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Crawling out of the shell

Posted by Chappy, 15 February 2014 · 442 views

So you may have known me before as Chappy & even then I wasn't that active. You can still call me Chappy, Ninetales or w/e suits you.
I guess this is me just saying I'm going to be more active since I'm "ready". I'm really a shy person so for me I always thought about what others think. Which yeah, is kinda stupid for many reasons.~ I think I have a fear of like making people dislike/hate me or something. (deep inside I suppose)

One of my new year resolution thing was to accept myself. Being 20 (finally) I feel like I better just say "f*ck it" and just like me. (It's cool if I cuss here right?) So in a way this is me keeping my sanity here XD

I really do like Codex a lot since you guys are like a knitted family er...well something awesome like that. I lurk a lot so I kinda get the jest of things.

Two major things I think people should know:

- I love: MonsterHunter, My 3DS (I bought it with my own money so its really special to me), food, Animal Crossing, PUSHEEN, Neosporin (amazing stuff),Gamegrumps, and jewelry.

-I spell everything wrong. I know I do. My grammar is also terrible. If it gets on your nerves either kindly correct me or ignore it. (or be rude and annoying >___>+)

Andddd that's about it. I'll rant, post ,and be more active here~ So I guess I'll see you around Codex more ^w^

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