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The Tale of the Most Terrifying Moment of my Life.

Posted by Plunk, 16 February 2014 · 1,260 views

creepy weird fuuuuuuuu-
As a bit of backstory, this event took place over a year ago, the summer of 2012. My girlfriend at the time had just come back from a trip to Costa Rica. Wanting to spend a bit of time alone together, we went to her family's cabin on Molasses Pond in Elsworth, Maine to spend a week swimming, sleeping, cuddling while watching movies on the couch, and doing adult things. (Such as enjoying some fine wine.)

The first night we were at the cabin, I experienced the single most terrifying thing I've ever seen. We'd been up all day, doing stupid fun things like swimming, kayaking, watching half a season of House, a few episodes of Adventure Time, and to lower the IQ level a bit, we watched a bit of QI. (See, it's a joke, because QI is an extremely smart show.) Eventually, we got super tired and decided to go to bed. My ex fell asleep almost instantly, but I couldn't seem to drift off no matter what I did. I just laid in bed, thinking about how awesome our week together was going to be, deciding what I wanted to do the next day, and for some reason, wondering what Abraham Lincoln would think of Dubstep.

Suddenly, my ex sat straight up in bed, just staring ahead at the wall. "Annie? Everything alright?" I asked. Her reply came, "Nosotros. Estamos. Listo." My initial reaction was, "What the actual fuck?!" I asked again, "Annie, you okay?" She slowly turned and looked straight at me. "Nosotros. Estamos. Listo.... We. Are. Ready." She turned towards the wall again, and slowly lowered back to the bed. "R-ready for what?" I asked in a shaky voice. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" She started snoring. More insistently I asked, "NO! READY FOR WHAT?!" She was out cold, and I never got a reply.

The next morning, I told her about the incident, not remembering the exact words she said, just the "We. Are. Ready." bit. She asked what exactly she said. "Nostro Esta-something Liste?"
"Nosotros Estamos Listo?" She asked. "Yeah! That's it!" I replied. She said, "That's Spanish... it means 'We are ready.'"

Needless to say, I didn't sleep extremely well that night...

Did you write about this, already? I read this story somewhere before.

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Annie are you okay, are you okay annie

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I'm pretty sure I read this somewhere else too, possibly a thread about scary/paranormal things? 

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I think you all mean this..

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So I did! I'd completely forgotten about that... sorry. XD

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What's kinda freaky is that the original post is pretty much the same as this. You haven't slept well since then, have you.


I did something similar to my partner.The man has been to war and he said it was the one scariest thing he had experienced. Now he's used to my weird antics and still wants me for some reason. 

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wait i don't get why it's so creepy, is it just because she said it in her sleep?

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Because her head turned 360 and she started climbing the walls like a demon lady. That's the part he couldn't tell you. 

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