them again, be released, commit them again, and still be able to be released back into society?


The popular media has made me angry. Why do they not show the REAL victims? Why aren't their stories 'sexy' enough to be on tv? But we get to hear about the poor criminals and how they don't have organic food. In most prisons now the inmates get xboxs, homemade food, as well as relaxation rooms with music and tvs where they can color and "destress" .


Meanwhile, the victims are forced to deal with their injuries, or work off the debt caused by the offender. Some are so mutilated that they are left vegetables - their family is forced to pay for that. This is how the cycle of drug addiction can start - physical or psychological pain caused by someone else.


Moral of the story? Right now, no one is allowed to be a victim in this country. It's wrong.... This is not how this country is supposed to be....and I'm sorry for what my country is doing to you. I extend that to police officers. You have a thankless job, and most of you are good people...and I'm sorry.


. It's not enough, really. But, I don't know what else is one person supposed to do?


I will try to post some of their stories here so maybe people will start listening.